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Drone montage of the endless beautiful angles at Sørvágsvatn lake! 🎥 by @michielpieters 🎶 by @postmalone Share your story: #roamtheplanet


The deep blacks and greens of the Icelandic landscape 🤯 Photo by @linakayser Share your story: #roamtheplanet


If you’re ever in Switzerland, this hike would be insane! I’m not sure of the name, but hopefully someone will leave it in the comments below! Photo by @maik_lipp Share your story: #roamtheplanet


I spend hours upon hours a week looking for images to share with the roamtheplanet community, and currently @simona_br_photography and husband @arnarkristjans_photography stand out to me a lot. I’ve never seen landscapes so interesting & inspiring, I literally stare every time they post a new image & hope one day I’ll be able to put out photos even close to this level! Their shots make me think about getting fitter, so I could do longer hikes and be able to see more by foot. When a landscape photo makes you think about all of that, you know they’re pretty special. This isn’t paid, I just wanted to share what inspires me at the moment - #roamtheplanet


The perfect landscape, untouched by humans and staying that way. Photo by @eliasarnars Share your story: #roamtheplanet


Who’s noticed I’m currently obsessed with the Icelandic landscape after this trip with @geysircarrental? This shot by my friend @bensimonrehn is just unbelievable. I’ve never seen such rich greens & a mountain range this impactful on my eyes 😍 Share your story: #roamtheplanet


Photo by @icelandic_explorer Where light meets dark. Two rivers merging into one. Share your story: #roamtheplanet


The formations in Iceland are hard to believe. You think your eyes are lying to you 😍 Photo by @benjaminhardman Share your story: #roamtheplanet


Since I started roamtheplanet it’s been my dream to drive a Defender in Iceland. This week, @geysircarrental gave me the opportunity of a lifetime & I had so much fun! There’s no better feeling than ploughing through a river and using it how it’s meant to be used! #geysiradventure


Lake Crestasee in beautiful Switzerland. Kinda looks like the PNW! Photo by @thomas.luisier Share your story: #roamtheplanet


When I sit at home bored, I often dream about wondering PNW forests 💭 Photo by @thugnifisense Share your story: #roamtheplanet


As the giant layer of fog began to disappear, it revealed the immense beauty of Machu Pichu, whilst adding some atmosphere 😍 Photo by @giuligartner Share your story: #roamtheplanet