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My new book, Will To Victory is now available for orders, shipping December 17 🎅 🎄

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Those who have already purchased Will To Victory, my new book about Grand Prix motocross, will receive two highly coveted prints with their book. Orders received by tomorrow (Friday December 14) will also receive the prints along with a signed copy of the book. Shipping starts on Monday, so go ahead and buy a copy for yourself and/or someone you love who loves motocross! Link in bio...


Will To Victory ships before Christmas for all orders placed this week. This is your chance to own a copy of this limited edition book featuring unique and award winning motocross photography and in-depth exclusive interviews with Stefan Everts, Harry Everts, Joël Smets, David Thorpe and Gordon Crockard. Plus, orders received this week will also include two free prints of the iconic Namur track in 2005 and Jeffrey Herlings at the Grand Prix of Trentino in 2018. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love who loves motocross. Link in bio...


What is it like growing up the son of a famous father? Gordon Crockard's dad was an Irish motocross champion and Gordon speaks frankly about having to beat his father on the practice track before being allowed to go racing himself. It took three years of practice, but he did it. Like many father/son racing relationships, it wasn't always easy while Gordon climbed his way to the top of our sport. In his interview for my book, Will To Victory, Gordon opens up about this and many other mental aspects of racing dirt bikes at the highest level. Will To Victory begins shipping next week and all orders received this week, will ship before Christmas. Hurry, there are only a limited number of books printed and orders received this week receive two free prints! Link in Bio...


Super proud! My first cover for Racer X Illustrated also wins a Roger for cover of the year. Thank you Andrew Fredrickson for taking a chance with a unique cover (it paid off) and DC for running my story MXGP Life in the December issue. And, just because, I added this photo in the last pages of my new book, Will To Victory, which you can order now for delivery in December. Link in bio! 🎁 🎄 🎅


Will To Victory is printing now! Orders received now will be shipped in December. Don’t wait to get one for yourself or someone you love that loves motocross. ❤️ Link in profile...


A Talent Of Gold. A few photos from my new book, Will To Victory where I spent the entire race weekend in Switzerland with Honda MX2 rider Calvin Vlaanderen. HRC occupies a storied place in the grand prix paddock, that reputation coming more from prior eras than today. Still, the energy Honda is putting into their program is significant and I wanted to show what it is like today behind all those walled-off sections of the HRC awning. Momentum was growing for Calvin when he arrived in Switzerland with his first grand prix overall coming a few weeks earlier in Indonesia and another, perhaps more impressive, come-from-behind moto win in Loket. Certainly it felt like more moto wins and perhaps overalls were coming. The track in Frauenfeld suits Calvin too, with long technical ruts developing. On Saturday he was 4th in timed practice and 7th in the qualifying race. But Sunday's first moto saw the CRF250 suddenly quit after 10 minutes of racing and, with it, Calvin's chance at an overall. He rallied back in the second moto finishing 4th behind Australian Hunter Lawrence. While it was a difficult weekend, the 2018 season showed Calvin has the talent to become a regular on the MX2 podium, if not for overalls. Pre order your copy of Will To Victory today and receive a free print of Jeffrey Herlings at the Grand Prix of Trentino, winner of Racer X favourite magazine cover of 2018. Link in bio!


Sneak peek inside Will To Victory, the book for everyone passionate about grand prix motocross. Stefan Everts at home in Lummen, Belgium and also at home at the legendary circuit of Namur where in 2006 Everts clinched his 10th world championship.


For my new book, I visit Stefan Everts at home where the 10x world champion speaks openly about personal topics like having a world champion for a father and the role his wife, Kelly, played in his career. We cover some of his amazing battles with Greg Albertyn, Sebastien Tortelli, Donny Schmidt and more. Stefan is not shy about his opinions, so we get into his thoughts about everything from the nature of talent, to Jeffrey Herlings and Tony Cairoli, to Youthstream’s organization of the world championship series. You will be surprised when you read who put the idea of ten world titles into his head in the first place… Will To Victory is open for pre-ordering now. Limited quantities of the large format, high quality hardcover are being printed with deliveries beginning in December. Order one now for yourself or someone you know who loves motocross! Link in my profile.


For my new book, I eat lunch in Lommel with Joël Smets. The man was a bear on the bike, what is he like in real life? Joël and I go deep into why he got into racing, what was he trying to accomplish in his career and why, even now, he can’t play a simple soccer game without trying to kill the opposition. We also get into the nuances of talent and training, plus a gem of a story about Jeffrey Herlings. Will To Victory is open for pre-ordering now. I am printing limited quantities of the large format, high quality hardcover with deliveries beginning in December. Order one now for yourself or someone you know who loves motocross! Link in my profile.


A big thank you to everyone who voted for my cover on @racerxonline! We won!


Vote for your favourite Racer X magazine cover. Hint: there’s only one cover featuring the Grand Prix series! Link to poll in bio...


The point of racing is victory! Follow me at the grand prix of The Netherlands 🇳🇱 for some behind the scenes about my new book, Will To Victory.


Final photo selections for my new book, Will To Victory, are under way using the old school method. Printed contact sheet of digital photos + red marker. 🖍😂


Today is the day for choosing paper for the book. Can you see the difference? 😆