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Roland Andrade 🇲🇽🇺🇸

COMB OVER CROOK 🇺🇸American Barbershop🇺🇸 Layrite Band Of Barbers Union De Barberos cell (909)835-7519 Shop (714)550-7430

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“CARNALISMO” TBT con mi carnal Pepe. Un hermano para siempre. Follow one of the hardest classic traditional barbers in Mexico @pepehbarberia 📷 @diafragmas


Servicing and taking care of the people. No egos. #dtsa #santaana #layrite #americanbarbershopdtsa


My woman crush everyday ! ❤️ @z3hearts #rideordie #wcw


Thank you to everyone who voted ! Thank you @ocweekly for the award.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy halloween 🎃


Nothing more rewarding then being part of the community and taking care of the people. Being a barber. #layrite #americanbarbershopdtsa #americanbarbershop #dtsa #santaana #traditionalbarber #onlyclassicnoshit


Very lucky to have a son like you. Keep it up Rolo HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON !



Strong believer that a barbershop is a place to come get away for an hour and relax. But mommy’s are ALWAYS welcome ❤️ What are your thoughts or comments ?


Feliz cumpleaños jefe ! The best role model I have and really look up to. Gracias a ti soy el papa que soy hoy. I hope you had a great day today. Love you pops !


I always drag this fucker everywhere but damn he’s a good hair model. Thanks for always coming along @gabe_the_barber Flash back to a @layritemedia shoot.


Hasta la próxima Mexico 🇲🇽 muchas gracias por aver me echo sentir en casa. Llevo recuerdos muy bonitos. Es increíble la energía y pasión de todos aquí. Gracias a mi sponsor @mr_rockwell_ por confiar en mi y por a ver me traído. Y @october_hair_mx por la oportunidad de ser parte de este gran evento. Gracias.


Our first family photo ! I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow ! I probably won’t sleep tonight. @z3hearts @tykies @cassie_bear__ @rolo_thescroob @zaraannabellaa See you guys tomorrow !


Mexico City haircut 🇲🇽 Haircut I did yesterday for my master class. #cdmx #octoberhair18 #octoberhair #layrite