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🇯🇵Godzilla the king of monsters meets the kings of pomade🇯🇵 @layriteofficial Jan 21st ! Tokyo I’m on my way ! ✈️ #layrite #americanbarbershopdtsa #tokyo #japan


🇰🇷Layrite Deluxe Barber showcase in Korea🇰🇷 @sillyville_clothing with the big bro @hawleywoodsbarbershop Thanks Donnie and finally get to meet @slackbarber💈 I am proud to represent @americanbarbershop_official


Traditional Barber Battle 2019 I will be in Japan and korea this month ! I will only be at the shop till Tuesday this week. Please save your spot now. Thank you Layrite and Donnie for this incredible opportunity. Can’t wait to hang with my band of barber brothers @slackbarber @midcentury1996 @trill75barber and the beast from across the pond @mrsimonharvey ! See you guys soon ! 🇰🇷🇯🇵


Mike is playing with his camera today and took this cool shot ! Thanks @cutthroatbarber


Everyone go and wish this crazy suspect a happy birthday 🎂🎉🎊 known this guy for a handful of years now and I have learned a lot from him. Boss owner mentor and one of my closest friends. Pásatela chido hoy ! ❤️💈


Thank you 2018 🎉


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED One of my day ones ! Thank you for your 10 years and 4 tours of service as a United States Marine 🇺🇸. It has been a ritual of ours to get a fresh cut by me before every deployment no matter what ! Today was a little different had the honor to give him his official discharge haircut lol again thank you brother ! It was an honor. #marine #badmotherfucker


Feliz cumpleaños babycakes ❤️ Very grateful to have you in my life. Que te la pases bien hoy en tu día. Love you with all my heart ♥️


Tag someone with great hair @alexisulloajuarez Styled with @layriteofficial


“I’m not here to teach you anything. I’m here to show you techniques, not perfection.” Words from my good friend Worm 🐛 @hailwormatron Thanks for the invite @jakeshipwreck ❤️ Model @alexisulloajuarez last min came in clutch


Bring a toy this Saturday hang out and watch some cool haircuts. Thanks Jake for letting me be part of this cool line up !



Happy 16th birthday Cassie ! Very proud of you for being the leader that you are and for being a good kid. I’m lucky and blessed to have good kids. Love you with all my heart. ❤️


Thank you everyone who booked this week. I really appreciate everyone. Especial all my Saturday early birds ! Thank you for being on time.