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American traditional tattoos— that look like tattoos. —Idle Hand Tattoo San Francisco, Ca. 🖤♠️👽♠️🖤 email:

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Put this one on Lola from Deutschland yesterday. Thanks for sitting thru it! Sorry I hurt more than @bryceoprandi 😂 made @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones


Here’s a few small black and grey ones from the last week. @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones #alientattoo #daggertattoo #chillywilly #strawberrytattoo #gorillatattoo


Put this one on Cindel (coolest name award) yesterday @idlehandsf - I’d be happy to do more stuff like this if anyone else wants creepy crawlers hanging from their boobs, please hit me up. #idlehandsf #rosskjones #underboobtattoo #sternumtattoo #webtattoo #spidertattoo


Made for Ken the other day back in Ptown.


I have a last minute cancellation to fill today, 12:30 pm at @idlehandsf if anyone wants the spot, DM me or show up at the shop. First come first served. Last chance til August 23rd.


Added this rose to @lucifuuur front. More to come in the future... made @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones #workinprogress #fullfronttattoo


Got to finish this one yesterday for Tony @idlehandsf thanks for your dedication to getting it done quickly. #idlehandsf #rosskjones #eaglevssnake #backpiecetattoo


Here’s a fancy knee tattoo I made the other day for a roller derby gal in Massachusetts. @mooncussertattoo @tattoosummercamp #kneetattoo #mandalatattoo I’m back in town at work @idlehandsf til the 9th.


Thanks to Chick for making the trip to get these matching hearts for his daughters while I was in Provincetown. Made @mooncussertattoo @tattoosummercamp #rosskjones


Full moon last night in Provincetown Massachusetts. Made @mooncussertattoo @tattoosummercamp headed back home tomorrow to see my babies and go back to work @idlehandsf on Sunday. Thanks to everyone here for making it an awesome week. ❤️🙏🏻


Smokey rose for Matt made @mooncussertattoo @tattoosummercamp ********* I’m here in Provincetown thru the 27th, drop by and get a cool tattoo. ******** #rosskjones #rosetattoo


Paradise for Andreas from Germany the other day @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones ****** I’m here in Provincetown Massachusetts tattooing with my friends at @mooncussertattoo until the 27th. I still have some space available to tattoo you. Call the shop or Dm me to set something up.