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American traditional tattoos— that look like tattoos. —Idle Hand Tattoo San Francisco, Ca. 🖤♠️👽♠️🖤 email:

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First one of the new year. Thanks Emily 🙏🏻 @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones #dragontattoo


Back to the grind @idlehandsf here’s a dragon from 2018 #idlehandsf #rosskjones #dragontattoo


A cool tat I made way back in 2018. @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones


Out of town til the 10th. ✌🏻happy new year and don’t bother me 🙏🏻 📷: @derickmontez I’ll get back to any emails when I’m back in town.


Here’s some of my big hits from the year 2018. Some of my favorites and some of yours also. @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones #traditionaltattoos #boobs #dragons 😎


Last one of the year for me... on my man Shane @killozap 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 big thanks to everyone like Shane who has continued to get awesome fun tattoos from me and trusts that I’ll help make them look even cooler. Thank you for trading me your hard earned 💰 for tattoos which continuously allows me to support my family doing the only thing I know how to do well. I’m filled with gratitude for all my amazing clients around the world and especially to my family @idlehandsf ❤️ See u all in a couple weeks!! #idlehandsf #rosskjones


Merry Christmas & happy holidays. Here’s a tattoo I made the other day @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones



✈️ I’ll be in Austin Texas working @mainstaytattoo mid January. Email for appts and inquiries.


Roberts first tattoo. Made @idlehandsf #idlehandsf #rosskjones


Giant commissioned dragon painting that I made recently for Ian from Texas. Would also make an awesome backpiece for anyone who is dedicated and diligent, hit me up. #rosskjones #idlehandsf