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✨Family of 5 living in California. ✨Cera, Dillon, Ellington, Ryan Grace, and Baer 💌

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I wonder how long the ornaments will stay on our tree with these two?! 🌲


“Make sure you get my crown in the picture!” 👑 _ _ My oldest is so so so girly it still surprises me! When she was born I bought everything gender neutral because I knew we wanted more babies and I wanted the items to work for any baby. But quickly alllllll Elle wanted was pink!, and sparkles!, and dresses! So when we found out baby number 2 was a girl too, I gave in and bought all.the.things pink. Ryan isn’t as girly but she still likes dresses and baby dolls and jewelry just like Elle. Poor baby brother... with pink socks and glitter on his face. 😂 _ _ I have to say, though. It is super helpful to have an older sister that wants to take care of “the baby” all the time. She plays with him, brings toys, gets new clothes, sings him songs...And he adores his sisters. Giving them a big toothless grin anytime he sees them. 💗


Little baby beach bums! It’s finally a bit too cold to head down to the beach in the late afternoon. Today is a bone-chilling 61 degrees 😄. I do sometimes miss snow at Christmas time, but flip flops on Dec 25th aren’t so bad! And for the record, these 2 would jump in the ocean no matter what the temp says! 💙



Bribed em with marshmallows ☁️ . . Do strangers ever stop you and ask questions about your kids? Here are the questions I get asked allll the time about the girls! . . ⭐️ Are they twins? (When they are sitting you can’t tell how tall Elle is) - No! They weigh almost the same and both wear 3T clothes but Elle is a lot taller. ⭐️ How far apart are they? - 17 months! It took a bit to become pregnant with Elle so we started trying earlier with Ryan and were surprised to be expecting quickly! She also came 5 weeks early, closing the gap to 17 months apart. . . . ⭐️ How do they get along? - They have opposite personalities, but they play together all day every day really well. We put Ryan in Elle’s room starting at 6 months and they still sleep together - sometimes in the same bed. Elle takes care of Ryan and Ryan looks up to Elle. ⭐️ Did you like having them so close together? 😬😬. It was so super hard, but I like it now. They can do all the same things and will be 1 grade apart in school! 💗


We are headed home today from our Thanksgiving vacation and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty excited to pull out our Christmas decor boxes and get to decorating! I think this will be the first year both girls get really into the holiday season! 🌲




Normally you can see Malibu from our beach, but the sky is heavy with smoke from the fires. Our hearts ache for those affected. There has been so much devastation and loss. I’m sharing some ways to help in my stories. #woolseyfire #thousandoaksstrong



Nothing cuter than little baby toes! My house started at 6am today, what about yours?? . . And to be totally honest I don’t mind the time change. I have a bad habit of going to bed wayyyy too late and then wanting to sleep-in. It actually feels nice to get up early and have some extra time. Today we got to hang with Dillon before he left for work and make chocolate chip pancakes! Hoping to roll with this - and also start getting the kids to bed earlier!!! . . . . . . #babiesofinstagram #babies #threemonthsold #babymilestones #babylove #momlife #momsohard #mommyhood #motherhood #letthembelittle #mytinymoments #motherhoodunplugged #babyphotos #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #thehappynow #momtogs #cameramama #momlife #mommyhood #clickinmoms #babytoes #babyfever


Sunday Funday! We celebrated Elle’s birthday yesterday and had so much fun!! Today we still have family in town so we are spending the day running around outside (it’s 74 degrees!) and eating leftover cake! Hope you’re having a great weekend! . . And... her bday is a few days away so I’ve still got time to soak up her three-ness! I always have the hardest time with my first baby getting older! . . . . . . . #mommyhood #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #unitedinmotherhood #igmotherhood #momblogger #motherhoodthroughinstagram #honestmotherhood #joyfulmama #bestofmom #mamahood #mytinymoments #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #momtogs #teammotherly #mytinytribe #makeyousmilestyle #photosinbetween #inbeautyandchaos #fromwhereistand #dailyparenting #momtogs #teammotherly #momof3


The best part of being 2 and 3 years old is feeling like anything is possible. My girls fully believe that one day they could become a princess, or a bird, or maybe a mermaid. With complete exuberance they tell me... “That will be so fun, Mom!! I can’t wait to be a mermaid!”. 💗