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I used to shoot cars way before @instagram , used to work with @s3magazine & @stancenation constantly, going to drift events and shooting along side some of the dopest in the game. Funny how I took a break from it Years ago when we stopped blogging all the time and now I’m shooting cars all the time at work. Anyways if you got a sick whip or know anyone who likes to get shots of there car I’m tryna shoot more badass cars in sweet locations! Hola @ me, my rates are competitive ahaha 😏🤷‍♂️ tag some homies with some dope whips you want to see me shoot! 🙏💯


sunsets in the Hollywood hills


@jumpman23 #LA with the views 🏀 (SCROLL THROUGH 👉)




The most badass lens in the world - Venus Optics - Laowa 24mm Probe | 🎥 : @macroroom 👀🧐🤯


LA Maze


GRIM REAPER IS AT IT AGAIN 💀 🎥: @stephane_couchoud


Take a step @basiciggy


Exploring abandoned subway tunnels in Paris was a trip, Police wanted us to delete the images, and I’m over here swapping cards so fast, only @alexpenfornis could see 🤘😭 to more exploring in 2019!


Reminiscing on this last year and all the amazing experiences & travels I had definitely gets me excited for the new year! Big thanks to @verizon for keeping me connected from Mexico to Paris, Los Angeles to the Canyons. Knowing I don’t have to worry about my service wherever I am is one amazing thing. Cheers to another year with more trips, more amazing views, and even stronger connections! #Verizon #BetterMatters #BrandPartner