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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

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As they say, expectation is the thief of joy... My favorite adventures have been the least planned, so I often have to fight my urge to map out every adventure and the details and just go with the flow. Thank goodness too, because I’m not sure I would have island hopped over to Virgin Gorda to make it to The Baths had I known exactly what I was getting into, but I’m so grateful I didn’t know what to expect and just went for it. Here’s the view from atop a boulder after we made it out of the caves and to the bay. The water was the warmest here of all the beaches we visited in the Virgin Islands, and I spent several hours snorkeling and watching fish swim in between these beautiful boulders. What a show it was when the tide picked up, and the little fishies all gathered in the cracks and crevices for refuge. Still can’t get over it. #goprohero6


As my birthday approaches, I just have to look back and appreciate what an amazing year this has been for me. I pushed myself to get out there more, and as a result, I got to experience so many things for the first time in my 25th year of life, like learning how fish and making my first catch! Since he was just a wee little guy, he was released back in the lake to live another day…


Over 100 miles on this baby in 2 weeks, and I’m only falling deeper in love 🚲 I had a guy try to buy it off me yesterday, sorry fellas... she’s for keeps.


I try to have my photos mirror the way I see the world, and I do my best to capture the emotion the setting elicits within my soul. It’s often why you see so much light and color in my snaps. My world is vibrant, passionate, excitable, and bright, and I whole-heartedly believe in finding the light in even the darkest of situations. I’m infinitely blessed, and I’m just here to soak it all up and live my best life... capturing its wonderful moments along the way.


The first shot was taken with my GoPro Hero6 and the second with my iPhone 8. I know the angles are slightly different, but I’m constantly impressed by the picture quality on mobile devices these days.


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“Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”... John Muir gets me.


Wampa enjoyed his first camping trip and even made some friends 🐕


“It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.” -Muhammad Ali


Enjoyed spending three nights roughin’ it in Inyo National Forest. It was super awesome hiking to creeks, ponds, and lakes and being surrounded by mountains. The night sky revealed more stars than I could count, and we even saw a few meteors due to the Perseids! Cattle roamed the mountainside (imagine waking up to “mooooo!” at the crack of dawn), and I even learned how to fish and caught a trout! Going back to reality is gonna be tough!


I can’t help but get so excited about my new road bike, and each mile I put on it translates to more appreciation and love for it. For me, it’s not just a new bike; it’s an investment to my health and a celebration of my personal growth. When initially diagnosed with cancer, I thought that treatment would be the worst part. However, the worst part actually came after. Following cancer and treatment, my body just hasn’t been the same. My strong immune system turned weak; I developed temporary alcohol intolerance and sensitivities to foods I once loved; my anion gap got so high, my body went into ketoacidosis, and I was losing weight rather rapidly despite eating full meals. My energy levels plummeted, and getting through a bike ride without getting sick was rare. I was going to the doctor more and more. It was incredibly frustrating trying to get “healthy again” like I used to be. I’d get so discouraged that despite adopting better and healthier habits, my body just wouldn’t cooperate... until one day I realized, I may never be quite healthy the same way again. All I can do is my best to fuel my body, nourish it, and tend to it right, no matter what condition it is in. That’s why I decided to do a triathlon: my body endured more than I imagined capable; I persevered through cancer, treatment, and post treatment, and with all that behind me, I know I can persevere through my first triathlon too! I stopped making excuses and focusing on my setbacks, and I’m happy with my small (and often slow) gains.


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Christopher Columbus is said to have named the island “Virgin Gorda,” because the island supposedly looks like a fat woman lying on her side... personally, I don’t see it 🧐


Boulders on a beach. Who else is anxious to plan and set off on their next adventure 🙋‍♀️


Just a handful of my favorite shots after my initial peak through our wedding album that arrived today... I just realized my favorites have more PDA than I usually ever show 🙈 oops, not sorry 🙃


Feeling infinitely blessed by the love and support I continue to feel all around me. It’s that love and support that recharges my spirit to overcome life’s hardships and pull through victorious.


I miss these cute little pocket beaches.


Sun-kissed Solvang... really wish I took more photos to capture it all, but I was too busy basking in the glory 🔅 #solvang