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Be you, bravely. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

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Followed up today’s ride by stretching out my sea legs 🚤 it’s feeling like summer time today, but I’m just waiting for sweater weather to cover up my cycling tan lines 😅. 📸 @alliefunky


I’ve been there.. that dark place hidden deep behind the densest of thickets. Each day, I try to crawl out through the forest toward the light, but the more I crawl, the fainter the light becomes... so faint, in fact, that I cease to be able to find any light at all. I am lost; am I headed north or south? Maybe if I could see the sun, I’d be able to get a sense of direction. It’s so dark now; I can’t see at all. I’m stumbling blindly and trip over every small obstacle in the way. Am I on a trail? It doesn’t seem like this could possibly be the right way. I’m so tired; battered, my body and mind beg for relief. Is there even a way out? Surely I would have found it by now. Defeated, I give in to the realization that there is no way out. A snap is heard in the distance. It’s been months of silence. A sign of life, perhaps? I follow the sound. There are broken leaves and small branches on the forest floor. Was I here before or did something else tread here? Another snap... summoning all energy I can muster, I break into a sprint in the direction of the sound. I trip along the way several times. A faint light can be seen in the distance. It is beautiful; I want to cry at the sight, but I force my legs to continue. Gasping for air, I am finally at the thicket’s edge. I hear all kinds of sounds coming from the other side. The brightness overwhelms me. What’s over there? At least I’m familiar with what’s behind me. I start to turn around. My back to the light, I feel warmth in my hand, and I enjoy the feeling... the warmth guides me, and I follow. It takes me into the light. It’s a hand; I hold onto it, knowing it will be alright. I feel the sunlight kiss my pale, cold skin, and over time the bruises and scars that plague my body and mind fade. Some scars stay with me. They act as reminders of the battle won. I still dream of the thicket, a recurring nightmare that haunts me at times. But when I wake, I know where to find the hand to lead me to the light. Depression is a dark and lonely place. Overcoming it is not a battle that needs to be fought alone. If you need a hand, I offer you mine and hope you take it and follow me into the light.


Fall colors are my favorite 🍁


Missing big city exploration today.


Today’s blessings have me feeling humbled yet privileged at the same time. It’s an odd dichotomy, but I’m enjoying every second of it.... just like how I enjoyed every second of my time in New Hampshire💕


I’m blessed to have visited 6 different Caribbean islands/ countries in the past 14 months, and I’m so anxious to add more to that list. It’s a natural masterpiece out there with endless beauty to behold. Here’s my favorite Caribbean destination I’ve explored so far, St. John. No doubt I’ll be back... this time with a scuba certification to explore the shipwrecks !


From Boston with love<—— 1. Old City Hall 2. John Hancock’s Memorial at Granary Cemetery 3. Custom House Clock Tower 4. Freedom Trail Plaque 5. Nifty headstones at King’s Chapel Burial Grounds 6. Site of the Boston Massacre 7. Me on the lookout for my dream home 8. Found my dream home! Don’t be surprised if you catch me in this city again in the foreseeable future... I left a piece of my heart in Boston last week ❤️


/// Swipe <——


Could not be more ready or excited for fall this year! What’s your favorite season?


“ aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”


Boston, you’re beautiful.


Yesterday’s beautiful stroll with @handbuiltwheels, @patfiamingo, @jfiamingo, and Gram was one of my favorite parts of this recent trip to New Hampshire 💕


Out here celebrating love 💕


Always will be a night owl 🦉My favorite part of this snap is the little crescent moon peeping in the distance 🌙


Shadows and dust


Saturday, I did my first 60+ mile ride. Today, I do my first big continuous climb. This is my kind of Labor Day weekend! I’m so grateful that my health has improved, and I can push myself again. Wishing everyone a great Labor Day! 😘


Ready for new things #washoverme


You told me "It always tastes good When I choose it for myself When there's fire in my woods It burns me and nobody else”