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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

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Meet me in the low tide 🛶


2018 kicked my bum. I’m ready to kick 2019’s bum this time around. Just enrolled in all my continuing ed classes to add some more fancy letters to the alphabet soup after my name. I’ll be spending the next month with my nose in books... brb


Blessed to have wonderful people around me💕


Grateful for my family, which grew this year despite the unfortunate loss of my grandma. I’m feeling infinitely blessed in this life. Merry Christmas from my family to yours 💕


I’ll push you away cause you see what you wanna see you believe what you want to believe


Grateful - that’s how I felt when I took this photo, and it’s how I feel now.


Daydreaming about Boston today... and everyday.


Catalina, bicycles, good company, and too much food. It doesn’t get too better than this 💕


Thinking about taking a break from Instagram to focus on some personal matters. For now, happy holidays to everyone!


Sunsets like this set my soul ablaze.


Silhouettes against cotton candy skies.


PLEASE, think about what strengths and attributes you want your leaders to embody, research their positions, look up the measures and bonds, and even look into who or what organizations are backing the candidates and measures to recognize bias. Stand up for what you believe in and the individuals who best represent you and vote! I’m proud to be an American. As a first generation, my parents sacrificed a lot, so I could enjoy the freedoms and voice that I’m so fortunate to have. Please don’t take for granted what our forefathers fought for and the power of your voice and vote. PS this photo is from the 2016 election, because I felt like garbage during early voting last night...not sorry 😬