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Blonde hair just went with this makeup look so perfectly. 👸🏼 What was life before wigs??? Actually fun fact, I went platinum blonde twice years ago and it was a disaster both times. I literally threw some bleach on my head like it was shampoo for a few days until it was falling off. 🙃🙆🏻‍♀️ __________________ •Conceal/Contour: @TooFaced Born This Way Concealer in “Snow,” “Nude,” & “Chestnut” •Shadow Palette: @TooFaced “Pretty Rich” #TFPrettyRich •Eye Liner: @UrbanDecayCosmetics Precision “Perversion” •Lips: @AnastasiaBeverlyHills “Crush”


Happy Holidays from The Slayy Family. ✨ Aydin’s first debut and he was a natural in front of the camera 👪❤️


Why are my videos always so extra 🙄 I swear I don’t plan it out it just comes naturally 💁🏻‍♀️ Also, don’t mind Aydin at the end...he was hungry and I wasn’t gonna make him wait 👶🏻🍽 __________________ •Shadow Palette: @MorpheBrushes 35M (Use Code SADIASLAY for $ off) •Brows: @ColourpopCosmetics Precision Brow Pencil “Taken For Granite” •Conceal: @TarteCosmetics Shape Tape “Light Medium” •Color Correct: @Revlon •Foundation: @TooFaced Born This Way “Nude” & “Light Beige” •Contour: @ColourpopCosmetics “Deep Dark” •Glitter Shadow: @MacCosmetics “Major Win” •Lashes: @LillyLashes “Miami” •Lips: @Revlon Plumping Lip Creme “Nude Honey”


Blue eye shadow used to scare the hell outta me. Anyone else? 💙 Happy Friday Slayyerssss be safe out there & don’t do any thing I wouldn’t do 😏 __________________ •Lashes: @SadiaSlayyShop •Brow Pencil: @ColourpopCosmetics “Taken for Granite” •Conceal: @TarteCosmetics Shape Tape “Light Medium” •Foundation: @TooFaced Born This Way “Nude” & “Light Beige” •Highlight & Contour: @TooFaced Born This Way “Snow” & “Chestnut” •Shadows: @HudaBeauty @ShopHudaBeauty Obsessions “Sapphire” •Baking Powder: @DermaBlendPro Banana


My first time out since having Aydin. ❤️ Moms deserve a night out once in a while. Getting dolled up and putting on a cute outfit feels so good after looking like a slob for a straight month 😂 Also.... spanx have become my best friend. Don’t let this snatched waist fool you🙃


Raise your hand if you’re new here 🙋🏻‍♀️ Welcome to the Slayy family 😘 _________________ •Boxycharm beat 🎨 _________________ •Brows: @ColourpopCosmetics Precision Brow Pencil “Taken For Granite” •🎨Shadows: @AceBeaute “Grandiose Palette” •🎨Shadow Brushes: @LuxieBeauty •🎨Glitter Drops: @CoverFX •🎨Lashes: @LashaholicLashes •Lips: @LimeCrimeMakeup “Extra Poppin” •Baking Powder: @DermaBlendPro ________________ #boxycharm #boxybabe #toofaced #lillylashes #bhcosmetics #VioletVoss #HudaBeauty #maccosmetics #morphebabe #tartecosmetics #WakeupAndMakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #jelliezbeauty #sadiaslayy


Casually taking Aydin for his first walk👸🏻👶🏻 He’s one month old today💙 ________________ Stroller: MimaXari @MimaUSA @Mima_Kids


Im finally back to posting 🎉 You guys my baby boy is almost one month old already TIME FLIES 😩 Honestly, having a baby is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.. I had no idea what it takes to be a mom until now and it’s all worth it because I’ve never loved any one more than him❤️ ________________ •Foundation: @TooFaced Born This Way “Nude” •Conceal & Contour: @TooFaced Born This Way “Snow” & “Chestnut” •Bake: @HudaBeauty @ShopHudaBeauty “Pound Cake” •Shadows: @HudaBeauty “Nude Palette” •Lashes: @TarteCosmetics “HeartBreaker” •Glitter: @UrbanDecayCosmetics Heavy Metal “CatCall” •Contacts: @DesioEyes Attitude “Rebel Grey” ________________ #urbandecay #toofaced #lillylashes #bhcosmetics #VioletVoss #HudaBeauty #maccosmetics #morphebabe #tartecosmetics #WakeupAndMakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #jelliezbeauty #sadiaslayy


Aydin Isa Khan. Welcomed our baby boy on 10/10/18 at 9:36pm. Thank you guys for being apart of my pregnancy journey 💙


Officially 3 days past my baby’s due date and 1k away from a million on IG 🙆🏻‍♀️👶🏻 I decided to make one more tutorial using all of the pretty new products I didn’t have a chance to try out yet! _______________ •Conceal/Contour/Highlight: @HudaBeauty @ShopHudaBeauty “Cookie Dough” “Hazelnut” “Cotton Candy” •Palette: @AnastasiaBeverlyHills “Sultry” •Lashes: @LillyLashes “Milf” 😉 •Powder Contour: @BenefitCosmetics “Hoola” •Highlight: @ArtistCouture “Haute Damn” •Nose Ring: @SadiaSlayyShop _______________ #bounceworthy #beautyblender #toofaced #bornthisway #lillylashes #limecrime #VioletVoss #HudaBeauty #WakeupAndMakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #jelliezbeauty #japonesque #sadiaslayy #makeup #Benefit #Pregnant #40weeks #baby #Pregnancy