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travel, through our eyes — 𖤥 BALI ✈︎ PHILIPPINES ⌲⠀travel tips & guides: ✧⠀lovers of apple pie 🥧 ⠀ ↡ TRY OUR PHOTO FILTERS ↡

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WE'RE ON A MISSION! . Last year, we gave ourselves a mission: Inspire as many people to go out there and explore! & OMG; It feels unreal to soon reach 200.000 people on Instagram! 😱 We weekly meet new people on the road who tell us that they followed our travel guides and photo locations to spend their holiday. . Hearing that is so unbelievably rewarding to us. Thank you for being awesome! Keep on traveling 😍


NEW ADVENTURES! ⚡︎⠀ .⠀ The Philippines, we are coming for you! 🇵🇭 By the start of January, we will explore some of the thousand islands 🌴 Followed by a visit back to The Netherlands ♥️ Who’s excited?! 🤩⠀ .⠀ PS: Tomorrow our Kuala Lumpur Guide will be live on . Try our photo filters [link in bio]


U N I T Y ༗⠀(read till the end) . ⠀ No matter what religion, race, culture or skin color, Malaysia and Indonesia have shown us that living together, sitting at the same tables and respecting each other is possible. ♥️ ⠀ . ⠀ We hope this reflects back on the rest of the world. . PRESET GIVEAWAY ↡ We would love to hear from you how we could and should all live in harmony. ✨ The person who has the most inspirational quote gets our Dream Collection Presets.


The Twist I Needed ᯽ (READ BELOW ↡) . I sometimes wonder how different and boring life would be without you. ♥️ You are the one that twisted all my doubts into a ‘just do it’ which changed my life completely. I’m happy (and a bit proud 😏) for that one moment I had the guts to walk up to you and start talking 4 years ago. Thank you for being you! xx Nick . P.S. Hannah is having a powernap before we’re heading to the DWPX festival in Bali! 🤩 She doesn’t know anything about this caption 😛


the steps of happiness 🌈⠀ .⠀ Traveling for 3+ years have taught us valuable lessons about happiness. Happiness comes and goes but it’s all around you, in the small things, in family and friends, in a hobby, in travel, things you wouldn't directly think of. 🙈⠀ What is the thing that makes you most happy? 😍⠀ .⠀ 📸: @dvnish_


m o r n i n g p e a c e 𖠁 ⠀ —⠀ You guys daily ask us how we take photos with so few people in it. This is not a trick, nor photoshop, just get out of bed early. 🤫 And if you don't feel like waking up early, have patience and use the right lighting so you won't notice them in your shot. (Like this photo) 📸 We posted a phone photo edit of this temple on stories. Go check it out! — ↡ Photo edited with our 'ZeroCool' filter. [link in bio]


Hey Princess 👸🏼, you have something between your teeth ... ⠀ —⠀ Kuala Lumpur is diverse in culture and architecture and it has been way more fun than we expected! It’s looks like we’re in Europe, right? ⠀ —⠀ P.S. Thank you for the massive support on yesterday’s post! You guys are the absolute besttt. ⠀


It’s travel that makes the steps in life so colourful ♥ ⠀ —⠀ Today, Nissa took us around Kuala Lumpur. 🇲🇾 Nothing better than a local experience. Nissa was the one who won our Cambodia trip giveaway last month and once she knew we were visiting Kuala Lumpur we directly made plans! See what we did today + behind the scenes on our IG stories. ♥️


wander unknown corners ➳ — We get questioned so often why we love Bali? ✨ Because all they heard or saw were busy streets and a lot of tourists, and that’s true! But Bali still has so many quite and beautiful spots. You just have to be willing to wander into the unknown corners. Everything about Uluwatu will be live Sunday in our new guide on 😍 — ♥ Try our Photo Filters on your photos! See link in bio.


lost in paradise ミ — Spending 4 days on a boat with 10 others, sharing one cold foot-pump shower, and making new unforgettable memories every single hour. Komodo was an incredible trip we will never forget! Read our free Komodo Guide on — ♥ Get our Photo Filters for your photos! See link in bio.


B E L I E V E ~ Even in our deepest wishes we had never thought of exploring the world full-time. But once we started to believe in the possibility, we worked hard for it to let it become a reality. Believe in your goal, whatever that might be! ✨⠀ —⠀ Surround you with people who believe in you 🤗 ⠀ Thanks to our soulmates @wearekingingit for giving us that final push♥️⠀ —⠀ Photo edited with ‘Mellow Mood’ @saltypresets [link in bio]