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Canadian Professional Motocross #80 🇨🇦 ERIN📍 Snap: sam_is28

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What a year to remember, fought through lots of injuries but completed all my goals, making it to Loretta Lynn’s ✅ and getting a pro number for 2019✅ Also very honoured to be chosen for @teamcanadamxon at redbud for MXON as a youth ambassador. I couldn’t have done any of this without the help from @motoparkracing @iainhayden93 @zebdennis @guaranteedmx @yamahamotorcanada @simms_ssr @fxrmoto @andywhitemx @rxc_dawn @thenewf9 @ride100percent @atlasbrace @dndmoto @neweracanada @walkaflakka @mcrsuspension @sunstar_ea @brakingbrakes @rynopower_canada @liquimoly.usa.canada @fwalker131 @onespeedinc @dkexcavating @fmf73 @andreagaynor228 @jeff_gaynor28 @228_jordan


Excited to take my @simms_ssr built @motoparkracing Yamaha on the track here @triplecrownseries in Quebec!! Thank you for all your help @simms_ssr !!!


Had so much fun this last weekend @gopherdunes for the last @reloadedamo race!! Went 6 for 6 on the day!! Thank you to everyone for cheering me on from the side of the track all day!! Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!!! 📸 - @austin_watling


I can’t thank @simms_ssr enough for my fresh motor. It is stupid fast 😝😝 if you ever need motor work, talk to him!!! Thank you so much!! 📸 - @_slphoto


Had fun at my 250 pro/Am debut!!! Fresh off an injury I was pretty happy with 10th place in the main!! Thank you to @rockstar_otsff_yamaha and @mx101racing for getting me the parts I needed to race the night show after a hard crash in qualifying!!! 📸 - @lissimorephoto


Had an amazing time @motoparkracing testing out the 2019 @yamahamotorcanada on Friday!! So thankful to be a part of the #blucru family 📸 - @directmotocross 🌊


This is a post I really wish I didn’t have to post. Yesterday I had a practice crash fracturing my scapula (shoulder blade) therefore I will be unable to race @waltonraceway this upcoming week. I will be there to support my @motoparkracing team!! Good luck to everyone this week!! Thank you to @fxrmoto for the fresh jerseys. Pro day isn’t cancelled, just delayed!!!


Well, @lorettalynnmx was a huge success!!! Came home with 4th O/A in 450B, and 6th O/A in 450B limited. Even made it up on the box in 3rd place in my last moto!!! I had so much fun. I can’t thank everyone that watched online enough, and everyone that supports me and cheers me on! @iainhayden93 @motoparkracing @andywhitemx @rxc_dawn @fxrmoto @yamahamotorcanada @atlasbrace @ride100percent @thenewf9 @rockstar_steve @simms_ssr @sunstar_ea @brakingbrakes @fmf73 @neweracanada @walkaflakka @dndmoto @liquimoly.usa.canada @fwalker131 @jeff_gaynor28 @andreagaynor228 @228_jordan @onespeedinc 📸 - @directmotocross @mikevizerphoto


I can’t thank @dndmoto enough for making my @yamahamotorcanada @motoparkracing bikes look amazing for @lorettalynnmx next week!!! #lorrettalynns #blucru



Loving my new @fxrmoto gear makin me look good. 🔥📸 - @_slphoto


Had a lot of fun this past weekend @motoparkracing I can’t thank all the fans enough for the support, I saw everyone on the sides of the track!! Thank you to all my supporters @motoparkracing @iainhayden93 @yamahamotorcanada @fxrmoto @rxc_dawn @andywhitemx @atlasbrace @ride100percent @thenewf9 @simms_ssr @dndmoto @wisey813 @walkaflakka @neweracanada @justtwistit @araiamericas @sunstar_ea @brakingbrakes @onespeedinc @st.onge_bikeshop @rynopower_canada @fmf73 @liquimoly.usa.canada @jeff_gaynor28 @andreagaynor228 @karlyansara 📸 - @maoouyang @julib78 @mattburger33 #mxonyouthambassador


Had a fun weekend @motoparkracing finishing 1st O/A, 2nd O/A, 2nd O/A. Still got a lot to improve on but learning every weekend. Thank you to all that support me and my dreams. @motoparkracing @yamahamotorcanada @simms_ssr @iainhayden93 @neweracanada @walkaflakka @fxrmoto @rxc_dawn @andywhitemx @justtwistit @araiamericas @atlasbrace @ride100percent @thenewf9 @dndmoto @brakingbrakes @sunstar_ea @fmf73 @onespeedinc @st.onge_bikeshop @jeff_gaynor28 📸 - @onair_photography 🔥