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Im excited for the Christmas relax period to start. I still have so much to do in between now and then though! Here is my hubby and I in our traditional Christmas photo! Im not one for normal things and while most people would hate these photos we take, I really look forward to having these pictures taken every year! We do usually do it in front of our Christmas tree but with us moving we didn't put one up this year so this year we settled for the Christmas department in the shops! What Christmas traditions do you have? #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective #christmas


What a year it has been! My #top9 seem to have a trend! I'm hearing you guys loud and clear! 😊 I'd like to thank everyone for your support and encouragement throughout the year. Its been a crazy roller-coaster year. I've had a number of health issues and spent much of the year separated from my favourite human. I've built I hope a solid foundation for the future of my art business! I released a new book, Sami Sparrow’s Bullet Compendium of Decorative Designs. I was head hunted by an art agency, built a website, got my work together for society6, had my work showcased at @surtexshow, was in a number of killer exhibitions, had my work shown in a beautiful shop in Newtown and a wonderful framing shop @frametoday, Continued support from @diversarty and my outstanding family. My work has developed and changed, I've started working on some digital art, which I never thought I'd ever do! I am looking forward to a new clean fresh start to the new year in a new cityand state! I hope you will join me for my new years adventures! Im bound to share some more crazy things with you all! Thank you so very much! 😘 #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


Finally feeling like I'm getting a chance to relax! With the festive season upon us its super important to spend time with your most important people! Today I finally feel like I've started to achieve this! In light of this, i thought I'd share this painting im working on! As you can see its only part painted but it makes me feel very festive! I hope you enjoying your festive season! #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


I can't thank everyone enough for the love and support I received from my birthday yesterday! I'm totally blown away by everyone's well wishes and lovely words. I had an amazing day and felt so spoilt and loved. The star wars exhibition was fantastic, I won a teddy bear 🐻 from a claw machine and dinner was delicious! So looking forward to the next year and hoping it is as wonderful as yesterday was! #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


Today is my Birthday! I'm feeling so loved and spoilt by my friends and family! Today my hubby is taking me out to a star wars exhibition, to the Japanese photo booths where he proposed to me and then out for dinner! Today is an awesome day! I hope your having a great day too! #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


What an incredibly busy week this has been! Time to curl up with a good book and look after myself for a few hours! What are you currently reading/working on? Sami Sparrow’s Imaginarium of Love and Hope and Sami Sparrow’s Emporium of Colour and Delight are both ready for you to pick up from my website! Link in my Bio! 😊 #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


Wednesday Vintage! I find it so easy and natural to design vintage inspired patterns. This piece is inspired but mid century modern styles with a slightly modern twist with the brighter then normal blue. What do you think? Have a mastered the vintage style patterns? #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


Monday Motivation! Surround yourself with those who appreciate you for who you are and what you bring to life! It's so important to remember not to bend to the will of those around you that may not believe in you, the way you deserve. Life has ups and down and in times of down its pivotal to have those who believe in your surrounding to encourage and comfort you. This motivation is extremely important to me right now when I'm doubting myself and the strength of my work the most. Thank you to all who have sent works of support and encouragement. #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective #mondaymotivation


Tea time! Saturday is the perfect time for a nice cup of tea! And how perfect would that cup of tea be in this beautiful vintage inspired tea set! #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


Art is what we make it! What do you see? What do you feel? This piece makes me feel warm and fuzzy, like being wrapped up in a brightly coloured blanket and feeling safe and protected! As for what I see, Personally I see happiness, excitement and joy. Art is what we make it! This piece is available at @artpharmacy along woth a few others and all their details! #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective


Hi Movers and Shakers! House keeping post! Its been a while since I have posted a selfie... So here I am! Alive, kicking and getting ready for the crazy festive season that is only weeks away. I'm looking forward to some much needed time with my family and loved ones! What are your plans for the silly season? I know, I always eat too much but this year I'd like to put a stop to that! I want to be healthy and mindful. I'm also hoping next year will bring with it some exciting new opportunities, one of them is already well in the works and I'm starting to thing about new year resolutions that are achievable and obtainable! I dont want to be unrealistic! #SamiSparrow #art #creativecolourcollective