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The White Lion/隻眼の王 Coaching: S|B|D - 457|259|573 | 148 lbs/67.5 kg ⚪⚪⚪ @ironyokai @legionath discount code: SAMPAI10

Who else likes wearing suits? @imtylerv Man that Boss Ken hair was hard to maintain


Some squats and didlifts. Yeet. Conventional 💮425x1 RPE 6 💮385x4 RPE 6 Zumo 💮495x1 RPE 6 Squats 💮355x3 RPE 6 💮315x5 RPE 6 💮295x3x5 Nothing in particular to say here, but squats have been feeling better, and conventional definitely is already helping my sumo. Things feel good. @ironyokai pointed out that I tend to get caught up in the minutia of lifting technique and forego some other things so just gonna try to focus on one thing I really need to address instead of looking at so many different things at once. Also, met @jacob.winstead and @jsteve18.2 today. Nice meeting more powerlifters out here bahaha


Tempo squats are without a doubt one of the best squat variations you could ever practice. . Squats are obviously among the more complicated compound movements powerlifters have to practice and yet, with as many repetitions we make ourselves do to perfect our technique and increase the weight on the bar, it’s safe to say that it’s easy to get caught up on trying to add more weight. . Tempo squats have allowed me to break down my technique stage by stage from beginning to end. I basically get to review my squat technique in slow motion and pinpoint structural flaws. . For me, I have trouble with stability, specifically hip stability. Going into the hole and coming right out of the hole, my legs start to shake pretty wildly because of a lack of hip stability, and that translates to poor force transfer and even potentially knee injury. . Using a slow tempo, I force myself to stay in control of my squat from top to bottom and to top again for safety purposes as well as for the sake of being able to crank out the highest squat numbers I can. It’s important to have good variation in your training that allows you to build your strengths and target your weaknesses at the same time. Longevity is key. . If you’re interested in working with me as a coach or have any questions, dm me or email me!


No, this is not an ad for @barbellbrigade or, however, I would like to welcome @pikachieu to Team Sambaggers 😎 @only_breakfast_food @la.gordita.chiquita (also, Thanks for the photo) and I have been trying to get this man on the team forEVER, and now it’s finally happening. He’s been a good friend for a while now and I’ve seen him go from being... strong to really strong. We’ve competed together a few times and most recently, he hit a 1255 total at 144 body weight, ending up with a 451 Wilks. One of my favorite hobbies is trying to get my athletes to become stronger than me, but this one’s gonna be easy 😂 I have spots available for online coaching, so if you’re interested, email or DM me for details!


Deadlifts from 2 days ago and squats and bench from today. Squats felt almost bad for some reason and I was super unsatisfied with my form until I hit my actual top set which I decided was going to be 405, and it just flew. I was so surprised at how easy it felt considering my warmups that I actually loled irl mid-rep 🤓 I hit 455x1 on deadlifts at what seemed to me like an RPE 7, but we’ll see what numbers I can turn up when I’m actually peaked. Bench is feeling better and better every day. Excited to see what’s in store for the future


Idk why I spent so much time on this video LOL but I found this song, I like it, and I wanted to spend more time editing to it Tempo squats today. Man... will write a story about it later but L O L they should be called humility squats ALSO HIT 225x8 WITH MY WIDER GRIP SOOOOOO I’m pretty happy about figuring out my grip width. Finally gonna start hitting some heavier weights again


Realized something very interesting today about my bench. When I used to train at 24 with the crappy commercial gym bars, I used to grip much much wider outside the rings because I knew that the rings on competition bars were out further. I didn’t realize until today however that the grip I used to hit 295 in training was wider than competition regulations allow, and I’m actually not mad about it. Long story short, I’ve been doing index fingers on the ring with the bar at my current gym and it’s much narrower than competition. It’s not by much, but the range of motion that I prefer to use is just a bit wider than competition regulation and it feels SO good. It doesn’t feel like my chest and shoulders are being stretched way further than they’re supposed to go, and it actually feels like my chest is relieving pressure from my shoulders. I still need to get used to my old grip, but I decided to train with that wide grip until the day I need to use competition grip, because when I was able to bench 295+, even my narrower grips were stronger overall. Anyway, sorry for long caption. Squats sucked today but happy about bench


Thank you to @thenotoriousemperor for the @notorious_lift deadlift slippers! The red and black look super sleek. I’ve never been much of a deadlift slipper guy because they tend to have less support than I’d like and not as much around the ankles, but with the @notorious_lift slippers, he’s done just about everything right that you can with deadlift slippers. Great traction that goes up above the edges of the toes for sumo pullers, super mega light weight so it feels like you’re not wearing anything weighted, and man tbh just super comfortable... I’d have worn these as house slippers if I could, but I digress. Took 565 for a top single today and did back offs with conventional. Was super excited to try these slippers and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks again Joe!


Really proud of how my conventional deadlifts have been looking and also wow @ironyokai’s bench like wtf? I’m gonna be working on that because uh 260 vs 295 really not okay LMAO 475x1 conventional 545x1 sumo Bunch of backoffs and stuff yeet


Yeet. Haven’t been uploading lately, just trying to think about how to make the content on my page more purposeful and informative for people instead of Just using my IG as a personal lifting journal. I think from now on, I will only upload memorable training sessions and try to make more useful posts for people. If you guys have any suggestions on stuff you’d like to know more about or things you’d like to hear my opinion on regarding powerlifting training, let me know! Anyway, 410x1 RPE 9.5 LOL because I’m dumb... a lot less rest than usual will do that I guess Took my backoffs easier and hit 335x5 RPE 8 followed by 315x2x5 Bench was ass, but I am trying to be patient with building a better foundation for my big 3 through a Crap ton of accessories.


Was actually proud of my conventional deadlifts today..? That's rare LOL but yeah, couldn't stay away from sumo so I did a heavy single today at 535 but everything else was conventional LOL. Anyway, super happy with conventional positioning and I'm not as weak as I thought or something I guess 😂 455x1 RPE 8 405x4 RPE 9(?) 340x3x4


Tryna get thicc and joocy without gaining too much fat. Honestly feel really normal being around 160 now which is cool because I’ve been trying to break into the 160s for like 3 years now LMAO. Was just trying to break 150 for the first 3 years but now I’m finally staying heavier and I feel goood ☺️ Time to build as much muscle as I can before I have to shred back to 156 for the 148s “one last time” AGAIN for the American cup because I’m too weak and don’t have good enough numbers for the 165 weight class SIGH #quityobitchin


365x5 conventional at what was supposed to be an RPE 7 I found that I have to pull almost pretty much stiff legged, otherwise I get a kind of searing pain in my lower right abdomen area and I don’t want to self diagnose, but I’d rather not feel that way if I can avoid it hahaha


This is what I was actually doing that day LOL. Gonna be working on conventional exclusively till I’m closer to the meet. Was messing around with my foot placement and put my feet completely together and honestly it doesn’t feel bad but I think I would need heels to get me into a position where it would actually help, but then I’m giving myself a deficit in the end and it cancels out any benefits I would have so I’m gonna go back to my normal stance. My current normal stance for conventional is already much narrower than it was before so it’s a decent place for me to be. 445x1 RPE 8 with my @powerliftner stance and then 335x4x5 backoffs yeet @ironyokai access code: deadlifts Gridman needs you


First video is mine, 2nd video is of @ironyokai I’ll get to my stuff later, but I’m super proud of @ironyokai for going 9/9 27 white lights, getting the gold medal, and adding a total of 100 lbs exactly to her total from Pendleton in January. You can check her numbers but she ended up with a sandbagged 259/171/330. I was a guest lifter and stuff and my numbers were all lower than Pendleton in January, but I still had a lot of fun just competing again at Worlds. I ended up with 429/264/545. I just wanted to prove that I could go 9/9 with 27 white lights too, and I was on my way to doing so, but I wanted to pull 584 at a meet and I failed HAHAHAHA oh well Man Worlds was fun Next meet is the American Cup in the last week of January. Yolo


Been meaning to post this for ever but thank you @_atlas_s for commissioning this and thank you @ebone_junell for this amazing piece!!! But LOOOOL why am I so jacked in this picture 😂😂😂 @_atlas_s and @korean_enforcer are at least twice my size 😂 YOKAI SQUAD Pendleton 2019