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#Repost @radhikaofficial with @get_repost ・・・ I just got hands on experience of the super powerful Samsung Galaxy Note9 at Samsung Store visit in Mumbai. It's a feature packed flagship that’s been designed for people like me who demand more from their smartphone, and it’s amazing Bluetooth enabled SPen, 1TB ready storage and a 4000 mAh all day battery is what sets the Galaxy Note9 apart. #GalaxyNote9


Your search for the #Worlds1stQuadCam smartphone ends here! Watch out for the incredible #GalaxyA9 with 4 rear cameras, coming to India on 20th November, 2018. Know more: Link in bio


#Repost @wanderingkamya • • • Ever since I started travelling, it seems like time is just slipping out of my hands. Every day is a whole week, and every months feels like numerous vacations. So fast, that I didn’t even realise how I hit 25. 26, and at the end of this month, 27. . But what does it even mean, to be losing time? Every time I catch myself thinking about it, I end up coming to one conclusion: that time is totally what I’m perceiving it to be in the moment. Maybe, because a lot of time I spend, is just being, and so I forget about the concept entirely. . And this was the theme of this pandal. When you enter it takes you through the four different stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and then sanyas. The entire pandal was decorated with trippy patterns of melting clocks and bending numbers, telling us that, time is only as linear as you are. . Was able to capture the whole story with the help of @samsungindia #GalaxyA7 #withGalaxy #TripleCamera


#Repost @sudhirshivaram • • • The amazing lowlight capability of the #SamsungA7 helped me to capture this from a moving boat. I am glad these features are being put in the phones and cell phone photographers can now shoot these kind of pics. #TurnDullIntoBright #withGalaxy #TripleCamera #SamsungCollaboration @samsungindia


#Repost @wanderingkamya • • • It’s always so much more rewarding to move beyond the obvious. Here I am in Mannavanur, a smaller village above Kodaikanal (clicked on my #GalaxyA7 #TripleCamera by @samsungindia). When you are in a completely new place, sometimes you want to stick to places and areas that are well-known and you can research online. Especially when you are on your own, you may be concerned about your safety venturing into the middle of nowhere without any signal. Or you might be worried about whether you will even be able to travel there. . But over the many months and now years of travelling mostly alone, I feel like all these concerns are something we just blow up in our mind because we just don’t know. I feel like, people and things come to you for a reason. The random recommendations someone gave you in a random alleyway one which you stuffed somewhere in your never ending notepad. . Because each and everything has some sort of relevance. Not that I will just take off anywhere because someone told me; but I’m saying that you’re missing out on so many things, by being cautious. By not stepping out of your intellectual boundaries. And so yes, I want to go out on a boat deep somewhere into the rainforest without any companion. I enjoy randomly turning up at a place without any real idea of what it is. There are miracles waiting around every corner. #WithGalaxy


#Repost @barkhasingh0308 • • • There is something so calming about beaches! I can sit for hours just watching the waves come and go. I especially love this photos because the Scene Optimizer in my #GalaxyA7 has perfectly captured the multiple shades of blue, contrasting with the warm earthy tones. @samsungindia #withGalaxy . # TripleCamera #landscape #beaches


It’s that time of the year when we reminisce about playful moments from our childhood! #HappyChildrensDay


#Repost @yourworldmylens • • • Victoria having a ball🔮 of it's own. #WithGalaxy . . . . Scene optimizer in #GalaxyA7 played a good deal in getting this ball a pretty visual ✨😎 #TripleCamera @samsungindia . . #India #kolkata #dslrofficial #ig_calcutta #oph #travelrealindia #beautifuldestinations #_soi #indianphotography #indiapictures #Riyets #light #mypixeldiary #expofilm #sunset_vision #duskmac #ig_color