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Today's Charity Shop pick. The cover caught me alone. I got it home and some of the quotes are quite intriguing and funny whilst others are silly and downright pathetic but that could be due to the fact I am not a romantic person at all and slimy, lovey dovey stuff makes me uncomfortable. #lovequotes #lovebooks #lovequotes #loveydovey #bookstagram #books #bookbuy


It's all about lavender tonight. Ladies if you have not tried Kind Natured body washes yet then all I'm going to say is when you see a Boots store go in and get a tube of the lavender and ylang-ylang one. It is ecstasy. Yes I said ecstasy! Here I simply have 5oz of pure castor oil, 2oz of glycerin, 1oz of water with a few drops of lavender and ylang ylang again to just end the fresh down nice....... Aye! 😜 #lavender #kindnatured #naturalcare #ylanylang #unwind #toxicfree


Making use of my hemp oil and powder then ended up making two batches. Flung in some bananas, desiccated coconut, agave, almond milk and juniper berries to add crunch then the same again adding apples instead of bananas. #hempoil #hemppowder #healthyfood #funwithfood #easysnack #womenshealth


As far as I'm concerned kids are here to drive you bat sh** crazy and I have nothing else to say on the topic because I feel that is sufficient and I'm am about to put this kid to bed and curl up in a corner somewhere and recentre back to earth after spending my day on Mars with this Martian. This book is about motherhood, mayhem and mental health and these three m's go together without a doubt. #motherhood #madness #itson #parenting #passthedutchie #whatsitallabout


I give many chances. Even a few more after I'm weary. Then when I stop, I'm done for good. Don't take people for granted. #treatpeoplewithkindness #setboundaries #bewise #watchactions #patternsdontlie


Okay people can we just acknowledge the fact that it was January yesterday and today its November? Subhanallah Time is flying by. What happened to this bag? Just realised I don't have it? Don't you just hate when your stuff goes missing?


Do you like documentaries? I'm having a documentary week so I'm watching one each night/day as my son and I used to enjoy doing so last year on occasions. Tonight's viewing is on consumerism and environment since I feel my life is suffocated with spending against my efforts and will. Online shopping? I thought it was something I had under control. I'm a victim sadly. I'm out of denial. Now time to be active and stop. #ethicalclothing #ethicalliving #consumerism #spending #neverends #goodtoknow #booknerd #shop #environment #recycle #consumption


Snapped this up in Morrisons! Check Morrisons out! A good one for us late 30's and onwards ladies..... Even though I'm 21! 😜 #flaxseed #womenshealth #natural #oils #omega #biona


I couldn't resist. 'Hold on Akala, Trevor Noah is speaking to me right now....your time will come! 😜 #bookworm #booknerd #bookstagram #akala #racism #goodreads #bestseller


I know! Like I'm going to stay freezing my butt off for anyone once they've shown me the cold shoulder. Ugh! #truesay #forreal #flipthescript


I said goodbye to Aunt Jackie's hair stuff and ventured with la naturals. Left my hair dried out to the bone. A month later (today) I ran back to the shop for my original staples. Stick to what you know was my lesson for today. Aunty I will never be disloyal again..... I hope!? 🙄Oh its been a month since I washed my hair with shampoo. I've been using plan old water or a natural bar. The soap flex kinda leaves my hair roughish so I might have to invest in an expensive one and just roll my eyes as I pay. #hair #naturalhair #hairproducts #momlife #faithinnature #noparabens #sulphatefree


No matter what people will always have something to say so leave them. People who chat too much always end up biting their own tongue.


Just navigating some focus, positivity and drive to divert me from feelings of being suffocated within a tedious and mundane daily routine. Somedays I feel like someone has put me into the washing machine on a hot wash and the stop button is jammed so it goes on and on then after a few weeks of being forgotten about and completely washed away I am taken out and then just for kicks I am thrown right back in to do it all over a flaming gain! You ever felt like that!? This feeling reoccurs frequently with me. I have to fight it. Trust! #islamicbooks #lifecoaching #encouragement #enjoylife #keepgoing


Sometimes I sign into insta and that news feed is in my face and I'm like 'moralistic living is practically dead'. Ass is wavered around like its a hand. Dignity and respect is rare. People have literally sold their own souls for a thumbs up. I'm completely grateful I have no desire to be known, liked or anything that brings attention my way in crowds on social media because this flex is a complete illusion. People have lost their minds on this thing. #lastdays #isanythingsacred #norespect #goodmorals #berespectful


And if you can't forgive that's okay just don't let it eat you up. #realtalk #forgiveness #cleanheart


Some people buy lipstick galore. I have lip balms galore and they are soo easy to make when not buying. I did a bigger tub for my son for his body so he stops taking mine! This is a mixture of my favourite oils, pure glycerin with cacao butter and scented with rosewood oil. Hmmmmm... Nice. #homemade #lipbalm #naturalskincare #simple


This 3 yr old tries to do everything his 13 yr old brother does. He thinks he is big. 😄 #siblings #familyfun #myboys #allahummabaarik