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lady who lives. believes in being nice more than being a dick. aims to find like minded people in that regard.


#Repost @rockcampla with @get_repost ・・・ Our first-year camper Abby wants you to get to the Troubadour TODAY at noon to see her take the stage! Don’t get stuck in that LA traffic...leave at 9 if you have to!! #rcgla2018 #mvpla2018


Looooook at my new friends!!! @rockcampla photo: @kevinbeisler 🙏🏽✨💪🏽❤️


Best part of my week was spending lunch time with the rad little women of @rockcampla!! Their showcase is tomorrow at 1pm the @thetroubadour and you will not want to miss it! :) look at their rock potential! #facemelting


Getting into it. #softisloud




Oh my god in heaven #ElainePaige is giving me the most wild elation this morning. ❤️💃🏽


Day One.




Shadows dancing again


Fresh 🥧 Los Angeles. Delight courtesy of @waitressmusical. Poster Dimples courtesy of @bwolfepack


#Repost @glennondoyle Yes yes yes to this!! ・・・ Feeling deeply and expressing those feelings honestly IS brave. Letting your heart be seen IS brave. If you are sad or angry- that’s because you’re paying attention. Don’t forget that sensitivity is a superpower. The opposite of sensitive is not brave! The opposite of sensitive is insensitive. No Medal of Honor. Make sure your kids know this. Make especially sure your boys know. The world is teaching them something different, and it’s hurting them and all of us. Brave and Soft. Fire and Water. Strong and Weak. Loud and silent. We can be everything. We ARE everything. Don’t teach them to be feminine or masculine- teach them to be human and whole and free. Love, G Thank you for this @popculturepirate