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Images from projects funded by @saveourseasfoundation. To help protect our #oceans, we fund & support #research, #conservation & #education projects.

Photo: Sharks and Rays Australia @sharksandraysau ・・・ ‘We caught a giant shovelnose ray (Glaucostegus typus)! These can grow up to 2.7 metres in length and are classified as vulnerable by the IUCN. As with all our elasmos, the animal was quickly measured, tagged, a DNA sample taken and released safely.’ Here’s a fun fact about this image: the shovelnose Ray in this image appears to have blue on its snout. This is in fact due to their snouts being somewhat ‘see-through’, so the blue from the cradle is coming through. #research #gulfofcarpentaria #raysneedlovetoo


Photo: Sophie Hart @sophiehartphoto via @biminisharklab ・・・ ‘A nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) cruises across the ocean floor. These sharks are a common sight here in Bimini, usually found hiding under ledges or resting on the sand 🦈’ . . #shark #sharks #nurse #bimini #bahamas #sharklab #research #science #wildlife #nature #ocean #marine #conservation #marinebiology #uwphotography #underwater


Video: Pelayo Salinas @pelayosalinas ・・・ When a hammerhead #shark wants to get cleaned it is all about body language. Swimming slowly and gently tilting its body sideways is an indication to cleaner fish to jump on its body for a #spa treatment (and that they will not get eaten!). How many species of cleaner fish can you count on this video !? #hammerheadshark #beautytreatment #galapagos


Photo: Guy Stevens @mantaguy via @mantatrust ・・・ Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas this year? Well look no further! @mantatrust has got a selection of perfect presents for that special manta-lover or thalassophile in your life! Whether you’re looking for a little stocking filler or a show-stopping present, they’ve got what you need. Purchasing any of these items helps to support manta research and conservation. Click the link in the @mantatrust bio or visit⠀ ⠀ #christmas #gifts #christmasgiftideas #giftideas #manta #ocean #travel #stockingfillers #thalassophile


Photo: Simon Hilbourne @s.hilbourne ・・・ ‘Despite the mass coral bleaching during the El Niño event here in the Maldives in 2016, you can still find beautiful colour under the many over hangs and caverns. These soft corals are an explosion of colour but you’ll need a torch to fully appreciate their beauty in the low light.’


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