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Celebrating #fragrancefriday with my current @officialbyredo stash!


(🇹🇭 first comment) To be honest, I got the @katburki Advanced Anti-aging Goji Essence on a whim cause I was standing in front of their shelf at @escentials in Singapore and was like ‘I need something from the brand’ so I went on their website and just got their bestsellers, with the help of the BA. (I actually took that a bit too far thanks to the BA and got about 4 products, but oh well!) . The Goji Essence is an anti-aging essence that gently exfoliates, hydrates and gives the skin a nutrition boost. Its got lactic acid, peptides and goji berry extract which is a super food for the skin. . I use this after my toner AM and PM, and sometimes layer this on top of their PH+ Enzyme Essence cause I’m that extra. 😂 You can either soak a cotton pad with it, or apply 5 pumps onto your skin using patting motions. . The Goji Essence has a light watery texture but it slightly foams up when its applied to the skin, which feels weird at first but I’ve come to love it. . This is the first product I tried from the brand, and I was very impressed! After the foaming subsides, my face feels super hydrated and plump. The essence lingers on my face, and leaves a slightly tacky layer so other products applied on top absorbs REALLY well. I’d go as far as saying its one of the best essences I’ve tried - my skin feels smoother and more refined, and it works as an excellent base for serums and boosters! 👍🏼: 4.5/5 💸: 3.5/5 👩🏻: All skin types 📍: I got this at @escentials in SG but I think you can order this online!


(🇹🇭 first comment) The @mzskinofficial Soothe & Smooth Collagen Activating Eye Complex is an eye cream I’ve been reaching for a lot, cause its got just the right consistency and it really tackles my dry and dark undereye area! And of course, the pink packaging is right up my alley. 👌🏼 . The brand’s got two eye creams, this one and the Defuff & Define. From what I believe, the Soothe & Smooth helps with firmness and elasticity, and the Depuff & Define focuses on puffiness - I might try that one once I’m done with this one. . This stuff is packed with peptides to stimulate collagen production, Albazia Bark extract to help reduce dark circles and puffiness, and HA and ceramide to help plump up the eye area and keep it super hydrated and firm. . I mostly use this at night, and sometimes in the morning if I’m not in a rush. A little goes quite a long way, so you only need the teensiest bit - this little jar has lasted me ages. . The consistency is not too light and not too think, and quite balmy if you know what I mean. I loveee the consistency cause it goes on super smoothly and it just feels nice on the skin. . I think its a good all-rounder so it’d be perfect for someone who’s looking for an eye cream that does everything. It keeps my undereye area feeling hydrated throughout the night, and if I have it on during the day I find my foundation/concealer creases less so that’s always a plus. Its done a brilliant job at keeping my dark circles at bay, and it just keeps my undereye area looking alive and less tired. I might get my mum to try it out to hear what she thinks of its wrinkle demolishing powers - I’ll keep you updated in my Stories! . 👍🏼: 4/5 💸: 3.5/5 👩🏻: all skin types especially dry skin 📍: @xtrastrong_beauty


(🇹🇭 first comment) Hi guys! I know I’ve been posting less frequently cause things have been crazy at work, but hopefully that’s about to change. Anyhow, I’ve been trying a tonne of new products and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with everyone. 😊 . This one was actually very kindly sent to me from @bff_bkk to try out before it launches in Thailand (thank you so much! ❤️) - its the @vilivskincare Viliv V 24h Unwrinkling and Urban Protecting Serum (yes the name is a mouthful). As the name suggests its targeted to counter aging and also to protect our skin fron environmental agressors. . The serum contains spilanthol which is a biological wrinkle reverser that temporarily relaxes the tiny muscles in our faces to give an ‘instant rejuvenation effect’, and + vidermactive 7 that helps neutralises the harmful effect of urban pollution (yes, we’re looking at you infrared and blue light). Viliv claims that their antioxidant power is as strong as Vitamin C, which is PRETTY strong! . I’ve been using this bad boy every morning in place of my anti-pollution serum. The consistency is a bit tacky when you first pump it out, but it goes on super light and sinks in in literally seconds. . I feel like with preventative products its quite hard to see noticeable changes to the skin especially in a short period of time. What I can say is that I really like the way my skin feels soft and tight immediately after application. I also haven’t noticed any breakouts/irritation/pigmentation to the skin throughout the course of using this even though I’m constantly exposed to pollution: small dust particles, cigarette smoke, blue light, you name it. With that, I guess its doing a good job in protecting my skin. . I don’t suffer from wrinkles and fine lines so I can’t say much on how awesome it is at reversing wrinkles. I always say the best way to solve the wrinkle problem is by preventing them from emerging though, so with this you really are getting the protection you need with top notch technology! . Overall rating: 4/5 (for protection, I can’t say much about wrinkle reversing) Value for money: 4/5 (referring to the price on their website) Suitable skin type: all skin types


(🇹🇭 first comment) The @farmacybeauty Honeymoon Glow was a product I was really eager to try cause I’ve seen loads of bloggers raving about it and the feedback was REALLY positive. Plus I’m a sucker for cute and punny product names so I dove right in! . The Honeymoon Glow is a rather potent night serum: it corrects pigmentation and resurfaces the skin to give you smooth, glowy skin. Its got a 14% concentration of an AHA/BHA and flower acid cocktail and honey to keep your skin hydrated. . I’ve been using this every other night as my only acid treatment - if you have very sensitive skin you might want to ease into it by using it once or twice a week at first. My skin is pretty used to acid exfoliation so I just went for it! I use mine after my hydrating serum and top this off with my night cream. . The texture is light but not watery, and you only need 1-2 pumps to cover your entire face. I get some tingling with this, but it goes away in a few seconds. . Onto my thoughts. I ABSOLUTELY love this stuff, and I feel its really worth the hype. My skin felt noticeably smoother the morning after my first use, and after a couple of weeks of application it looks brighter and more radiant, and feels super soft. I feel it really helps with texture and it improves my overall complexion, so yes, it does live up to its claims. . Give this a try if you’re looking for a powerful acid treatment that would not irritate your skin. I didn’t experience any irritation at all nor any purging, but do ease in if you’re really sensitive! . Overall rating: 4.5/5 Value for money: 4/5 Suitable skin type: all skin types


(🇹🇭 first comment) Been super busy this past couple of weeks, but I thought I’d drop by for a quick review of the @derminstitute Anti-oxidant Hydration Gel Masque, which is what I’ve been using on nights where I just don’t have the time to do a few routine. . The Anti-oxidant Hydration Gel Masque is an intense hydration mask which uses nano-gold technology to deliver the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to quench its thirst. Its got superfoods targeted to hydrate and calm the skin like HA, algae extract, shea butter and mushroom extract, and also ingredients that have anti-oxidant properties to repair and protect the skin. . I use this as a replacement for my night cream after my serums on nights where I feel my skin needs that extra boost, and also on its own on nights where I don’t have the time to layer products. Its got a gel consistency thats not too heavy, and feels cool and soothing when its on. . I also carry a few sachets with me when I travel cause they’re really easy to carry around and they give my skin what it needs with just one layer. My skin feels super soft the morning after, and it does a good job at calming red, irritated spots. It also works amazingly with dry patches! . I would recommend this for anyone who’s looking for a product that would give you a quick hydration boost, especially if you travel a lot cause the sachets are so portable! . ********* Overall rating: 4/5 Value for money: 3.5/5 Suitable skin type: all skin types


(🇹🇭 first comment) My @zelensskincare collection keeps growing! I’ve had the Power C for a while, and I’m also thinking about getting the Power A Retinol treatment cause I’m on the hunt for a decent retinol product and I’ve been loving everything from Zelens lately. . First off, let’s talk about the Power C for a minute. Its an extremely potent Vitamin C treatment, with a 20% concentration which is basically as much as our skin can absorb. There’s no point getting concentrations higher than 20% cause the rest is just going to waste! . The Vitamin C in this is an oil-soluble form which keeps it stable, and it the Vitamin C helps with boosting collagen production, pigmentation and a whole lot of other stuff - read my All About Vitamin C post for more info. . Because its so concentrated you only need a tiny amount of this, which is why I’m nowhere near halfway with this yet. I mix a drop of mine with the Intense Defense serum in the morning, cause it helps boost the performance of my SPF. These two mix seamlessly, so I’d recommend getting both products cause they work really well together. . The texture is light but oily, and it takes a little while to sink in, although mixing it with other products does help. I think it does an excellent job at evening out skin tone, and making my face look generally brighter and more radiant. Over time, I noticed my dark spots have faded, along the minor acne scars. This doesn’t happen overnight though, so you need to be consistent with application. After a month of everyday/every other day use, I promise you’ll see results! . ******** Overall rating: 4/5 Value for money: 3.5/5 Suitable skin type: all skin types except those who are super sensitive


(🇹🇭 first comment) Let me introduce you to my current favourite clay mask, the @lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber. Its an exfoliant and detoxifying mask in one, and I’m just gonna go ahead and say I love this stuff. . The Soft Clay Rubber has kaolin clay, exfoliating enzymes, bergamot oil, shea butter and a whole bunch of other ingredients that will suck out the bad gunk in congested pores. . My favourite thing about this is the texture: its smooth and velvety. It glides onto the face and spreads super easily like butter and it takes a while to completely dry up which means its great for people who leave masks on for too long like I do. . I use this twice a week by leaving it on for 10 minutes (and sometimes more), and either rubbing it off like they say or wash it off if I’m lazy. . I think this is the one to go for if you have dry but congested skin, or if you’re looking for a detoxifying mask that is suitable for dry skin. It doesn’t dry up to the point where you can’t move your face, and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling parched. My skin feels so much cleaner after using this, and it makes my face feel super soft right after rubbing/washing it off! . PS I haven’t forgotten about reviews on the other Lixir products you guys asked for. Stay tuned! 😘 ********** Overall rating: 4.5/5 Value for money: 4.5/5 Suitable skin type: all skin types especially dry skin!


(🇹🇭 first comment) I jumped at the chance to get the @agentnateur deodorant sticks, cause I fell in love with my Milk and Honey one and wanted to try some more natural deodorants. . I got two scents, one in Number 4 which is a sandalwood/rose scent, and Number 5 which is a unisex scent with sandalwood/cedarwood. . These have coconut oil, beeswax, baking soda avocado butter, sunflower butter and castor oil in them, so they look pretty organic from the ingredient list. It does have baking soda, so you might want to do a patch test cause it may cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin - I didn’t experience any reactions, but just to be on the safe side! . I actually prefer Number 5 over the Number 4 one cause smells woodsy and sophisticated, but if you love rose scented products you should definitely go for the rose one. . I’ve been using this everyday for over a month, and I think it does do a good job with fighting body odour. The scent does last the whole day, a little goes a long way and the stick application is really convenient. It also doesn’t leave any residue on my clothes, and doesn’t feel sticky or tacky. . That being said, I don’t think it does much in the sweat-blocking department - you still sweat, but your sweat just smells nicer. If you don’t mind the sweat or if you live somewhere cold or you’re always in air-con this would be great! . ********* Overall rating: 3.5/5 Value for money: 3/5 Suitable skin type: all skin types (but try it on your hand/wrist first!)


(🇹🇭 first comment) I don’t really do a lot of posts on make-up, cause I always end up doing the same look. These are my current go-to make-up products that I use on a regular basis to (try to) achieve that glowy, dewy skin look that lasts all day. . @zelensskincare Velvet Primer to keep my make-up from melting away . @welovecoco Les Beiges Healthy Glow foundation covers blemishes but keeps my skin looking like skin (I feel like this foundation is so underrated btw!) . @ctilburymakeup Hollywood Flawless Filter to mix in with my foundation for a subtle glow . @zelensskincare Concealer for the under-eye area . @beccacosmetics Be a Light palette for bronzer, shadow and blush (yes, all three) . @rmsbeauty Luminizer in Champagne Rose on the cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow for a super dewy glow . @tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin mist to take that glow even further . And I use whatever lipstick I feel like for the day/night - I mostly go for nudes, but swipe right for the whole combo + a red lip 🤪


(🇹🇭 first comment) It’s been a while since my last post, and I’m back with a review of the @lamer Treatment Lotion! I’ve had this for a while, and in my mission to use up all my products to make room for new ones, I’ve rediscovered my love for La Mer products. . The Treatment Lotion works like an essence to prep your skin for further nourishment. Its a blend of the Miracle Broth, “softening water” with micro-algae gel to hydrate and plump up the skin, and yeast extract to help give you a healthy glow. Its got a consistency thats slightly tacky a teensy bit heavier than most essences, but it doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky after application. . I use this in place of my essence after my toner AM and PM by applying 4-5 drops of this onto my hands and directly onto my face. You can also soak a cotton pad with this and dab that on your face, but I always choose the lazy girl’s path. . I find that it really REALLY softens the skin, and makes it look plumper and more alive. The hydration power is better than most of the essences I tried, and my skin drinks up products layered onto it like a wet sponge. . Its a priming product, so you do have to layer over it - they say it works best with La Mer products layered on top, but from my experience it works just as well with products from other brands. I think its worth the investment if you’re looking for a top tier essence that gives your skin a supercharge before application of other treatments! . Overall rating: 4/5 Value for money: 3/5 (yes it breaks the bank but you do get A LOT of product) Suitable skin type: all skin types especially dry skin!


(🇹🇭 first comment) I’ve been trying out a lot of haircare products lately, and I think I may have found the secret to silky smooth locks after so many years of dry, coarse hair. These two products form part or my revamped haircare routine: . Morrocan Argan Oil Treatment Shampoo: This was so new to me at first cause its an oil-based shampoo. The brand claimed that you can use this without conditioner and still end up with soft, detangled hair and boy did this live up to its claims! I use this as a second wash after my normal shampoo, and sometimes on its own when my hair feels relatively clean. I start applying at the ends and work my way up to the scalp - it lathers up beautifully, and really makes my scalp feel clean and non-oily. I follow with a leave-in treatment, and voila! Silky, smooth, conditioner-free hair that does not feel weighed-down! . Overall rating: 4.5/5 Value for money: 3.5/5 Suitable hair type: all hair types, especially dry hair . @morroccomethod Boar Bristle Brush: I got the Nylon-Boar brush cause its recommended for detangling, and I have the worst tangles. You kill two birds with one stone with this: it solves the oily scalp and dry hair problems in one go. The brush helps distribute excess oil on the scalp down to the length of the hair (and hence moisturising it), and also stimulates blood flow on the scalp. I use this on dry hair, and end up with smooth and silky hair without any knots. It also tames flyaways and gives the hair a healthy shine! . Overall rating: 4/5 Value for money: 3.5/5 Suitable hair type: long, dry and coarse hair


All about Retinol ❤️ . (🇹🇭 first comment) Retinol is another one of my favourite active ingredients, although I currently only have 2 retinol products on hand (hence why my photo looks a bit sparse 😂). - What is it? Retinol is a type of retinoid (a gentler form), which is a compound related to Vitamin A. Its known for being a great treatment for acne, and is also famous for its anti-aging properties. When retinol comes in contact with the skin, the skin converts it to retinoic acid and this stuff increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen and elastin production and fades pigmentation. - Why you need it? With the supercharged cell turnover and collagen/elastin boost, lines and wrinkles are reduced, and dull, old skin starts acting like a young kid again. Retinol also strengthens thin skin, its great for treating acne and calming breakouts, and it also helps even out skin tone. I find it works really great to make my skin feel really smooth, and makeup applies easier. - How do you use it? There are so many retinol products to choose from - I would say choose what fits best in your skincare routine. Generally you should go for creams if you have dry skin, and serums/lotions for oily/combo skin but you can go with whatever consistency you like. I like to use my retinols at night cause they don’t go well with sunlight: I do 3-5 days of retinol, and switch to other actives for a few days before I come back to retinol. I also find that my skin dries up slightly when I use retinol products, so make sure you moisturise! - Side note: Retinol should be kept in airtight packaging away from sunlight!


All About Vitamin C ❤️ . (🇹🇭 first comment) If you don’t already incorporate Vitamin C into your routine, you really should! Vitamin C, (also known as ascorbic acid) is a very powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals that can damage our skin cells, reduce collagen production and just makes your skin look dull and unhealthy. . Why do you need it? Its a superstar anti-aging ingredient as it stimulates collagen production, making the skin looker firmer and more luminous. It also brightens and evens out skin tone, treats UV damage, enhances the performance of your sunscreen and protects the skin from environmental damage - its basically a hero ingredient! . How do you use it? There are sooo many Vitamin C derivatives out there, just look for “ascorbic acid” or anything with “ascorbyl” or “ascorbate” on the ingredient list. The one with the most scientific research back-up is L-ascorbic acid, but its also worth looking into the other derivatives as they’re constantly being developed. Concentrations between 3% to 20% should be the most effective: the higher the concentration, the faster you’re likely to see results, but bear in mind that potent formulas are more likely to irritate the skin. I use my Vitamin C stuff in the morning as it helps boost up UV protection, but you can basically use it whenever you want to! . Side note: Vitamin C should not be used in the same routine as glycolic acid, salicylic acid or retinol. They should also be kept in air-tight packaging or pumps away from sunlight, to prevent the antioxidants from breakdown.


(🇹🇭 first comment) This is the second @katesomervilleskincare product I’ve tried, and its really growing on me! . The ExfoliKate Cleanser is a daily foaming cleanser that removes impurities and makeup residue without over-stripping the skin. Its got lactic and glycolic acids which gently exfoliates the skin, clearing dead cell build-up leaving a smoother and clearer complexion. Pineapple, pumpkin and papaya enzymes help soften the skin and prevent it from over-drying. . I use this as a second cleanse at night after removing my makeup. Its Foreo-friendly, lathers up really well and doesn’t give a tingling sensation despite it containing 2 acids. Its also got a relaxing spa-like scent that’s not too overpowering. . I think its got all the qualities I look for in a second cleanser: it gives a thorough cleanse, works really well with my Foreo, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight. My face feels squeaky clean (but soft) after, and the thorough cleanse has really kept my breakouts at bay! . ******* Overall rating: 4/5 Value for money: 4/5 Suitable skin type: all skin types


All about Hyaluronic Acid ❤️ . (🇹🇭 first comment) I wanted to change it up a bit and do some posts on my favourite active ingredients - just some stuff about what they do and where you should put them in your routines. A lot of you probably know all this stuff, but I figured it might be helpful for some! . First up is my go-to active: hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is naturally produced in our bodies, and can bind 1,000 times its own weight in water. HA molecules come in a variety of sizes: if a product lists ‘sodium hyaluronate’ in the ingredients, the molecule is small enough to penetrate deep into the skin, while ‘sodium hyaluronate cross polymer’ works on the skin’s surface to give a plumping effect. . Why you need it: It works like a magnet for water, and helps the skin retain moisture leaving it to look plump and hydrated. It also diminishes lines and wrinkles, and has antioxidant properties. . . How you use it: HA is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive or breakout-prone skin. Its incorporated in A LOT of skincare products these days so its really to incorporate in your routine. I like a big daily dose, so I always use hydrating serums with HA in all my routines, where I apply it as a base serum before moisturisers. For the best effect, look for HA products with both short chain and long chain molecules as they work on both the top layer and deeper layers of the skin!


(🇹🇭 first comment) This duo from @theweekendskin is probably a match made in heaven! The Rest Up Purifying Serum* is a hydrating serum that helps calm the skin, and the Commodity Emulsion* is a gel moisturiser with brightening benefits. . I use the Rest Up Purifying Serum as the first layer, cause its got a much lighter consistency and sinks in in seconds. The ingredient list is targeted towards calming irritations, reducing redness and acne defence with niacinamide, cammelia senesis leaf extract and honey. Its a great base serum, my red patches did fade away, leaving a clearer complexion. The hydration it gives is also sufficient for my dry skin! 😋 . I then follow with the Commodity Emulsion, which has a light gel consistency. The ingredients go hand in hand with the Rest Up Purifying Serum, with rice ferment filtrate which is rich in peptides and aloe vera which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Its oil-free but quite hydrating, and the rice ferment filtrate (basically sake) makes my face feel super soft. I haven’t noticed any major brightening effects, but my skin does look less dull and a bit more ‘alive’. If you have dry skin, I would recommend this for the day, as it might not be rich enough to be used at night. . I would recommend getting both products as a duo cause they work together very nicely ingredient-wise and they’re relatively affordable. They would also suit oily skin quite well cause they’re both quite light and they don’t sit on the skin for a long time. . *gifted but opinions are 100% my own ********* Overall rating: 3.8/5 for both Value for money: 4/5 for both Suitable skin type: All skin types for both