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you don’t have to be a dick, acknowledge them you can even be happy let your competition drive you and continue to be the best possible version of yourself _ _ _ are you the type to accept challenges or turn a eye? what ignites you? what makes you work harder? _ _ let your work do the speaking people can copy everything that you do but at the end of the day there is only one YOU.. own that shit and show out


when you get caught with your pants down ..but there’s no shame in your game because you never skip a #bootytueday @bodymachinefitness _ _ come see me the rest of the week today: noon & 720pm Wednesday: 720pm Thu: 720pm Fri: 5am 615am 445pm Sun: 9am 11am


your core muscles are the stabilizers for your entire body, when you master control of your core you will less likely overtax other muscles in your body when working out


if you want to grow get uncomfortable and do the things you don’t like to do _ _ _ step outside the box and look at things from a different perspective try something that’s out of the ordinary for you, this perspective shift will significantly help you feel less stressed and more confident _ _ your mind is powerful use it instead of saying “I hate”, “I don’t like”, fill it with positive affirmations and watch your mood change


when the team shows up and shows out #squatjacks #bmfers _ _ you have plenty more chances to come see me let’s finish this week with a #bang starting tonight


#October who this? _ _ random picture in middle of @walmart showing of my inner kid, oh and of course #halloween love love love this month _ _ _ come catch me this week @bodymachinefitness below Monday 5am, 615am, 720pm Tuesday 12, 720pm Wednesday 720pm Thursday 720pm Friday 5am, 615am, 445pm, 6pm Saturday&Sunday Out of Town _ COWABUNGA DUDES!!! @tmnt


the best person you will ever be is yourself...period. #ownthatshit #yeahimweird


how are you spending your weekend? _ _ three different chances with three different personalities all with the same goals to get your body, mind and soul electrified _ _ come catch a class with any of us and see what all the hype is about, you know you want to @coachlizzie @ethanmarinefit


the feeling you get after taking a class with me @bodymachinefitness _ _ _ might spontaneously start climbing on things and throw your hands up out of pure joy _ _ catch me tomorrow in the #transformationroom for our Circuit Sunday class _ If you want to schedule your classes for next week you can catch me at the times listed below _ Monday 5am,615am & 720pm Tuesday 12pm, 720pm Wednesday 720pm Thursday 720pm Friday 5am, 615am, 445pm, 6pm Saturday 8am


you’re the only one in your way #mondaymotivation #getshitdone


raw uncut #trainertips 😂 @bodymachinefitness @coach_hud _ _ _ here are some alternatives from your traditional aerobic exercises talking about sparking fat burn _ _ try these exercises for 1min each and complete a total of 3 rounds #happyhumpday #BMFer


this isn’t a video to show that i can lift one hundred pounds because i know many people can i made this video because i thought i would never be able to push that much weight again due to my torn labrum in my shoulder _ _ _ this video shows, strength, perseverance and consistency at times I wanted to give up but im here to tell you that nothing good ever comes from throwing in the towel sometimes all you need is time and proper guidance to help you bounce back _ _ i am beyond thrilled to have reached this accomplishment again, although it may not seem like much to my viewers i used to throw weight like this around the gym all the time prior to my injury and im excited to be able to do it again......when needed


At the end of the day what you need to ask yourself _ _ _ “did I do my possible best at everything I sought after today? “ _ _ if the answer is no, the beautiful thing is you can start back over the next day and try again remember you don’t always get another opportunity i challenge you to always give your best, you are never guaranteed tomorrow


monday #vibes... boat please.


#throwbackthursday i may not be the biggest person in the room...but I will make damn sure I have the biggest heart and most energy because i have passion and true passion is energizing RIP @1dayumay 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 _ _ _ i get asked all the time how are you so happy? i live life like I have nothing to lose and I want to be a positive light in everyone’s life... no matter the circumstances I have made a commitment to myself to be #authentic and #transparent when I started living this way my life began to #transform don’t settle for a marginal life _ _ #positiveenergy attracts positive people, it will show you the negative people in your life that you should consider parting ways from _ don’t get me wrong I have my days I am in no way perfect but those days don’t define me and I understand that there will be times that I will fall I will learn from that, I will get better and I will continue to live the best possible life I can _ _ Are you living your best possible life?


are you living your best life? what is your purpose? what is your why? what drives you? _ _ _ if you’re not getting up everyday looking forward to living the best possible life you can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! _ _ i say this daily with passion personally I wasn’t spoon fed I grew up with lots of hardships but I was going to make damn sure that this life that I’m living will be great, I constantly told myself this day in and day out until I started believing in myself, was it easy... hell no! there were so many times in my life I wanted to #giveup and sometimes even contemplated why I’m still living learn to endure the pain, understand you will grow from it even though at times it feels there is no end in sight _ keep pushing, know you have purpose, know that you are enough and dig deep asking yourself AM I HAPPY!? AM I LIVING THE BEST POSSIBLE LIFE? _ if the answer is NO , understand that you have the power to change whatever it is that you desire because you deserve to be happy and live your best possible life


tribe | \ ‘trīb \ _ _ _ a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. a distinctive close-knit group _ _ love my tribe at #bmf come see me the rest of this week Today @ 720pm Wed @ 720pm Thu @ 720pm Fri @ 5am, 615am Sat @ 8am


I don’t always party but when I do I party hard with a @celsiusofficial 🏖☀️🌊🚤 📸: @coachlizzie