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wrecking into the weekend #bmfer style @mileycyrus _ _ booty work today might involve a little super functional *swinging is totally optional _ _ _ when @chloeadcock and I work late we come up with some crazy shenanigans


CLASSES are SOLD OUT!! _ _ but if you like to party come see us from 7- 9pm 🥂🎉


figure out what actually makes you feel alive _ _ its all about brain chemistry nothing else matters there’s no objective truth,there is no one path to glory there is no one life for you to live there is only the subjective truth the thing inside you , that gut instinct that voice that whispers to you, you’ve got to learn to trust it by building it up.


time for that cliche picture of love _ _ _ Happy Valentines to my special lady @kndye _ _ Love isn’t just looks, laughs, fights, tears, kissing or time spent together Love is no matter what life brings you, you’ll still stand side by side holding hands


SA DBL ROW to POSTERIOR PULL _ _ one of my favorites to warmup the posterior chain _ _ incorporating this in your workout can help fight imbalances in the muscles and improve range of motion _ _ KEY POINTS: Head Neutral Core Tight Elbow Position during Pulls Base of Support Chest stays parallel to the Floor


and feed her carbs 😜


looking to amp up your arm routine? _ _ _ @coachlizzie and I coaching you through today’s #moveoftheday


when you spend all your money on food


don’t let a little trouble knock you of your position and interrupt your vision _ _ all the miles , feet and inches can’t add up to the distance that you’ve been through _ _ let’s finish the week off strong!!


Come TANK through the week with me, if you missed this mornings 5am/615am push and pull day you’re in luck _ _ Schedule: Tonight 720pm (no tread) Tuesday 5am , 720pm Thursday 720pm @bodymachinefitness _ _ Drop everything and sign up now or you can slide up in my DM I’ll be sure to take care of you


always experimenting, never too old to learn new things this toy is a must have to improve shoulder mobility _ _ _ Squat w/ Steel Mace Toss KEY POINTS: Squat Base of Support (shoulder width or slightly wider) Pop Hips Toss Mace Mace at Sternum Core engaged Lats Packed @bodymachinefitness


i preached about this in class today what value are you bringing to yourself by quitting? _ _ work your ass off and push yourself to the limits, when you fall down get back up work your ass off and push some more _ _ i promise you will reach your goals and start seeing results no matter how high the temptation i NEVER want to see you QUIT


#trainertip I get it , I get it we all know how to do a push-up but along with a tight chest let’s work on those sexy abs _ _ think of a push-up as a modified plank when you’re doing a push-up you’re actually working your core too keeping your core tight will help you execute perfect form _ _ Common Mistakes: Sagging/Elevated hips Arm/Hand Positioning Raised/Lowered neck Leading w/ hips (during working phase) @bodymachinefitness


swinging through the week is a breeze when you come see me @bodymachinefitness _ _ next classes: 720pm TH & 5,615am FRI _ _ _ that’s right, it’s #humpday have you hit your weekly goals? if not, what the hell is stopping you?


I’ll let you think on that 😜 _ _ _ give Energy, get RESULTS whether thats hitting the books taking your ass to the gym or working on personal development


swinging into the week like _ _ two classes down you can catch me 4 more times this week _ _ I’d love to kick that booty 😜 @bodymachinefitness


#moveoftheday 1 DB Underhand Curl to Serve _ _ _ KEY POINTS: Breathing Feet Shoulder width Apart Soft Knees Shoulders Back Chest up, Core Tight Elbows by side in Curl Elbows extended in Press @bodymachinefitness @schillfitness


how’s your day? me: #fridayfeels