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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this little fire cracker 🔥🎂🥂🎊🎈🎉 _ _ _ with this new year added to your life behind you are your past, set backs and mistakes a new year is a fresh turn around for greatness


stay focused stay positive stay brave stay fighting stay ambiguous stay strong


everybody needs a little more disco in their life _ _ come catch the crew @bodymachinefitness all day tomorrow for our #throwbackthursday disco themed classes


this is me 100% of the time, all about a good time and positive vibes if all else fails dance it out _ _ all the feels this week for this #motivationmonday with the team minus my brother @davdcase


life is not about half doing you cannot half love, half accept or half live. it’s about giving everything you have _ _ _ when we get old and frail do you really want to look back and say you didn’t give it your all? _ _ you owe yourself more than that go do whatever you want to do and don’t let anyone denounce that because they don’t feel the same way you do, the only person stopping you


on #flexfriday we drink..... all the coffee #bulletproofcoffee for the win _ _ _ did you know caffeine can actually stimulate fat loss by making your fat cells more permeable meaning you can actually utilize the fat and burn it for energy because we all know that we can’t get rid of fat cells naturally they tend to just decrease in size _ _ now for me caffeine is the fuel to my super powers, it amplifies my inner awesomeness so charge up and finish this #friday with a spark


see you next week #bmfers beyond proud of all of you let’s keep up the momentum for this May challenge and keep crushing your workouts _ _ _ you are the reason I love doing what I do, you inspire me to be and do more I want to be that person to push you past your limitations and show you anything is possible _ _ Let’s get feisty and spicy *Schedule* M 5am/615am/720pm Tu 720pm TH 720pm Fri 5am/615am


i laugh a lot but that doesn't mean my life is easy and that constant smile on my face doesn't mean somethings not bothering me _ _ _ i choose to move past the negatives in my life and keep my chin up instead of dwelling on the past _ _ when you smile it puts you in a better mood, i challenge everyone to try and smile more


most people wait for things to happen don’t wait for anyone, get s*** done. nobody is coming to save your ass it is up to you to change anything about your life, stop sitting around and wasting your damn life and start pushing yourself. whether that is starting your own business, changing your relationship or changing what type of parent you are, you got one life and you never know when your time is up. take 100% responsibility for your future. _ _ _ for once step out of your comfort zone and be the type of person that takes action. it all starts with the push, stop thinking and start doing. you can do anything you want in this world no matter the circumstances you’re in. the truth is you have to get started and start moving. tell yourself f*** the excuses no matter how valid they are and decide to take a step in the right direction and create momentum to get what you want. anything else you tell yourself is complete bull***. _ _ _ why are you not doing what you want? because it’s all you’ve ever known because you’re playing it safe because it’s comfortable what do you want to do? if this isn’t the life you want to live do something about it.


when the crew shows up to do a workout #flexfriday


self love is like self discipline take time out of your day to love yourself _ _ _ if you don’t love yourself how can you have the capacity to love someone or anything else _ _ ever love someone so much you would do anything for them? yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the f*** that makes you happy


@ethanmarinefit : hey you want to lift later? me : I already did two workouts today! Ethan : *grins* me : screw it... why not!? Ethan: see you in a hour _ _ _ 3 Rounds: 15-20 reps each / Sled Pull & Push (length of turf) *Sissy Squats w Pause* *GHD Hammy Curls* *Sled pull / push* Finish with *Leg Extension* *Leg Curls* _ _ _ (Couple hours later) Me: what the hell is wrong with me!? Me: I feel like death...but I love it Ethan : (laughs)


What’s up 29!? _ _ looking forward to this new year although the road traveled was full of corners and bumps I couldn’t be more grateful of where I’ve ended up and the experiences I’ve endured _ _ im uber thankful and blessed to have everyone apart of my life and can’t wait to see what this year has in store _ _ cheers to my last year in my 20s and thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday, all the love


many of us keep dragging shit that should have been put to bed the night before, the day before, the week before, the year before into the next morning it’s the same drama and routine day in and out. the morning always brings light to something when the concept you’re dealing with is difficult, you have choices and it’s your responsibility to fulfill them and start living a happier life _ _ _ why be average? why settle? why be unhappy? why accept less? why hold yourself back? _ _ at the end of the day if someone or something constantly makes you unhappy you have to build up enough courage to get that out of your life and start living


two slots open for 1v1 training this summer, do you have what it takes to get in the best shape of your life!? _ _ _ if you want to work in a group fitness setting come see me @bodymachinefitness this weeks schedule is below👇🏼 _ _ Monday 5am/615am/720pm • Tuesday&Thursday 720pm • Friday 5am/615am


Hell of a workout with @cobycotton from @dudeperfect ... at one point I wasn’t sure if we we’re going to hold that 30% incline for 3min _ _ If you want to experience a workout like no other come see what all the craze is about here @bodymachinefitness


if you’re unhappy CHANGE something. quit your job, move, workout, leave your miserable relationship _ _ stop making excuses you are in CONTROL!


when you are no longer willing to tolerate something that’s when your life changes _ _ _ the best way to change your circumstances is to change yourself, we get from life from who we become nothing can change until we do, when we change our world will change _ _ tell yourself failure is NOT a option, as soon as you start changing your surroundings will change