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Unapologetically American/Active Duty USN Black Sheep - Leave the 99. USPA/APA 220 Powerlifter 29 Virginia born --> PNW (WA)

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Holy hell... that one was rough. But I got it up! 525 on the bar, 100 lbs of chain for 625 at ze top. It felt slow and honestly a little out of position from the get go, but I was not putting that shit down because it was moving the whole time. Been a while since I really pushed deadlifts so this was fun.


The meet at @dungeonfitness yesterday had me all fired up today. Hit Max Effort bench and damn it was a good one! 265 lbs on the Multi grip bar and what i'm estimating to be 75 -80 lbs of chain at the top. So we'll call it 340 for the floor press. Butt came up a bit, but it's damn hard to keep it down on floor presses so i'm ok with it. Also some Incline Prone Rows with 3 second holds (probably closer to 2, but who's counting) I'm positioning the to target my upper back because I believe it to be the weak link in my bench positioning. Also congrats to my Dungeon family who competed yesterday. I believe everybody hit PR's which is fuckin awesome!


Productive DE Lower day tonight! Speed SSB Bar Box Squats w/ 200 lbs and 100 lbs of chain. Speed deads with 195 lbs on the bar and about 100 lbs of band tension. SSB Bar pistol squats to a bench. Bar weights 65 lbs. And... HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL THOSE WERE HARD! Very humbling. Vogelpulls for sets of 10. Another new one for me, and I like it. Almost feels like a Gironda pull up and lights up your back with a controlled negative. I can definitely see how it'll help build lat tightness as well.


Meatball mode is in full effect! Sorry ladies, no v taper here anymore lol. The important part is i'm feeling better now than I was losing weight. And i'm feeling stronger, which is the name of the game. Maybe I'll worry about being "lean" when my total is where I want it to be. MAYBE. Anywho. Speed floor presses tonight with the Multi Grip Bar. 195 lbs total (50 lbs of chain) Feelin nice and snappy!


Squats and Good Mornings to kick off a little "off season" for me last night. 495 total (100 lbs of chain) on the SSB Yoke bar for a top triple. 255 with the same bar for sets of 5. I prefer to do Good Mornings beltless. For me it does more to build some of the targeted weaknesses for the exercise like core strength and stability. Using the SSB bar of course makes them extra torturous.


Speed/technique triples with 235 total (50# of chain) Bench is starting to feel better and better on these days as I start to focus on some little technical things that have a big impact that I kinda let fall by the wayside. Cable Upright Row w/ Rope. This is important because I've been dealing with shoulder issues since August and I've been playing around with different shoulder movements that go through more than just vertical or horizontal plane and involve some kind of rotation to get the rotater cuff mobilized. So far this is my favorite because it doesn't cause me any pain or tightness while i'm doing it and my shoulder feels noticeably "looser" in the problem area after I'm done with them. With so many articles on these subjects out there and quick fixes on IG, sometimes you just gotta stop and think about what the problem is and try some things out to see what YOUR body will respond to.


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