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Well, this is it. I’m about to step on the trail to start my final trip – to hopefully summit my last two peaks (peaks 49 & 50). This trip will cover over 50 miles into one of the most remote areas in the range. Wish us luck, and see you in a few days ✌🏼 #nc50peaks


Scenes from a fairytale. Or a dream. Or maybe a whole other world. Take your pick. It’s one of my favorite times of the year in the Cascades, and this year it seems as if Nature is just showing off. #whyihike #larchmadness @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor


Over the course of my project this season I've gained a total of nearly 200k feet of elevation and covered well over 400 miles on foot. (In fact I've lost about 15 pounds since I started, and my legs might be as strong as they've ever been!) Truth be told, though, the vast majority of this elevation and mileage involved long, tiring stretches of forested trail or mountain slopes, bushwhacking, scrambling up loose scree and talus – a lot of strenuous movement, and plenty of pain and even some misery. But it's funny how even the briefest of moments on the summit, and especially those first few minutes when the morning sun paints the surrounding mountains and ridge lines, makes you so thankful to be out there. We're beyond fortunate to have these wild places to experience, protect, and pass on. #nc50peaks @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor


Summit views from Peak 47/50. I’ve spent a fair amount of time above the clouds as of late, and that’s never a bad thing. On this particular climb, we covered over 22 miles and nearly 7k in elevation gain, including some exciting fresh-snow-covered scrambling, in a 12 hour span car to car. Three peaks to go – can you believe it?! Stay tuned this week, as I try to make a sprinting finish before full-on winter arrives. #nc50peaks Needing to go as fast and light as possible on these few final climbs, I’ve parced down my camera gear kit to the @sonyalpha RX100 VI, which fits in the palm of my hand. Shot this at 1/320 sec, f/6.3, ISO80, at 18mm. Comment below with any questions about my climbing/shooting process. #alphacollective #bealpha


Do you see unity or division? I know most of what I share with you here is purely outdoors related, but I wanted to take a moment and raise an issue that is important to me. No matter your political views, it’s clear the stakes are high for the midterm elections next month. Along with @creativesvote, I encourage you to exercise your right to vote, and if you haven’t already, register to vote this week (as voter registration closes in several states). Make your voice heard on November 6th! #creativesvote #committovote


Although I’ve been celebrating all season long, today is the day. It was on this day 50 years ago – Oct. 2, 1968 – LBJ signed the enabling legislation for North Cascades NP, establishing its status and protection as one of our country’s great national parks. So grateful to have discovered mountains for myself here in this special park and rugged range. Happy 50th birthday @ncascadesnps! #northcascades #noca50 #nc50peaks #4togo


It doesn’t happen everyday, but sometimes you find yourself in the right place at the right time in front of a scene that seems more dreamlike than real. Everything boils down to the present moment and the Beauty before you. And it is good, truly good. #whyihike @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor


Ultra-classic ridge lines in the American Alps. As winter conditions slowly take hold of the high alpine here in the Cascades, I’m reflecting on all my climbs from the heart of summer, involving clear skies, warm temps, and dry rock. Although my remaining climbs (4 more!) might be a bit snowier and more serious due to inclement weather, the sense of adventure will be all the same. Hope everyone had a great weekend, wherever you found yourself. #nc50peaks


Early morning pinks and oranges, one of my favorite sights in the mountains. I just returned from a week-long climbing marathon involving multiple outings to several different corners of North Cascades National Park. The first trip was a journey into the remote Picket Range with my friend @coltonandrewjacobs. We endured miles of trail, brush, alder, talus, and scree. But we reached our summit at sunrise, enjoying sweeping views like this one above. All the pain and misery of the approach melted away, as the sky lit up with color! It’s safe to say I’m on the home stretch to my goal of 50 Peaks, although tough times lie ahead, as winter weather sets in. Want to know what number I’m at? Visit my official project page and climbing map, linked in my bio, with the current tally!


Into the land of rock and ice. It’s always fun to visit a place so unlike where you’re from. Helps you appreciate all that you have and what you take for granted. @eddiebauer #WhyIHike #liveyouradventure


Well my 50 Peaks project has been a journey, to say the least. After 38 successful summits, I finally failed to reach an objective from my original peak list (peaks I could have done properly/safely in earlier season, but waited too long to tackle). I had high hopes I’d stick with my original list until the very end, but I’m now faced with either not getting 50 total peaks this climbing season, or instead finding a few other worthy peaks inside the park to add on, before the serious snow arrives (which is terribly soon). The decision is a funny one, as I’m working within the framework of a project I created entirely on my own. This is the reality I’ve created. Given all the blood, sweat, and tears (and one blooper fall into a creek 😅) I’ve poured into this project and park, I hope I can get to 50 peaks, any peaks, very soon, which is the climbing goal, whereas the ultimate goal is to shine a light on this special, unique national park and public land. Tomorrow I’m heading here 👆🏼 (perhaps my favorite place on earth) to climb more … wish me luck! #NC50Peaks


The last day of summer. Who’s holding on, and who’s moving on? Either way, looking back, it’s clear that good times were had this season. 🤟🏼