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Random shots from here and there📸 Travel, street & outdoors🌎 🦍Amateur everything | Gym life Psychology & PhD phun🤓📚 Geneva • Brig • Switzerland

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This view has been posted so many times on IG that even after thinking for 5 minutes, I can't come up with a creative comment... "il classico" maybe..?


Sunday? Funday? Why not get an ice cold lemonade?!


... Sunset vibes ...


Those cold days seem far gone now... summer has come quick all of a sudden, hasn't it?


Sundays...all I want to do is hang out by the pool and do nothing... NOTHING! How do you like to spend your sundays?


I'm always wondering whether all these strangers would appreciate being in my pictures. Afraid of rejection, i just don't ask🙈🕺🏼 Maybe one day someone will see their pic on my profile and let me know how they feel. How would you feel randomly discovering a photo of you on the internet?


Enjoying the sunset on mars... ---------------------------- If you are looking for the hottest travel destination of 2018, make sure to join us on one of our next trips to Mars! Meet great people, travel to undiscovered places and take pictures that will make your social media account go bonkers!!! To sign up, or for more information, call us NOW: 1-800-500-MARS ---------------------------- Today's special offer: sign up now and you'll get free coffee to keep you awake on the whole 300-day trip. You don't want to miss a second of this once in a lifetime experience! ---------------------------- Make sure to use the promotional code *sdz_tography* to get a 15% reduction on your first trip🕺🏼 ---------------------------- We take Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress and Paypal ---------------------------- This post was sponsored by NASA Club Travel, the outer-space travel agency you can trust.


Sunday mornings are burning hot in the city of angels🔥🌇


Captain america saving the planet one text message at a time💪👌


Somewhere on the road in the georgian mountains, they build this huge fortress like circle... just for fun?


Sitting in the shadow, waiting for the inferno to pass...


"They made first contact... in the late 1980's." • • • Do you believe in other living beings in our universe??


I've been playing around a lot with Lightroom lately, ending up with some pretty strongly edited, painting-like pictures... still not sure if i like that style better than the more natural travel-photography look. What's your take on this?


Abandoned places... SCARE you off, or DRAW you in?? • • • • • from the series  #abandonedplaces


Real life cowboy is back, thinking about next week... Are you looking forward to this week, or are you hoping that the weekend never ends?


Someone told me that this picture was too girly for my feed... I say, it's 2018😀 no time for stereotypes😁 What do you think?


It's sunday... even pirates have to take a break sometimes