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Random shots from here n there📸 #travel, street & #outdoors🌎 🦍Amateur everything | #gymlife Psychology & PhD fun🤓📚 #Geneva • Brig • #Switzerland

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Waiting for Don Corleone to show up...


Distant memories from the beach...


O V E R the C L O U D S


s u n s e t v i b e s


Geneva, i'm looking down on you (also, i need a camera with a larger sensor...)


I seem to like birds... are you an animal person? What's your favorite?


If you found a cabin in the woods... would you go in or stay out?


Enjoying the sunset like a delicious cake... layer by layer


Birdie looking at the southern border of switzerland... maybe he's also dreaming of a beach vacation in the south😁😁


No matter how difficult it looks, never stick your head in the sand...


It's way too hot right now🔥 Need a vacation soon... where should the next trip go to? Ideas? Plans? Suggestions?


Throwback to bella italia😍


"Don't wait up for me, I'll be alright"... Would you be scared to be alone in the woods?


Some pictures require less travelling than others😃


Cabin, check. Lake, check. Forrest, check. What else do you need to be happy?


Amsterdamn vibes... I dont have a pic of it, but I saw many people renting a small boat to have a pre-party on it, playing music & having drinks while cruising around in the canals... instant item on my bucket list😁


Sunday memories: chilling at the canyon... • • • • I love being outdoors. There are a lot of mountains and woods around where I grew up. I guess I am used to that, and don't really pay attention... So to me, the raw landscapes of Arizona and its surroundings were even more impressive than anything. I just loved the canyons, the desert landscapes, the dry, burning hot air... everything just feels so natural, raw, untouched by humans... I guess that's also why I love any kind of movie that is set in the desert or any type of badlands... #takemeback


It's about the little things in life...