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Random shots from here n there📸 #travel, street & #outdoors🌎 🦍Amateur everything | #gymlife Psychology & PhD fun🤓📚 #Geneva • Brig • #Switzerland

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I woke up in | B E A C H M O D E | 🏖🎶


| B U L B F I C T I O N | Firing a little pun gun to start the week 😅


| B E A U T I F U L A S M A R A | I've received lots of messages asking whether I have been to Eritrea. I feel very fortunate to say YES I have - spend my summer vacation there two years ago and I'm planning to back as soon as I get the opportunity. I really enjoyed my stay there - very unique and different from most of my other trips. Now with the recent peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea, I hope that more tourists will get to enjoy this beautiful country, its lovely people, its delicious (DELICIOUS!!!) food and its stunning landscapes... see you soon Asmara👋 (ok now i have to get me some fresh, big-eyed injera😂😂) Would you visit Eritrea if you got the chance to? What else is on your travel bucket-list?


| M o o d y M o n d a y | Everyone is back to work... nostalgically thinking about the christmas break, food, family and friends (and netflix of course). How did your week start? Already dreaming of escaping your daily routine and the foggy work week?


Woke up in a "need to do another road trip" kind of mood... #desertvibes #countryside #roadtrip


Waiting for Don Corleone to show up...


Distant memories from the beach...


O V E R the C L O U D S


Geneva, i'm looking down on you (also, i need a camera with a larger sensor...)


I seem to like birds... are you an animal person? What's your favorite?


Enjoying the sunset like a delicious cake... layer by layer


Birdie looking at the southern border of switzerland... maybe he's also dreaming of a beach vacation in the south😁😁


No matter how difficult it looks, never stick your head in the sand...


It's way too hot right now🔥 Need a vacation soon... where should the next trip go to? Ideas? Plans? Suggestions?


Throwback to bella italia😍


"Don't wait up for me, I'll be alright"... Would you be scared to be alone in the woods?