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After another big day on their mission to hike the length of the world, Wombat or "Sir Snooze" as he's affectionately nicknamed, just wants to take a quick nap in his bed. AKA, the 45L Sea to Summit Duffle! Maybe not such a bad idea! So far Lucy and Wombat have made it 5,043km from the tip of South America to the middle of Chile. Follow them to see how their trip progresses! 📷: Sea to Summit Sponsor @tanglesandtail #seatosummit #dogsofinstagram #backpacking #hiking #Chile


Even the smallest of adventurers work up an appetite after a day in the backcountry. Don’t forget to fill up your X-Seal & Go containers with plenty of snacks! 📸: @liveoutsideandplay #seatosummit #liveoutsideandplay #camping #lifeoutside #hikeitbaby


A hammock that weighs 5.4 ounces? Yeah, we built that. 📸: 2018 Brand Ambassador @aaliceinwonderland #seatosummit #wheredoyouhang #hammock #hawaii #bigisland


A surprising twist in an unsatisfying situation can make all the difference. Tell us our brand ambassador,'s caption to go with this mind-blowing image doesn’t give you goose bumps, too!! . "During the day it was raining at first, then it was snowing, then the wind picked up and the visibility disappeared, making navigation a little tricky. The ground was as slippery as a hot dog and with 30kg weight on my back I fell at least 3 times in full “slapstick” fashion head over heals. As I laid face down in the cold mud I seriously started questioning what I was doing. I spent a long time trying to find a good tent spot and frustration grew as darkness closed in fast. As I pitched my tent I had to remind myself that this is voluntary, that it could be worse, that I could be stuck in an office, that I am living my dream etc etc, but at this point it did not do wonders to my motivation. I crept into the sleeping bag and ate my freeze dried meal to the sound of rain on my tent. After a little while, tired and a bit cold I drifted into sleep. An hour later I woke up needing to go to the toilet. I was not smiling as I pulled myself out of the warm sleeping bag and into my wet shoes. Still half asleep I crawled out of the tent to do my business. As I wiped the sleep out of my eyes I was surprised to see the sky filled with shining stars, not a single cloud to be seen. Then as I turned to the north, just like an explosion the northern lights started dancing from out of nowhere all across the starlit sky. The cold, the mud, the weeks of rain and all the other factors I had been whining to myself about all day long disappeared within 3 seconds and I was left with a huge smile and a thankful heart, thoroughly reminded why I love this time of year so much. Honestly, its not always easy living this close to nature, but the rewards along the way are so fantastic that I would not trade it for all the gold in the world."


Do you hate packing an extra bag when you travel? Our Ultra-Sil bags and packs may be the solution you’re looking for! 📸: 2018 Brand Ambassador @mauldin_uncharted #seatosummit #travel #adventure #todossantos #mexico


Are The Snowy Mountains on your bucket list? If not, then they should be! 📷: @temp.le #seatosummit #tentlife #mountainview #wild #sleepsystems


Some people prefer a fully kitted out van and being in a sleeping bag over a five star hotel... we're those people! 📸: 2018 Brand Ambassador @etteloc #seatosummit #vanlife #simplelife #climber #lifeoutside @joolyhart



Foraging for berries on the trail can be the perfect boost! Just pop the lid on and make the X-Seal & Go the gift that keeps on giving. 📷: @gnarlimarli #seatosummit #hikelife #foraging #lifeoutside