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Went to the Organ Pipes National Park yesterday. Whilst the Organ Pipes themselves were pretty cool, a definite highlight was catching this superb fairy wren mid-grooming. Swipe for peak floofiness. #australianbirds #birdsofaustralia #birdsofinstagram #birdlife #birdstagram #organpipesnationalpark


Spent part of this afternoon doing the lovely @skillshare watercolour class by @inksnthings. The class is nice and chilled and you get pretty trees at the end of it 😁 Perfect way to round out an extra long weekend. I think I might give this watercolour business another go, maybe expand into flowers - what do you reckon?

13's unbelievably comforting watching the world outside start to come to a frozen standstill while I'm inside with my knitting and my cat. | Image: A yellow and green leaf on an almost bare tree, with fog in the background.


Look what just popped into my letterbox! An amazing amalgamation of Australian makers (say that five times fast, I dare you), just ready and waiting to push me further along in my quarter life crisis and call into question what the fudge I'm doing with my days and why (why, God, why?!) it ain't something creative that brings me joy à la KonMari. Just kidding - inspiration and motivation awaits! ...and, okay, maybe a little (helpful and necessary) crisis. Thanks @frankiemagazine!


Maybe it was the recent long chat with friends or visiting the Lost Trades Fair over the weekend or finally voicing my secret back up career to Mathew, or maybe all three, but something's put me in the mood for getting a move on with what I'm loftily calling my "creative endeavours". And so, let the mood board games commence!


Ah knitting. AKA practically conjuring up actual items of clothing and blankets and such from thin air. What a strange and wonderful practice you are. I am pleased to report that, for whatever reason, I have been able to "get" knitting this time round. This makes me very happy mostly because knitting holds a sentimental value for me, but also because I'm glad to have something to do that occupies my hands (and my entire brain at the moment) when I'm feeling anxious and fidgety. It also requires very little movement so is completely acceptable to do even though it is stinking hot in Melbourne right now and I don't feel like having any piece of clothing I may be making touch my skin for at least the next 500 years. Winner! More about my knitting adventure on the #handandhome blog (link-a-doodle in bio).


What ho! A new post up on my recently renamed blog?? That's right folks, I've actually written something. It's just a small post, to update anyone who might still be interested in what I've got planned for my corner of the Interwebs. The link-a-doodle is in my bio if you want to have a read.


On Wednesday night I wrote a letter to a good friend who lives interstate. It was only really meant to be a quick update but once I started I found I couldn't stop and words just came spilling out. It felt a little strange to share things in this way - kind of one-sided, like I was sharing all of this stuff with her but not getting any immediate reaction back. I found I had to think carefully about how I wanted to word certain sentences to make sure they conveyed exactly what I wanted. That slowing down and consideration and care felt at odds with what I've grown accustomed to - the quick, sometimes thoughtless messaging with instant responses. I think I quite like this letter-writing caper, even though my hand ached after the fourth page.


I've only been at this retreat in Daylesford for approximately one hour but I can already feel the tension and stress leaving me.


I'm woefully behind in my @frankiemagazine reading but I'm slowly catching up! This edition matches beautifully with this delicious gingerbread cookie from @sweetmickie that came in my @thisiscottons starter park today. I'm by no means a starter 🙄 but was still excited to get my mitts on a box of different goodies to try out from my favourite monthly menstrual pals 😊 Highly recommend! Not pictured: matching baby pink bed socks.


Come on, Australia. Get your act together. This isn't some frivolous fad we are having to vote on; this is people's happiness, their relationships, their mental health, their choice and freedom, and, ultimately, their lives we're talking about. Please don't stand in the way of all of that good stuff. Featuring an awesome enamel pin from the lovely My Bearded Pigeon (tagged) that I shall be wearing with an obscene amount of pride. $5 from the sale of every pin will be donated to Twenty10, an organisation that supports young LGBTIQ+ people.


A rainy day in the city means a day in bookshops.


🎵Don't go chasing waterfalls🎵...Oh but why? They're so pretty!


Oh hey Cataract Gorge.