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full circle birth companion/doula👶🏽/ working with plant relations🌱/ founding member of ocama collective🌀/ conjure woman🕯/ grown in tkaronto

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~i pray to always drape myself confidently in the mismatched fabrics of my perception and my listening. and that i honour my raw and human contradiction by proudly shrouding my ego in the tapestry of my deeply dual truth. i aim to embody this with humility and peace. a'se. 🌱 set design: @yunguava art show & tye-dye eye patches: @iamnattee #Weaving #Embodiment #Tapestry #Fabric #ConjureContradiction #FlashAttackPt2 #FlashAttack #BaeLife


📣 EXTENDED TO JAN 31ST❗️ALL OUT! ‼️‼️‼️ #Repost @iamnattee with @get_repost ・・・ "SAVE THE DATE!!! ...FLASH ATTACK is back with part 2 ... I’ll be showcasing some flash illustrations and photography work at my next solo show 🎨opening Jan 17th 6-10pm @187augusta ...pwyc with 50% donation going back to @187augusta is important to me to see DIY spaces staying open ...I am a creative who definitely need and use these spaces ✨" ~ @iamnattee


~i wanna be your lover. i wanna be the only one you come for. 🌿🌹🖤 / 📷 x @iamnattee #BaeLife #ImpromptuShoots



~~~ working with the Moon for my menstruation, uterine and vulva care is a listening i'm seeking to practice more deeply. 🌿 ~~~ i truly believe that allowing the Moon to guide my self-treatments can carry my medicine thru ritual and communion with Them that can guide, and make more effective, my body's renewal. 🌿 ~~~ as i'm navigating 'embodiment,' i aim for a deeper dance within my body. i aim to walk it like i talk it. i aim to better support my body as i support folx who are navigating theirs. 🌿 ~~~ i am currently synched with the full cycle of the Moon, beginning to release my cycle as the Moon releases Theirs. at my fullness, i can conjure and create, but with each month, i will encounter stories, emotions, vibrations that i will take on, that are unhealthy to carry; not mine to own. so the Moon and i, we wane together - releasing that which no longer serves. 🌿 ~~~ my blood carries its own teachings; smell, texture, colour, amount - these are all ways my body communicates what's leaving me. i aim to listen. 🌿 ~~~ my moontime care: tea or tincture, twice daily, beginning one week before anticipated flow and until the first day. to help the endometrial lining release and reduce pain: dong quai or cerasee or blue/black cohosh. to help balance hormones that create pms: chaste berry, dong quai 🌿 ~~~ tea or tincture, twice daily, beginning the first day of flow and until the last. to encourage healthy tissue growth: red raspberry leaf, burdock ~~~ i will also give myself uterine massage (counter-clockwise and with gentle, but firm pressure) every day starting from my first day of bleeding until 1 day after my last bleed of the month. this can help encourage my body's release work. applying hot compress before and after is epic for reducing inflammation of my uterus. 🌿 ~~~ on that day after my last bleed of the month, i will steam or soak my vulva with a blend of marshmallow, yarrow, rosemary, uva ursi, calendula & chamomile. just flash boiling the herbs in a pot and then allowing them to steep, covered, for 30 mins, then pouring the whole, hot concoction into a bowl and squatting over for 20 mins, or in a bath to soak in for 20 mins. 🌿 ~~~


~sweet like a honey bun 🍯🌸💛 #NoFilter #Schnacky #OnMySoftBoiShhh #Duality #Embodiment


⛔️💛⛔️do not enter 2019 with self doubt. do not enter 2019 with fear. do not enter 2019 with old thought forms. do not enter 2019 without reinforcing your boundaries. do not enter 2019 without grounding in your body. do not enter 2019 without your light & your shadow. do not enter 2019 without your courage. do not enter 2019 without radical hope & love. ⛔️💛⛔️ #NewYearsDateWithBae #ConjureBoundaries #ConjureEmbodiment #NewYears2019 #HowWillYouEnter


~may each wave, surge, contraction...break you up and to receive this new state and stage of you...this right of passage, like all others, is not without challenge, overcoming and evolving...and in order to fully embrace cannot be. you can handle it and you command it. call your birth back to you. be proud of your good work. be in awe of your transformation. you done leveled up. stay proud. 💛 #AcceptToCarryThru #SensationOverPain #BlackDoula #QueerDoula #SeedAndCerasee #ConjureConfidence #FeelToHeal


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