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full circle birth companion/doula👶🏽/ working with plant relations🌱/ founding member of ocama collective🌀/ conjure woman🕯/ grown in tkaronto

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~please join us for this offering of truth, vulnerability, strength, light & love. 💛 we're all so excited to share this with you. 🌀/ poster art x @jenmaramba #13Moons #13Offerings #ConjureRitual #ConjureVulnerability #CollectiveCreation #HealThruArt #TorontoArt #LocalArt #QueerArt #POCArt #WomensArt #NonBinaryArt



~yuh parental units twice removed 👽 / 📷 x @jenmaramba#BaeWatch #UnidentifiedFlyassObjects #Homing


#Repost @innatetraditions ・・・ "BABY SHOWERS AND BLESSINGWAYS. Baby-showers tend to primarily celebrate and honor babies, with little focus on the (BIRTHING PERSON). "Blessingways“ are often facilitated to focus on and honor the (BIRTHING PERSON) in (their) process…. “ blessing (their) way“ into labor, birth and (Parenthood). . While the intention of these gatherings is beautiful (people gathering to celebrate the (Birthing Parent) or the coming birth of (their) baby), often times the PRECIOUS POTENTIAL OF THESE GATHERINGS IS NOT HARNESSED. . The precious potential of our human resources: our COMMUNITY RESOURCES. . Baby showers tend to shower the family with troves of newborn THINGS. Newborn babies actually need very few things: a few items of clothing and diapers // or a plan for elimination communication. THAT. IS. IT. Blessingways often spend a large chunk of time creating a beaded necklace or something similiar—for (the birthing parent) to wear during birth—with everyone offering words/blessings to the (Parent) for (their) path and (their) birthing experience. . What if we blessed the (Parent's) way by preparing several meals that could be stored in (their) freezer for (them and their) family for a month after birth? What if we “Blessed (Their) Way“ by offering gifts of money to the family for bodywork, to supplement their income/lost work time, etc. What if we “blessed the (Parent's) way” by listening to the birth story of THIS (Parent) (how (they) came into the world through (their parent))? In listening to (their) story—we could exalt (their) strengths and we could support (their) weaknesses. . The best way we can “bless the way“ for a pregnant person is by supporting (them) to clear (their) own path before going into labor and birth. . What if we celebrated the coming baby, by making sure that (Parents) were well taken care of in the postpartum period? Because the most valuable thing a newborn baby can have, is a healthy and well (Parent.) This comes from resting enough, eating enough nourishing foods and being taken care of by the community. When (Parents) are well nourished: they can optimally take care of their baby..." ~@innatetraditions


~i often find folx at their most beautiful, most handsome & most glorious when they are pregnant. so happy to find this beautiful piece by @iamnattee to honour the growth, shifts, expansion and transition that pregnancy journeys can bring. 🙌🏽💛🌿 Art x @iamnattee #PregnancyIsBeautiful #PregnancyIsSexy #ConjureBodyLove #BlackDoula #QueerDoula #BirthWorkerOfColor #SeedAndCerasee


~lil pumps ✨💛🎃💛✨/ 📷 x @iamnattee #TheVeilIsThinning #LanternRealness


#Repost @spiritysol 🌀 ・・・ "Never forget that you are held. In the dark times, when you feel alone and like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, remember that you are held in arms of the earth. The universal mother- creatress of us all. She holds us in our pain, in our darkness and our doubt, loves us at our lowest, and guides us home- within. So, ...if you’re struggling— go lay on the earth. Lay with your ear to the ground and hear the heartbeat of your own mama. Steady and strong. The gentle rhythm of the earth- keeping time for eternity." ~@spiritysol


~keep seeing and loving this acronym for making informed birth decisions (who coined this?): B.R.A.I.N.: B - what are the benefits? R - what are the risks? A - are there alternatives? I - what is your instinctual feeling about it? gut response? N - can you give yourself time to think on / meditate on it and come back to this decision? 🌿if we take the time to navigate this acronym for all of our pregnancy, birth & postpartum decisions, we may find more satisfaction with our choice, and be less inclined to have others choose for us. 🌾 #UseYourBRAIN #ConjureInformedChoice #BlackDoula #QueerDoula #BirthWorkerOfColor #SeedAndCerasee


~the veil is thinning. respects are to be paid. i am the altar and the offering. the water and the wine. the shadow and the light. the ether and the earth. but i ask am i earth embodied? i'm ready to feel. 📷 x @photofelli


~castor oil is also a great way to induce labour (4 tbs into a smoothie or salad dressing), as well as cohosh (black & blue); a tincture will be most effective, but a tea of both plant medicines (1 tbs mixed, steeped in 10oz boiled water) had 5 times a day can get contractions going. 🌿 contractions aren't to be feared; embrace the feeling of them, for that is the final challenge that brings you to your baby. each sensation brings baby's face closer to yours. it is the obstacle to face and walk thru to reach the achievement of first greeting baby at the other side. let each wave rise and fall with the ease of breath, and let your body release a little more with each wave. THE most natural way to get contractions going is to embrace, confront & release your fears of parenting and raising a human, and finding the capacity to let them go. pain is inevitable, and use your most basic methods of managing that sensation, with the mind, to carry thru. 🌀 #RP image from @doula.vanessa #BlackDoula #QueerDoula #ConjureConfrontation #ConjureFocusOfTheMind #ConjureContractions #BirthWorkerOfColor #SeedAndCerasee


~to balance hormones: chaste berry, ashwaganda 🌿to stabilize mood swings & calm the nervous system: lemon balm, passion flower, motherwort, chamomile, oatstraw, skullcap 🌿 #ConjurePlantMedicine #MHM #Plantcestors #BlackDoula #HerbalMedicine #QueerDoula #BirthWorkerOfColor #SeedAndCerasee #PPD #PostpartumDepression


~how that emotional and physical support looks for you, is a conversation between yourself and your doula, centered around consensual care and patience with changes; for each other and self. 🌸 i've learned deeply about how important it is for me, as a doula, to clearly communicate with my clients about what their care looks like for them and what the scope of my role entails, as i have failed at that most recently. defining together what emotional, physical and informational support can look like will set the tone for the entire relationship. 🌿 from there, relinquishing control of the experience and patiently moving with the changes is key; another big lesson for me recently. i cannot tell you how to give birth; i can only support your choices and movement through that transformational space. 👶🏽 Image #RP from @wearekarasi 🌼 #BlackDoula #QueerDoula #ConjureCommunication #ConjureConsent #SeedAndCerasee #BirthWorkerOfColor


~may we sing our babies to this plain. may we unite ourselves to original teachings. may we doula like our ancestors. 🌀🐚🌿 ***please tag the artist!*** #RP from @jewell_of_the_earth #ConjureTeachings #ConjureOldWaysIntoNewWays #BlackDoula #QueerDoula #TainoTraditions #SeedAndCerasee


~on the journey of meeting all of these relations for balancing hormones in the bodies of potentially birthing people. giving thanks for the learning. 🌿 ***please tag the artist!*** #PlantMedicine #Plantcestors #HormoneSupport #FertilitySupport #BirthMedicines #ConjureCare #BlackDoula #QueerDoula #BirthWorkerOfColor #SeedAndCerasee


~3 years and 1 day towards forever. so grateful i said yes to that text; "so i hear you want a tattoo?" - damn right i do. and little did i know...i also wanted you. you little alien boi. love you forever. thank you for constantly taking me closer to my self. ✨👽🌻 and thank you for the anniversary sunflowers; you always know my favourite things. #AForeverTing #HappyAnniversary #LookAtUsNow #QueerBlackLove #BaeLife