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“The Little Church On The Hillside”


“Legend of the Dark Cathedral” #scotland


It was a cold and windy morning in #Scotland (Most mornings I think). Little glimpses of detail could be seen out of the heavy cloud cover and fog. I kept a firm grip on my tripod as the gusts blew past me. After taking a few dark exposures a little burst of light formed on the horizon. The gap opened up spilling some of the most beautiful warm light I have ever seen across the landscape. These unique landscape formations, mixed with the surreal lighting made a very special moment for me.




Hey everyone! I just arrived in Italy, after an amazing trip exploring the Faroe Islands. I plan to head out to the Dolomites to explore for about a week. Then I head back home to plan my new workshop tour list for 2019. I have some exciting tours and tutorials planned for next year. If you want to be the first to see the releases and updates make sure to subscribe to my newsletter. This can be found my clicking the link in my bio. I also offer discounts for tutorials and first selections for the tours before they are released on social media. The image above was taken during sunrise in the Dolomites.


Glacier Point will always hold a special place in my heart. A spectacular view of the #Yosemite Valley with a clear view of the Milky Way overhead. This area was one of the first places where I was able to truly witness the beauty of the night sky. This image is a vertical panorama of about 4 wide angle images to show the field of view, showcasing the tail end of the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy to the right. While summertime is my favorite for stargazing and enjoying the core of the Milky Way, this image was actually taken around Autumn.


It is hard to beat a glassy lake reflection at dawn. I always have a tough time waking up out of a cozy sleeping bag. Views like this are definitely worth it though.


It has been one of my bucket list for many years to visit the Scottish Highlands. That dream has become reality and I am here now exploring and doing some photography. This magnificent place is so far beyond what I expected from seeing images and videos. It is one of those places that deserves witnessing with your own eyes. On this morning a large bank of fog engulfed the entire landscape. Giant gusts of wind nearly knocked my tripod and myself over. It was looking like a very grey sunrise, until the clouds broke apart, revealing some beautiful light on the stone monoliths. I took this self portrait with a timer remote after weighing down my tripod. I have been lucky enough to have some great company on this trip, @marcograssiphotography and Raf from @photopills. Two friends that have made this trip a blast so far. I hope you all enjoy the photograph, many more to come!


“Awestruck” This was probably one of my favorite nights stargazing and shooting photography. Camping 11,000 feet above sea level with some of the oldest living trees in the world. The sky during this clear summer night was absolutely unreal.


Watching a sea of clouds, dancing in the glow of dusk. Soundtrack: Mark Petrie - Lights In The Sky


I love to post process my images to deepen the mood and represent the feeling of the experience. This is one of my favorite images I took during my trip to the Dolomites. I recently made a new video tutorial that covers my techniques for creating this style and my entire workflow. Link is in my bio.


You can find me under the stars, watching the big show. Crater Lake, Oregon