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“The Power of Thor”


Day by day, the shifting of tides and changing conditions. Creating new compositions to explore and capture. Swipe right to see more images, all taken on the coast of San Diego.


I am super excited to share with you all my latest abstract #timelapse video. This is just a quick preview. Click the LINK IN BIO to see the full video. Let me know what you think! :)


“As the Storm Breaks” Swipe right to see the full panorama. Taken during a beautiful day in the Dolomites.


"Moments Above the Fog" Swipe right to see the full panorama. I am excited to announce my new partnership with @NikonUSA. I had never used a Nikon camera before, but picking up the D850 I was able to get comfortable using the camera in about 10 minutes. This camera is so much fun to use. I am amazed at this camera’s dynamic range and low light capabilities. Not to mention the combination of edge-to-edge sharpness with the NIKKOR 70-200mm F4. I am really excited to explore this camera more and see what it is capable of! #Nikon #NIKKOR #D850 #sponsored


“The Sleeping Dragon” Taken during a beautiful morning in the Dolomites. Swipe right to see the full image.


Dancing cave light beams, captured through timelapse photography. Swipe right to see the behind the scenes image of the slider set up taken by @andrew.studer


“Witchcraft” Happy Halloween everyone! 👻


Ancient spires and temple like rock formations. The Isle of Skye is truly incredible. Swipe right to see the full panorama and other photographs.


“Peaks of Gold”


"Take me with you, through the clouds."