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Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. Like families around the world, my children and I will celebrate by lighting the menorah and recalling the story of the Maccabees defeating a tyrant and reclaiming the Temple in Jerusalem. They had enough oil only to light one candle in the Temple for one night. But miraculously, the oil lasted eight days and nights – giving them enough time to make more oil and keep the eternal flame alive. It’s a story of hope and faith – of a community surviving years of oppression without losing their shared identity. It reminds us that even during times of darkness, we have each other – and there is always light to be found. For someone missing a loved one, nights like tonight can be painful. If you or someone you care about is grieving or facing other hardship this holiday season, @optionb has ideas for how to help. Now and in the year ahead, I hope we all can find light in our lives – and help others find it, too.


Today is #SmallBusinessSaturday, a time to celebrate local businesses. I’m thinking of entrepreneurs like Pamela and Jeffrey. While raising their kids in St. Louis, they noticed that children's history classes rarely featured African American heroes. So they opened a bookstore to promote the stories of how African Americans have contributed to our history and called it @eyeseeme_bookstore – because kids can’t be what they can’t see. Facebook is the main way Pamela and Jeffrey get the word out about their business and they’ve grown so much that they’ve hired two more people and plan to move into a bigger store in January. Join me this weekend in supporting local businesses like Eyeseeme that make such a positive difference in people’s lives.


Today is Thanksgiving – and with it, the unofficial start of the holidays. It’s a festive time, but for some of us, it’s more than that. This will be our family’s fourth holiday season without Dave. We miss him at the Thanksgiving dinner table. We miss him when we light the menorah candles. We miss him during school vacations and when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. But every year, missing him has gotten a little easier. That’s due in large part to our incredible family and friends. They acknowledge that the holidays are not the same without Dave and they make sure we know that we are not alone. @optionb wants anyone who’s going through a hard time this holiday season to get the support they need from the people around them. That's the idea behind #OptionBThere, our annual holiday program. Find ways to support family members and friends who are grieving or otherwise struggling right now at (link in bio). Small gestures of love and kindness – a thoughtful note, a short visit – can go a long way. If it’s you who is having the hard time this season, we have tips from experts on how to help the holidays land more gently. Our Option B groups are here for you, too. Resilience comes from deep within us – and our friends, neighbors, and communities can help us build it. This holiday season, let’s be there for each other in ways large and small.


It was an honor to meet Annita Lucchesi, a Native American Southern Cheyenne doctoral student who’s creating the MMIW Database, the largest database of missing and murdered indigenous women. She came to our headquarters this week to talk about how Facebook plays a role in her work. Thousands of indigenous women go missing or are killed every year in the US and Canada. But the exact number is unknown because there’s little official information about these cases. I’m so grateful for all Annita does to bring attention to this crisis and make sure these women are not forgotten. #nativeamericanheritagemonth


Last night was a big night for women. In an election with record voter turnout – arguably the most fiercely contested midterm elections in history – women triumphed. So far, 96 women have won U.S. House races. Twelve women won U.S. Senate races. Nine women won their campaigns for governor. And nationwide, women won a slew of state and local races. Among those who won national office last night, 42 are women of color. Texas elected its first Latinas to the U.S. House. Massachusetts elected its first black congresswoman. For the first time, Native American women and Muslim women were elected to Congress. Two 29-year-old women were elected to Congress – the youngest ever. This was a watershed moment for those of us who believe that it’s vital for women of all backgrounds to run and win elections. A more representative government is in all our interests. We still have a long way to go before we reach equal representation, but this election represents a major step in that direction. Let’s celebrate this history-making night for women. And as we do, let’s remember the big picture. Change happens every time people of different backgrounds and experiences speak up and work toward making a country that represents us all. Let's keep up this momentum and keep engaging at all levels. That’s how we’ll build a more equal country and world. (📈: @statistacharts)


When I was growing up, every election day, my parents talked about how people throughout history and in many parts of the world risk and sacrifice their lives for the right to vote. They taught me to never take the right to vote for granted. I had the same conversation with my children today. Today, I am grateful.


Today is #LatinaEqualPay Day. Latinas had to work all of 2017 and this far into 2018 to make what white men, on average, earned last year alone. It is a profound injustice that Latinas contribute so much to our economy and in return are paid less than just about everyone else. This is a problem we need to solve urgently. Today and every day, we stand with Latina workers – and we'll keep speaking out until women everywhere are paid fairly. #47PercentCounts


We just shared @facebook’s earnings update as we do every quarter. Over 90 million businesses now use Facebook Pages – from the entrepreneur in her living room to the world’s largest brands. ⁣ ⁣ @litographs is one of my favorite examples. It started seven years ago when brothers Corey and Danny began selling posters based on classic books at an artist's market. Since advertising on Facebook, they’ve quadrupled their sales and grown to seven employees. Today they also sell t-shirts, scarves, and blankets – and they’ve donated more than 200,000 books to people in need. ⁣ ⁣ I’m grateful to all our clients for their partnership and for making a difference in their communities around the world.⁣ ⁣


Emily Chang stopped by Lean In Live today to discuss her new book, "Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley” – a topic I care about deeply. Watch our conversation on my Facebook Page!