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Yeg tattoo artist DragonFX West Edmonton Mall & Kingsway Garden Mall Wild life. Animal portraits. Anime.

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This was a hoot of a time lol I had fun with this owl tattoo and my client made my job easy, she sat like a rock! Thanks for looking!


I would love to do more pieces like this! Inspired by @chiarabautistaart Thanks for looking!


Anyone who knows me well, knows I love xenomorphs, and I finally had to chance to tattoo one!!!! For those who didn't know, this is Big Chap. One more sitting to add little details here and there Thanks for looking!


Some fresh and healed parts in this Wendigo tattoo, I had alot of fun doing this piece and definitely wouldn't mind doing more pieces like this. Thanks for looking! #wendigotattoo #wendigointhewoodstattoo #folklorecreature #folkloretattoo #blackwhiteredtattoo #greyscaletattoo #armtattoo #yegtattoos #yegtattooartist #canadiantattooartist #dragonfx #dragonfxwem #dragonfxkingsway


The beginning of a family chest piece, the antlers were drawn from a pictured of antlers my client and his son had found. Thanks for looking!


Just a few small little pieces I've done at our Kingsway mall location ✌️🙂


Hello all! This piece has been unclaimed for 4yrs and needs a home! This would make a sweet thigh or calf piece, or half sleeve! DM for details. #dragonballztattoo #dragonfx #dragonfxwem #dragonfxkingsway


So stoked with how this cover up turned out! My client was very happy to say goodbye to this 17yr old tattoo; moments like that really remind of how much I can change someone's life. One touch up, then it's finished! Thanks for looking!


If you're familiar with Studio Ghibli films, you'll recognize this one! Thanks for looking!


I have some pretty amazing clients lol Thanks for the gift Corinne!


I did these last week on some great clients, a Warcraft his and hers tattoos, and chibi sister tattoos! Thanks for looking!


Finished this memorial piece last week on the sweetest client, she sat like a champ and was a pleasure to tattoo. Thanks for looking!


Finally got a video of this lower arm sleeve, just had a few touch ups. Rose not originally done by me.


Finished this gem last night, so happy with how it turned out. Some healed, some fresh. Thanks for looking!


Fun walk in tattoo from yesterday of Frank! Thanks for looking!


It's always a pleasure tattooing memorial pieces. Now they can look at their arm and remember times with their grandma. Thanks for looking!


Mermaid!!! I want to tattoo more beautimus mermaids please! -Compass not done by me. Thanks for looking!


I had the pleasure of tattooing this lion portrait with flowers last week on the tiniest arm, my client did awesome, always fun tattooing this gal. Thanks for looking!