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I had my sorority sister visit last weekend, and, while we had a blast, I also had no time to shoot anything for this week. . . So, enjoy this outtake from an earlier shooting session. Bonus points if you recognize the original from my grid. . . Additional bonus points if you use SPF daily. If not, tell me why If yes, tell me your fave 👇🏻. . . @kravebeauty #KraveBeauty #sunscreen #beetthesun #thebeetshield #pressreset #spf #sunscreen #skincarejunkie #beautyaddict #skincarecommunity #skincareobsessed #intothegloss #skincareaddiction


Happy Monday, beautiful people! . . Below is a mini #amroutine for when I’ve hit snooze a few too many times: . . Cleanse (np): I always do a morning cleanse in lieu of micellar water or a water rinse. My skin accumulates sweat, airborne pollutants, oils, and other impurities, which I need to get rid of with a proper cleanse. . . When I don’t have time for actives, I proceed straight to my @indie_lee #CoQ10 #Toner. I’ve run out of hydrating serums about a month ago and haven’t repurchased any since this toner seems to provide my combination skin with enough hydration. . . Not pictured is an eye cream because, in photos as in life, I sometimes forget it. When I do use it, I would use it here and apply it around my eyes and mouth. . . When I only have time for one #serum, I always pick @paulaschoice #Niacinamide because it helps keep my acne in check and neutralizes redness. . . Two drops of @herbivorebotanicals #phoenix oil,* which also contains the #antioxidant CoQ10 to firm the skin and give me a radiant glow all day. . . I seal it all in with @iunik_official #Centella Calming Gel Cream,* which contains another powerful antioxidant great for acne-prone skin, #CentellaAsiatica. This light gel cream is hydrating enough for my combination skin, especially in combination with an oil. . . Always follow with SPF, but when I forget to, I apply it when I get to the office from my emergency SPF. I don't reapply throughout the day because I've read studies that say that is not necessary unless you're in direct sunlight, and I rarely am. . . Did you get the forgetfulness theme throughout this post? Yes, sometimes (often?), I forget steps or don’t have time to do a full routine. And that’s ok. We’re not prefect and our routines aren’t always going to be on point. . . How often do you do omit steps (or entire routines) due to time constraints or forgetfulness? What does your abridged routine look like?


@lamer #eyebalmintense will always be #bae because it absorbs like a dream and fills in fine lines like woah. For a full review, scroll through the grid or ask me and I'll tag ya. . . I have been loving these other two #eyecreams lately: . . @mycaudalie #premiercru * is thick and creamy and I love using it in my #pmroutine. I find it can pill a bit, so I prefer not to use it under makeup. . . During my #amroutine, I love using @pestleandmortarcosmetics Recover* eye cream. It is a light cream that goes on almost like a water cream. It instantly absorbs and leaves my eye area plump and dewy. . . I use my eye cream after my hydrating steps and before the rest of my routine. . . Regardless of which eye cream I use, I apply it with the metal ripped applicator from my La Mer eye cream to massage and depuff. . . I also love using my eye cream on the delicate area around my mouth. Do you do the same? . . The next eye cream on my wish list is @biologique_recherche_usa #VIP02 eye cream. . . What's your favourite eye cream? . . . *courtesy of the brand #lamer #lamermaid #eyecare #pestleandmortar #skincareblogger #skincaredaily #skincarereview #skincarecollection #skincareobsessed #skincarecommunity #luxuryskincare #skincareluxury #intothegloss #skincareaddiction #discoverunder10k #followfriday


I don't always wear makeup, but when I do, it's @glossier . . . I love how idiot-proof and portable their #makeup. . . . My favourite product from #glossier is definitely #cloudpaint. What's yours? . . . #motd #wakeuptomakeup #lipstick #eyeshadow #mascara #lipbalm #balmdotcom #skincarejunkie #makeupartist #mekupjunkie #makeupblogger #skincareblogger #nycblogger #nycbeauty #discoverunder10k #followfriday #intothegloss


Let’s talk cleansing. . . There’s a surprising number of ways to mess up this basic step: not cleansing for the right amount of time, not using the correct water temperature, nor removing it properly, and not cleansing enough. . . Hop over to the blog to read more about how to properly cleanse. Link in bio. . . Survey time: do you double cleanse only when you wear makeup/spf or do you do it every night? . . @goodsciencebeauty @pestleandmortarcosmetics @panacea #pestleandmortar #goodsciecebeauty #cleanser #glowup #glowingskin #potd #igdaily #wakeuptomakeup #foundation #spf #sunscreen #oilcleanser #skincarecommunity #skincaretips #skincarereview #luxuryskincare #skincareluxury #skincareaddict #skincare #skincareobsessed #skincareblogger #nycblogger #luxurybeauty


Oil is a texture, right? . . I use #facialoil in two ways: . . ONE: Before moisturizer, I apply two or three drops (if you feel like an oil slick after applying oils, you’re likely using way too much) and proceed with a facial massage. . . I absolutely love using a #GuaSha stone to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Because it reduces inflammation, it is also great to use on acneic skin. And because it activates connective tissue and reduces bloating, it can make your face look slimmer. . . I’ve also been testing the @Selfkaire #Kairetool* for the past month. It has similar functions to a gua sha, but I find it a little cumbersome to use on my face. However, I absolutely love using it on my scalp, neck, and shoulders to relieve tension. . . TWO: While I don’t regularly wear makeup, I do clean up nice. And when I do, I love adding a drop or two of #faceoil into my foundation. The addition of oil sheers out the foundation to make it easier to apply, seals in moisture to prevent flaking, and give me a skin a lit-from-within glow. . . Featured in this photo are: @HerbivoreBotanicals #LapisOil: contains blue tansy to calm redness and soothe inflammation #HerbivoreBotanicals #PhoenixOil*: rich in #CoQ10 and gives my skin an immediate glow @DewyAndBae #RawGlow oil (a gift from @the.skincare.collective): contains alfalfa-derived chlorophyll to soothe skin, calm breakouts, and heal wounds. . . How do you use oils? What are your faves? . . . *kindly gifted #texturetuesday #glowondewit #DewyAndBae #takekaire #selfkaire #glowup #glowingskin #contour #beautytools #newrelease #potd #igdaily #wakeuptomakeup #foundation #skincarecommunity #skincaretips #skincarereview #luxuryskincare #skincareluxury #skincareaddict #skincareobsessed


I’m baaaaack. Took a much-needed break from posting, and now I’m excited to share a whole bunch of new content with you. . . I had a @BiologiqueRecherche facial with @alekperovaj at @PaulLabrecqueSalon yesterday, and it was one of the most amazing facials of my life. . . I don’t usually look for “glow” from my facials, but prefer that blotchy look from aggressive extractions. Julia told me that I’ve been thinking about facials all wrong, and that my skin isn’t in need of heavy extractions. Instead of aggravating my skin with steaming and extractions, Julia used the #BiologiqueRecherche Remodeling Face Machine to calm and tone my skin. . . The machine uses electric microcurrents to regenerate facial tissue and felt a little tingly on my skin – kind of like a mild exfoliant. Julia used the machine over top of #MasqueVivant mixed with a dash of baking soda, and followed the procedure with a cold seaweed mask. . . I was a little skeptical about the results of an extraction-less facial, but I was completely blown away. Existing breakouts were calmed down instantly, redness was reduced, and my skin was glowwwwwing. . . For maintenance, Julia suggested I spot treat with #ComplexeIribiol to manage breakouts and follow with #SerumAmniotiqueE to hydrate. She also suggested I use #CremeMasqueVernix as a moisturizer in the AM. I used all three this morning after cleansing and exfoliating with #LotionP50, and my skin has been feeling incredibly balanced all day. No usual oil slick on my #tzone! Will update you on results from extended use. . . What are your BR staples? And what kind of content do you want to see more of from me? . . #PaulLabrecqueSalon #glowingskin #skincare #skincareobsessed #skincareblogger #nycblogger #luxurybeauty


A couple of weeks ago, I asked in my stories what kind of content you wanted to see more of, and routines were the unanimous winner. So, below is one of my typical PM routines: . . Double cleanse (all np): after running out of my beloved @pestleandmortar Erase Balm* about a month ago, I also ran out of their Renew Gel Cleanser* this week, and dark days have befallen my bathroom. I'm currently using @farmacybeauty #greenclean, and it's really grown on me (a good lesson not to always trust your first impressions) for my first cleanse and about to start testing the Daily Facial Cleanser* from @panacea. . . Acid tone: I use @biologique_recherche_usa #P50 1970 nightly, and alternate in @kravebeauty #KaleLaluyAHA (np) every 3 days to get that glycolic goodness that P50 doesn’t contain. . . Active: @instytutum #retinoil*. Yes, I follow an acid toner with a #retinol because my skin can handle it and the acid toner preps the skin to accept retinol, making the combo more potent. I used to use retinol every 3 days, but because #instytutum’s retinol contains granactive retinoid, which is a less irritating form of retinoid, I’ve increased it to 2 days retinol/1 day #honeymoonglow. . . Hydrating layers: @indie_lee CoQ-10 Toner and @jkosmmune_cosmetics beta-glucan Serum*. . . Eye cream: I use @caudalie Premier Cru* after hydrating layers (eyes need hydration, too) and before my other steps (don’t want those layers to interfere with the eye cream). . . Serum: @mycaudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum* is one of the few brightening treatments that provide immediate results. Definite repurchase, and especially necessary for those of you who don’t use vit c. I mix this with a few drops of @paulaschoice Niacinamide Booster, because vitamin B3 is a non-negotiable daily staple in my routine. . . Oil: 2 or 3 drops (no more or else you’ll turn into an oil slick) @herbivorebotanicals #lapisoil and massage it in with @selfkaire #kairetool*, which is quickly replacing all other facial massage tools I own. . . Moisturizer: unlike most products with firming claims, I really see a difference with @drjart #Liftra Contour Cream. I’m running low so I'll restock at @260SampleSale THIS WEEK.


If you've been following me for a minute, you might know how I feel about #DrunkElphant #CFirma. That is to say, not that positively. . When @beautyevolutionskincare saw my disillusionment with C-Firma, they offered to send me their freshC Superserum*. I jumped on the opportunity because the packaging design seemed to address my main issue: the bottle size in relation to the oxidation rate. . L-Ascorbic Acid begins to oxidize as soon as it is exposed to air, and even the most airtight packages can't slow this process significantly. This issue affects all traditional LAAs, but large bottle sizes exacerbate the problem because the serum begins oxidizing well before it can be completely used up. . FreshC Superserum addresses this problem by packaging each 10-day supply in a small, dual-chambered bottle that isolates L-Ascorbic Acid until it is activated, keeping it fully potent throughout. . In fact, 10 days is actually the period during which even poorly stored freshC remained fresh in laboratory testing. So, if you keep it in a cool, dark place (refrigiration is not necessary), you can get even more uses out of it. . I'm having my own Hanukkah miracle, and have been milking this thing for two weeks because I use about half the recommended 10 drops per day. Even Rachel from the company told me she uses fewer that 10 drops on her small face. . Pro tip: the pH of freshC is between 2.5 and 3.0. While this is slightly more acidic than other LAAs, I have not noticed any irritation or adverse effects. I also have no problem using other acids in the same routine, but someone new to actives or with more sensitive skin should be careful not to over-exfoliate. . . . What are some of your favourite vit cs? . . . . *kindly gifted #vitc #vitaminc #LAA #LAscorbicAcid #beautyevolutionskincare #freshC #freshCSuperserum #skinstagram #nycblogger #lamer #lamermaid


Did you hear? The new Resort Label Trio Set Boxes are in the shop TODAY! . . Prettiest packages make for the prettiest holiday gifts. . . What gifts do you like getting during the holidays? Fun things? Practical things? What's on your wish list? Tell me 👇🏻 . . I'm a fun gift kind of gal. Get me something extravagant that I would never buy for myself. . . . . . *some kindly gifted, some purchased with my own money #decomiami #nails #nailpolishlover #nailpolish #veganbeauty #crueltyfreebeauty #nailstagram #nails4today #nailswagg #nailinspo #nailaddict #nailpolishswatch #giftideas #holidaygiftguide #holidaygifts


🚩 GIVEAWAY 🚩 You've heard me rave about the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel. Now, you have a chance win your very own skin peel kit to get that #holidayglow. . . . One Entry: 1. Like this photo 2. Follow us, @shorthairskincare and @ellenlange 3. Tell me what you love about the holiday season and tag 3 friends who would love a skin peel kit (only people you know; no celebs, giveaway/repost, or fake accounts) . . Bonus Entries: 4. 5 additional entries: share this post to your stories and tag me so I see it 5. 1 additional entry: comment #pickme under @ellenlange’s most recent post and add your favorite emoji . . . Giveaway closes on Wednesday, December 12 at 9 pm ET. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced via stories within 24 hours. . . . . Open to US residents only. This giveaway is sponsored by Ellen Lange Inc. and is not associated with Instagram. Once shipped, neither I or Ellen Lange Inc. are responsible for loss/damage of package. By entering, entrants agree that they are of eligible age (18+) and confirm the release of Instagram responsibility and agree to Instagram’s Terms of Use. Follow/unfollowers will be disqualified. . . . #EllenLange #RetexturizingPeel #IconicPeel #PeelPro #PeelCult #skincaregiveaway #skincaredairy #igskincare #skincareregime #instaskincare #skincarejunkie #skincarefanatic #igtopshelfie #skincarefavorites #skincarefirst #skincareaddiction


I *hate* wearing sunscreen. I do it, but begrudgingly so because I have never truly loved any of the consistencies I’ve tried. Even all of our cult favourites tend to not to absorb as well as I’d like and to feel heavy on my skin. . . Enter @KraveBeauty The Beet Shield. . . It is marketed in the US as an “antioxidant-rich day fluid that protects your skin from harsh environmental stressors.” But what it really is is an #SPF that contains the exact same formula as Beet The Sun SPF 50+ PA++++ sold in Korea. Unfortunately, the US FDA is so far behind the times in its approved UV filters that it simply cannot approve Krave’s modern filters. . . And you know what, I kind of dig it that only those who know, know. As @liahyoo herself says, it’s “like a speakeasy bar that you can only access if you have the password.” . . So, why do I like it so much? It has a milky consistency somewhere between a serum and a moisturizer, making it the most lightweight SPF I’ve ever used. It absorbs like a dream and doesn’t leave a white cast. In fact, instead of a white cast, it actually gives an unreal glow! I rarely wear foundation, so I can’t tell you how well it wears under makeup, but I have a feeling it’s amazing. . . #SPF went from being my least favourite skincare step, to my most anticipated step. Like icing on the cake. . . Have you tried #TheBeetShield or #BeetTheSun? What’s your favourite #sunscreen? . . . #PressReset #KraveBeauty #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #365inskincare #skincarereview #skincaredaily


Want to start using retinoids but afraid of irritation? Give @Instytutum Powerful RetinOil* a try. . . #RetinOil contains 1% pure granactive retinoid and 1% #bakuchiol, which are gentler alternatives to traditional #retinol. Both have all the same cell-turnover-stimulating effects of traditional retinol without any of the skin irritation issues. . . As the name suggests, RetinOil is suspended in, well, oil. Even though it’s an oil, it is still an active and should therefore still be used on bare skin at the beginning of your routine. . . I generally prefer water-based actives because they absorb faster, but RetinOil absorbs in seconds. It’s some sort of sorcery. . . For as long as I’ve had this page, I’ve been a die-hard #pcaskin retinol fan. But ever since I started testing RetinOil, I think it just might dethrone it. . . Do you use a #retinoid? If so, which one? If not, why not? Let’s talk! . . Also, did you sign up for #skincaresecretsanta yet? Link in bio. . . . . *kindly gifted #Instytutum #GetFlawless #intothegloss #skincareaddict #luxuryskincare #abcommunity #beatthealgorithm


I spent all weekend working on my blog, so it's time for a little #selfcaresunday. . . I love using a #jaderoller over a #sheetmask to promote absorption. I usually let the mask sit for about 5 minutes before going in with the roller because, otherwise, I find the mask too slippery. . . I love a good, heavy facial tool, and this @florabeautyque jade roller* is one of the sturdiest I've ever used. The prongs (tines? I don't know jade roller structure) hold the stone firmly in place without wobbling or fear of popping out. . . I also used the @remiliahair Cosmocaps* for the first time tonight and I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought the cap might have a little too much serum for my shoulder-length hair and was worried it would leave my hair feeling greasy, but it did no such thing. I'm looking forward to seeing the longer term effects of these. . . How are you spending tonight? . . . *kindly gifted #remiliahair #peachandlily @peachandlily #abcommunity #skincareaddiction #bblogger #nyblogger #skincaredaily #intothegloss


I did a thing and started a blog! . . For my inaugural post, I expend upon a topic I've covered before, but in not nearly as much detail as I would have liked to: how to layer actives. . . It would mean the world to me if you stopped by. . . Happy Saturday, loves! . . #beautyblog #intothegloss #beautybloggers #igbeauty #bblog skincare #skincarecommunity #igskincare #nycblogger #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #beautygram