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No tanks here. That's @fovmodels. This is all the other stuff I collect and had when I was a kid

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Behind the Scenes - coming to Wordpress this summer (and for once, I’m going to keep my word on that)


I’ve called Eden Prairie, Minnesota, my hometown for the past 18 years. Some of my best memories happened here, as well as some of my worst. I’ve made countless friends here, and I cherish every single one of them. However, as the saying goes, all good things must end. It is with a heavy heart that I must say that my family will be moving to Chicago over the course of this year. I’m not going to go into specifics, but my father is finally going back to work. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me to say the least.


“Tell me, commander; How old were you when the Clone War started?” . “I was just a boy, Grand Admiral. I remember my father telling me about it; that it was going to be bigger than the Stark Hyperspace War. The images of the clones going off to fight the Separatists on the Venator-class Star Destroyers are still fresh in my mind”. . “Interesting perspective, Commander. Take no offense, but your clone predecessors were by and large much better soldiers than you. They took on any order, no matter how grave, and obeyed their Jedi superiors until the bitter end.” . “One of our commanders at Training Site Alpha was a clone, Grand Admiral. RC-1136 was what he was named when he was a commando back in the days of the Republic”. . “Ah yes; Darman. I have read up on him. He fell in love with a Jedi, and eventually became a father. His helmet is on my list of artifacts, but I don’t see myself owning it for the foreseeable future. However, this DC-15 will work just fine, for now”. . “Roger that, Grand Admiral”. . #starwars #starwarstheblackseries #galacticempire #grandadmiralthrawn #thrawn #shadowtrooper #stormtroopers #toypops #toptoyphotos #toycrewbuddies #toygroup_alliance #republiccommando #darman #omegasquad


He was banged up, but not too bad. The guy next to him was worse off, but they were both going to make it. They were damn lucky considering those Sep IE-9 mortar rounds have a bad history of mangling anything and anyone that is in their explosive radius. They were lucky it was a few feet, otherwise they wouldn’t be in one piece. . It was our job to make sure these boys of the 501st were back up and healthy in no time, especially considering the outlook in the trenches. . Recorded audio of CM-9021, a Clone Medic with the 501st Battalion on Zavolo. . #tcb_steponme #starwars #clonetroopers #501stbattalion #starwarstheclonewars #starwarsexpandeduniverse #fortherepublic #starwarsbattlefront2 #hasbro #starwarstoyfigs #toypops #rebeltoysclub #toycrewbuddies #toygroup_alliance



I remember when I first got this CC-2224 figure back in 2015. I was beyond excited because Cody is my favorite clone commander, but I was disappointed that he didn’t have any troops to lead into battle. Because of that I avoided shooting him for quite some time. However, with the release of that @entearth exclusive 4-pack, I knew I had to get at least two of them. I can’t wait for this summer (and spring break, which is in THREE short days) to take these troopers out and give them the photogenic justice they deserve! . #tcb_ominiong #starwars #clonetroopers #cc2224 #commandercody #212thattackbattalion #starwarsepisodeiii #revengeofthesith #datorangedoe #starwarstheclonewars #starwarstheblackseries #sixinch #toypops #toycrewbuddies


First came Krennic, then Thrawn and now Tarkin. . Who should be next? . The “Erwin Rommel” of Star Wars himself... . General Maximilian Veers. . I might be going out on a limb here but I’ll be pushing #TBSVEERS and I WONT REST UNTIL WE GET HIM!


I knew from an early age that I was going to be a soldier. My father, a veteran of the Lakarian Civil Wars and the Clone War, raised my brother and I to be the best. We were trained using his old weapons, one of which was a DC-15S that he had been given by the Republic during the Clone War. I learned how to dismantle that thing in less then forty-five seconds, and put it together again in roughly the same amount of time. My father instilled a sense of pride in us; one that has stuck with me all my life. I could tell my brother wasn’t on the same page, and that’s exactly why he was always weaker. When the time came, my father dropped me off at the Imperial Recruitment Station himself and sent me away, telling me that I’d make a fine soldier of the Empire. I excelled in training, to the point where I caught the eyes of STC-901, a sergeant in the Shock Trooper Corps. Before long, I was in, and on the day of my graduation, I learned the worst news I could’ve heard. . My father had been murdered, not by some street thug, but by my own brother, and that he had fled to join the Rebellion. When STC-901 and my other superiors confronted me about it, all I had to say was that if anyone was going to kill him, it would be me. . I graduated sixth in my ST class, and have been at war ever since. Finding my brother and making him pay for what he did is the sole reason I’m still alive...he and his pathetic rebellion will be crushed soon enough. . #tcb_youngsaiyan #starwars #shocktrooper #stormtrooper #dlt19 #starwarsbattlefront #starwarsexpandeduniverse #toypops #toycrewbuddies #toygroup_alliance #tga #tcb



Not since that day have I heard any clone say those words. Although we are programmed to fear nothing, those two words bring us the closest to feeling whatever being scared is. . Broken Arrow. . We had been overrun on every side. Our left flank was gone, and our right was at about 8% combat effectiveness. The woods were a symphony of screams and blaster fire, both ours and theirs. We were trying our hardest to hold our own, but it didn’t seem to be doing anything. I think Gree was the one who gave the order, which made it that much more terrifying considering the fact that he was ARC trained commander. . We had all thought that our cries for help had fallen on deaf ears from the FOB. I was prepared to do anything to keep my brothers alive, and if need be, prepared to use my bare hands to take down the clankers. . Just as the droids were almost right on top of us, the most incredible voice I had ever heard spoke into our helmet comms. It was a pilot, ARC-170 to be exact, and all he said was “Payload away”. . In that exact instant, the ground around me was engulfed in flames, and the concussion from the blast sent me flying backwards. My armor was on fire, and the medics couldn’t get it off in time. I suffered 3rd degree burns to my entire body and ended up losing my legs below the knees. Miraculously I lived, but after 3 unsuccessful surgeries and a combined total of fifteen days in a Bacta tank, I was declared “Obsolete” and sent to Kamino to live the rest of my life with the other “Damaged Assests”. I was one of the more banged up guys there, but there were worse. One of the guys, an ARF trooper, and the left side of his body crushed by his AT-RT walker. He couldn’t eat anything solid, and even then he’d throw up the soft stuff. They found him dead one morning, having died from an overdose of stockpiled pain medication. They didn’t know it, but some of those pills were mine. . #tcb_flyingbooks #starwars #clonetroopers #442ndsiegebattalion #commandergree #starwarstheblackseries #theblackseries #actionfigures #sixinch #hasbro #hasbropulse #gotthemojoback #toypops #toptoyphotos





As a child, I was convinced that the creek that I would fish in was haunted. There was one night that I stayed out way past when I should’ve been home. The triple moons illuminated everything but the shadows of the trees, and although I should’ve afraid, I was more focused on catching a massive Trilaxia that I had been playing Tac and esuom with all night. After almost 2 hours of no bites, I gave up and began to pack up my stuff. Just as I was finishing packing, I glanced up to look at the trees on the other side of the creek bank. . There, in the shadows of the trees, were a set of yellow eyes staring right at me. I was immediately startled, but I assumed it was just a curious deer or some other critter and paid it no mind. However, when it didn’t move when I started to move I grew a bit nervous. I reached into my sack and pulled out my light. When I shined it in its direction, the eyes vanished, but the second I turned off the light, the eyes were now a few feet in front of me on my side of the creek. . I screamed in terror and ran home, leaving behind my bag full of fishing gear. . I never went back for it, and although I did miss fishing, I feared having another run in with that...thing. . That was what molded me into the man, no, the Trooper I am today. I don’t know what true terror lurked in the dark then, but I know what does now... . #tcb_runbanana #starwars #stormtrooper #shadowtrooper #ghosts #starwarseu #starwarstheblackseries #theseguysshouldvebeeninrogueone #starwarstoyfigs #theblackseries #toypops #toycrewbuddies #toptoyphotos #tcb #tga #toygroup_alliance