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I got called a depreciating asset the other day so I'm just popping these two pics together. I personally think I'm getting with age, don't you? I won't be too hard on myself on the left because I was only 3 months post partum, but I'm much happier with my body now. I housed a human, I'm going to the gym regularly and hopefully I'll see even more improvements. It's also been a massive boost for my mental health so I would urge anyone feeling low on energy to at least try some gentle stuff like yoga. I used to scoff at it but I'm genuinely feeling better for longer periods now. #beforeandafter #progresspic #levelup #bootyprogress


What's your favourite kind of lingerie? You wanting to see/receive black lace from your other half like me, or into white and floaty? Maybe pink and cute or studded leather and whips 😂 Forgot to cut the damn label out my underwear though. Balls.


Anyone else got a random food intolerance pop up? 😂 Got lil tummy lines today cos I'm bloated af. I cracked and had dairy in the form of a massive dirty pizza and part of me regrets it, but part of me doesn't. My body really doesn't like it anymore though! Either way I went to the gym today so it totally balanced out right??


Can you all go and buy some £5 prints, sign up to Patreon or maybe even my Snapchat for a bit please? Thanks. It's a hard month & ya girl just trying to get paid 😂


What are your weekend plans? I'm off to an art/tattoo exhibition tomorrow which is pretty cool and then just chilling out (as much as you can with a toddler in tow) and sorting housework on Sunday.


What's your favourite SG set of mine so far and why? This one by @itsgemmaedwards is definitely a front runner for me. I loved the underwear, I was excited to finally work with Gemma and I have some wonderful memories of SGUK shootfest. It's in @suicidegirls MR right now so pleaseeee give it some love so we can get me on the front page again 💕 pretty please. Cherry on top.


That's where all the good stuff is. Has today been productive for you? Mines a mixed bag. I dyed my hair and went to the gym which is good but I haven't done my photo editing or update my drop box which is bad. I'm updating the latter as we speak but I should have done that hours ago. (Shot by @creative_lounge_home_studio)


What new skills are you trying to gain from 2018? Just sat editing the photos from a party and I have a new found respect for every photographer I've ever worked with 😂 It's cool though, I'm hoping to start getting behind the camera more anyway. Any babes wanna let me practise then hit me up 💕 (Photo by @laughingorc, retouch by me)


Got deleted but I'm not sure why when it certainly doesn't violate any standards. Who would be your ultimate Valentine and why? I'm married to mine but if he croaked it I'd probably throw myself at Jake Gyllenhaal. It's based purely on the characters he plays being all weird and shit and obviously he's extremely good looking. Anyway hope everyone that has a calendar is loving them, for those missing out this will be available as a mini set for patrons $10+


My fun selfies only cost as little as $1 a month ya know. Need to dye my roots 💁‍♀️ Content day on the 6th, you can sign up and see stuff I can't post here. Got a valentines day set, a mini set from my calendar and competitions! LINK in bio


I've seen a few posts bashing us instahoes for posting about our problems on half naked photos of ourselves. I'm not sure why it's required to put clothes on to talk about ourselves but I put a high collar jumper on (or sweater for my American friends) just for you 😉. End of the day we take selfies when we feel we look good, and sometimes we want to vent to strangers. Sometimes it's about raising awareness to help others, sometimes it's about a self indulgent post to reflect on. I'm not afraid to say I like waking up to 80 comments of support. It's a nice feeling, and yeah I probably seek it out on pictures with my butt in it. It's histrionic, it's weird but that's my life and I'm not hurting anyone with it 💕


Isn't Louis Theroux just an absolute don 💕 I'm binge watching him on Netflix after my gym session today. I really want to make 2018 the year I get fit! I've started slowly upping the amount of sessions until I stop feeling like I'm dying haha. All got to start somewhere I guess!