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On the move with essential design for a casual, confident chic. Discover our new Essence collection


Become elegant and stylish like fashion- and lifestyle blogger @fablefrique with her model Alpha 5516, shape EL, color 9040


The Essence collection is designed to provide a comfortable fit. Narrow proportions embody the sporty, sophisticated lifestyle reduced to the essentials


Weightless glasses meet weightless architecture - Coop Himmelb(l)au, a Vienna based firm of architects, show their impression of lightness


In love with stylish menswear and elegant shapes and lines? @hawkinsandshepherd shows us his perfect outfit with fashionable glasses


Stunning shades make autumn sun soft and everlasting - discover our SUN collection


Spanish beautyqueen and blogger @dafnepatruno loves the minimalistic style and unique appearance of her Silhouette glasses


Stylish autumn: statement earrings, fashionable checks, beautiful make-up and perfect glasses. @katiejanehughes underlines her personality with her model TMA The Must collection 5515, hape individual, color 8540


„A dancer must be strong but without looking strong.“ Solo Ballerino Davide Dato feels the iconic minimalism of our lightweight Silhouette glasses


Essence collection – pure and clear lines are designed to provide a comfortable, ergonomic fit. The distinctive cat-eye model with a rosé color gradation is just as sophisticated and sportive as Solo Dancer Alice Firenze


Meet our new Essence collection – it’s time for impressive eyewear with an enormous variety of shapes. You will never want to wear anything else again


Go rimless and shine: Eyeliner and gloss colors accentuate the eyes and open up the look. With rimless eyewear you can show off your eyes to the fullest


Go rimless and shine: Intensive eyeshadow colors and glamorous eyelashes can only be used on rimless eyewear. The neutral color of the eyewear temples lets us choose any nuance we love


Underline your own style and celebrate your individuality with unique glasses just like @katiejanehughes with her Silhouette.


Go rimless and shine: All lenses absorb a certain amount of color, that makes Mascara layering and strong lip colors the perfect beauty partner of rimless eyewear


What is considered to be beautiful nowadays? What kind of a role do the eyes and rimless eyewear play in this? We speak to Dr. Sarah von Isenburg, a plastic and aesthetic surgeon from Munich ► Link in Bio


Make-up advice: Rimless eyewear puts the face center stage, it is important to get the complexion to radiate in a fantastic way


Cat-eye sunglasses are a girls best friend - beautyqueen @georgiana_boboc loves the colorful shades of her TMA Atwire