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Top Logo Designer on Studio Envato🎨 Check out the link in the bio for proof👇 - 🎨 Logo design 🎨 Stationery 🎥 Video editing ⚙️ Sales page consultation

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CloseUp of the business card made for - ✅ Follow us@sketchgrindlab for more. -


Korac Brand Identity for Andrew J. Kopac (@kopacdesign), design & build architecture firm from Fairfield/ Connecticut. Check their page out and show some love ❤️✌️


Business card for @hqm_spa .Experimenting with multiple styles and shapes, one of the coolest looking is this one 💎


Eric came with the project that he needs a logo that is similar to Florence flag but redesigned and simplified in a different way. The original illustration on the flag has more decorations on the symbol and has a different form. This new version is simplified, more easy to understand and I also put a shield around it to represent protection. The font is a bit customized and I used a thicker slab serif font which looks pretty cool and matches the symbol. - Centro Educazione Giglio supports and help Chinese students willing to stay in Florence universities. They organize the repetition classes for Italian language and specific university courses. And also helps the Chinese student to apply the visa for coming to study in Italy from accommodation to recruitment. - I don’t know about you but these guys seem to be on their mission to make the world a better place 👍👍 - ✅ Follow us @sketchgrindlab for more.


Dark theme style stationery experiment with the “Centro Educazione Giglio” logo design. Wanted to see how it looks when it’s gold/ black combination. Originally the logo is red/dark grey colors which makes it pop even better on white surface. To be continue... - ✅ Follow us@sketchgrindlab for more. -


Made it for Kaliyah Hudson (@kalurah) who is a professional knit & crochet designer🎨. The idea was to mix the “W” letter with knit stitch patterns. At the end the final result was even more exciting because how I made the endings of the W letter thinner, it made them look like some angel wings 👼👌 - ✅ Follow us@sketchgrindlab for more. -


Logo design made for @hqm_spa Health Quest Medi Spa. Diamond shaped monogram which contains the H & Q letters. It came out really unique and it doesn’t have any similar logos on the market which is awesome. Thanks for the great collab India, so proud to have this in my portfolio ❤️🙏 - ✅ Follow us@sketchgrindlab for more. -


Q - Beauty logo design. Creative design solution of the Q and B letter. After a redesign process the two letters still look very readable and clean. They merge really good together and forms an iconic monogram. It is simple, luxurious and a long lasting brand identity which stands away from any trends and popular styles. - ✅ Follow us@sketchgrindlab for more. -


GOIIST fancy video presentation ✨✨


W O L F P A C K Fashion brand identity. - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -


M O L T E T I C Logo design brand identity for @cafemoltetic .A really nice coffee product which business is based in Mexico. Check out their page and show them some love ❤️ - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -


Creative approach for a monogram idea, a very modern and minimal approach. There is an O letter made out of C letters which goes circular 2x and crossing each other. This way it also forms a nice flower shape 🌸 Made for Coco Rental. Place: Mexico/ TULÚM PLAYA ACAPULCO. Check out their web page - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -


Experimenting with particle effects and other cool Video Copilot plugin effects⚡️⚡️


Wordmark logo for Fred Leone, a French DJ /Tendacious Records 🎵 Check out he’s awesome web page - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -


Managed to design a very creative wordmakr logo where I just upgraded the letter U with horns just like the the Nguni’s 🐃 Simple creative approach + a special font of course. - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -


DOUG Thibault Wordmark logo design 🎨 Thank you @doug_thibault for the great collaboration, your the best👍👍 - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -


Made this awesome sharpe and modern monogram logo design for mr @fredaghophotography . The design came out really unique, managed to create a design that stand out in the photography world 📸📸 - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -


Startup Arabian fashion house. Made the design in a simplistic and luxurious style 💎💎 - ✅ Follow @sketchgrindlab for more. -