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💧H Y D R A T E💧 - I’ve been on the hunt for a moisturizer to use for that mid-day cleanse, after you’ve taken your makeup off from work but it’s only 4pm and you still need to do shit and go to the gym. This is perfect for me. My main concern is that I didn’t want the moisturizer to leave a film or leave me feeling sticky. I’ve also had a ton of bad experiences with moisturizers in the past so I knew I wanted something with a gel texture and not a cream texture. This #firstaidbeauty moisturizer is full of coconut water, which is super hydrating!!! Also, all of their products are safe for sensitive skin, cruelty free, and won’t clog pores (LOVE). Clogged pores was my main issue while testing out other moisturizers but it hasn’t been an issue with this one.💛 - What’s your fav type of moisturizer? - - - - - #skincarereview #skincarecommunity #discoverunder1k #hujicam #huji #beautycommunity


🍼B B🍼 - Here r some favs that made it onto my face on this gloomy rainy day. - I’m feeling super down about myself lately, how do you guys get your confidence back up?? - - - - - - - #glossier #pink #beautycommunity #discoverunder1k #huji #hujicam


🔮M A S K🔮 - My bb fr. This is my favourite mask in the world, period. It’s The Problem Solver, and that’s exactly what it does. The ingredients in this r too good: raw cacao, vitamin C, clays, cinnamon, turmeric, bamboo carbon charcoal, I could go on. The scent is so earthy and spicy and yummy and truly luxurious. This mask feels slightly warming on the face, which is supposed to stimulate blood circulation to your face which is amazing!!! Whenever I wash this mask off my face is instantly more calm and bright than before putting it on, it truly works instantly. I use this mask once a week. It has a gritty texture, which I was afraid of because I don’t like to use a physical exfoliator, but this mask washes off so easily that the scrubby bits barely even scrape my face. I love this mask so much and I will DEFINITELY repurchase even though it costs more than I’m worth xx. - - - - - - - - #skincareroutine #skincarecommunity #discoverunder1k #beautycommunity #huji #hujicam #skincarereview #pmroutine #mask


🦋M A G I C🦋 - I use this product as an acne treatment + moisturizer in one!! Using Lapis Oil alone moisturizes my skin the perfect amount and surprisingly wears flawlessly under makeup; no weird feeling, I don’t feel tight at all and I don’t look like an oil slick at the end of the day. - This claims to be a ‘balancing’ facial oil and it is just that. Immediately after I put this on my face feels nourished and visibly more calm. I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with acne. As soon as I started using this and quit using traditional moisturizers I stopped getting white heads over night. I still get a pimple here and there depending on what day of the cycle I’m on (if anyone has any tips on how/if these can be avoided please let me know!!), but I know for a fact this product alone has cleared up 80% of my acne and I will forever be in debt to #herbivore !! - What’s your favourite moisturizer for your skin type❓ - - - - - - #skincareroutine #skincare #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #skincarereview #herbivorebotanicals #huji #hujicam #discoverunder1k


👁E Y E C R E A M👁 - I usually do this step before I apply my face moisturizer. I have honestly noticed such a huge difference in my eye area after I started incorporating eye cream into my routine. I’ve tried two eye creams before (Kiehl’s Creamy Avo + FAB Triple Intensive something) and both stung the FUCK out of my eye balls and the entire area around them:-) After that I was discouraged and thought my eyes were too sensitive to be treated. In the winter I picked up this beauty and I’ll never go back!! - Since I’ve started using eye cream regularly, I’ve noticed that my under eye area truly looks so much better under makeup. It plumps up my eyes with the gentle moisturizing oils and caffeine to make sure my fine lines are practically unnoticeable. Also, I love this particular eye cream for no makeup days because of its light reflecting properties; it instantly makes me look more awake. - I think when I’m done this pretty bottle I’m going to purchase the full size DE C-Tango just because I like the vitamin C as a main ingredient but I really love this #sundayriley Autocorrect treatment and I would repurchase it. Those 2 eye creams are both gentle enough to use on my picky ass eyeballs, bless. - What’s your favourite eye cream❓ - - - - - - - #skincareroutine #skincarecommunity #discoverunder1k #hujicam #huji #beautycommunity


🍼T R E A T🍼 - This is the THIRD STEP in my routine. This step is where I like to get all my active ingredients from! #drunkelephant is the perfect brand for this step because they’re 6 free and you’ll never find anything sketchy in their ergonomic bottle. I like to put these on my face while my face is still a bit damp from toner because it helps the product to absorb better. I got this tip from @gothamista , I should also mention that she noted when she did this with the TLC Framboos, it irritated her skin because it was too harsh; I’ve never experienced this but I just thought I’d add a warning! - B-Hydra: I use this hylaraunic acid serum to hydrate my normal/slightly oily skin. The serum is also packed full of pineapple enzymes which help even texture and brighten skin tone. I experience all of these effects! My skin just drinks this up; I’m not sure how this product would work on dry skin though. I layer this under my moisturizing oil and it’s enough moisture throughout the whole day to make sure my skin never feels dry or tight. - TLC Framboos: This serum is truly a miracle worker IF you are careful to not over exfoliate!!! I use this product around 3 times a week (in the PM) with days in between uses and I experience full results without irritation. This product has diminished all of the texture on my forehead and helps keep blackheads as bay. When I put this on, I immediately notice a substantial amount of my redness subside and my face instantly looks more calm. - What’s your favourite serum❓ - - - - - - - #skincarereview #skincarecommunity #huji #hujicam #beautycommunity #discoverunder1k


🌹T O N E🌹 - Second step in my skin care routine. Some people don’t believe in toning but I’ve always loved it. I like to use gentle toners that won’t strip my skin and never make me feel dry!! - #thayers Unscented Witchazel: I love putting this on a cotton round and swiping it all over my face. The unscented version is great for sensitive skin, although I have used the rose petal scent and it never irritated my skin! I feel like this toner does the job without being too harsh. - #heritagestore Rosewater and Glycerine: This spray is the ultimate gentle toner/facial spray in the world. The ingredients in this are so simple and BOMB. I love to use this in the mornings, and under moisturizing masks for some extra moisture! - - - - - - #discoverunder1k #skincarereview #skincarecommunity #huji #rose #beautycommunity #hujicam #skincareroutine


☁️C L E A N S E☁️ - I’m starting my day 1 of my every day routine series or whatever you want to call it. Today I’m talking about my Step 1.💛 - #freshbeauty Soy Face Cleanser: Holy I love this. I’ve always loved this. I will always love this. This cleanser is super gentle but will dissolve makeup and I truly feel like it’s doing something for my skin. Not only does my skin feel clean after, but it looks toned and never feels stripped or tight. This is my HG cleanser and I would recommend it to ANYONE no matter their skin type. If you haven’t tried this please go and get a sample!! - #glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser: I mostly use my Fresh cleanser but on days where I haven’t worn makeup and I just wash my face quickly in the shower or even after a workout I’ll reach for this guy. This wash is more conditioning and nourishing and doesn’t lather up. It’s super soothing with rose water as one of the ingredients. - What’s your favourite cleanser❓ - - - - - - #skincarecommunity #skincarereview #discoverunder1k #milkyjellycleanser #pink #rosewater #huji #hujicam


✨Update✨ - I took these pictures before work on Friday (swipe to see proof that 7am is acc golden hour). My skin has been doing amazing, the best it’s been in a year. - I truly attribute the changes to my routine and several key products that I think have made all the difference. Would you guys like to see a series where each day I do 1 skincare step per post and give a full review on that product❓ Let me know bc I would be happy to do that💛 - - - - - - #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #selfie #huji #hujicam #discoverunder1k


🍭Body Yummies🍭 - Because who said body care isn’t skin care? All of these products make me skin feel so smooth and hydrated and also just smell amazing. - 🍬 #lush Sleepy: This smells so good, my boyfriend thinks it smells like pumpkin spice but it’s supposed to smell like vanilla lavender😂 I put this on before bed to relax and moisturize my skin overnight and the aromatherapy☁️ 🍬 #josiemaran whipped argan oil: this is my HG moisturizer, it feels so light and soaks in beautifully and never makes me feel greasy. Also a subtle smell of vanilla is left behind all day✨ 🍬 #soapandglory smoothie body scrub: if you’re not exfoliating your body... wyd? This scrub smells like maple syrup and as a Canadian I think that’s all I need to say.🇨🇦 🍬 #glossier body hero shower oil: I love shower oils and I like this one but once I use it up I think I’ll go back to using the loccitane one because I like the smell WAY better and I don’t really notice a difference in what they do for my skin. - - - - - #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #huji #hujicam #discoverunder1k


☁️Take My Money☁️ - TRULY. Please look at my h*cking story to see the type of next level sorcery #lashslick is on. I am so in love, the story speaks for itself... in short, I have stick straight and short lashes but Lash Slick sure does and amazing job at making me a catfish. Little boy—> new phone who dis? - My package arrived when I got home from work and I was so excited that I immediately washed off all my makeup just to try this mascara, oh and put some other beautiful products on my face. This entire brand makes me feel so confident in my own skin I love them and everything they stand for.✨ - What’s your favourite #glossier product❓ - - - - - #skincarecommunity #discoverunder1k #huji #hujicam #beautycommunity


🔮Tonight’s Dreamy Masking Duo🔮 - OK...not to be dramatic but... I used The Problem Solver for the first time last week and since I used it my skin immediately cleared up and is the clearest it’s been for a year. This could also be because I ended my period but I DO love the immediate results that this mask gives; instantly brightened, clear, and smooth. The texture is gritty when you wipe it away which I DON’T like bc I don’t believe in physical exfoliation for your face. To avoid this I break it down a lot with warm water and gently wipe it away. It’s recommended to use this mask once to twice a week; I’m going to start off with once a week for now. This is my second time using the mask and I’m excited to see the long term results it gives.🖤 - I love the mask because of the ingredients like turmeric and vitamin C (among others of course). It also smells like a delightful spicy candle and feels warming and tingly on the skin which I like because it means it’s getting your blood flowing there. - OF COURSE I need to follow with my Fresh Rose Face Mask bc I use this angel literally every day and I don’t plan on quitting. I love it. Period. - What mask are you using tonight❓ - - - - - #skincarecommunity #skincareroutine #facemask #pmroutine #discoverunder1k #hujicam #huji #beautycommunity


🌱Kush Mascara🌱 - I’ve decided to give my lashes a break from lash extensions. Naturally, I have stuck straight and short eyelashes. I have extensions on for so long that I forgot what mascara feels like. The one big thing that I’m picky about in mascara is that I HATE CLUMPS. I hate them so much they make my eyelashes look like chodes (srry). I was sold on this one because of the fibers that columbine and lengthen, and also the CBD oil to condition and strengthen lashes bc we all know my lashes need help. - What’s your go to mascara❓ I REALLY want to try Glossier’s Lash Slick!!! Let me know how you like it if you’ve tried it. - - - - - #milkmakeup #kushmascara #vegan #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #makeupcommunity #beautycommunity #discoverunder1k


✨Glowy Summer Cream Makup✨ - For quick summer makeup I need to prep my skin and add some colour!! ✨ #glossier cloud paints ✨ #toofaced hangover primer ✨ #benefitcosmetics hoola quickie contour stick - What’s your summer makeup staple❓ - - - - - #skincarecommunity #makeupcollection #makeupcommunity #discoverunder1k #summermakeup #huji #hujicam


🌜🌸Texture Tuesday🌸🌛 - In honour of the flower moon tonight (the moon is also in Sagittarius), enjoy my moon themed texture shot. - 🌸Fresh Beauty Black Tea Instant Perfecting and Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Masks 🌸Glossier moisturizing moon mask🌝 🌸GlowRecipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask - Also note the moonstone (for divine feminine energy and protection), citrine (for self worth and confidence), and jade (for self love and abundance). May the Flower moon bring you the energy you’ve been searching for.🌙 - - - - - #byatexturetuesday #skincarecommunity #glossier #fullmoon #facemask #huji #hujicam


✨Everyday Glowy Makeup✨ - This is what’s been on my face everyday since I started my new job!! Lasts perfectly throughout my 7 hour shift and doesn’t look heavy at all. - ☁️Too Faced Hangover Primer: I was using a pore filling primer but I like this one better because it meshes better with the overall dewy vibe of the rest of the makeup. ☁️NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: I use this to spot conceal only, it blends into my skin seamlessly and is high coverage! I set this with Glossier Wowder (not pictured) so it doesn’t budge. ☁️Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk: This cream blush is beautiful, looks so natural when it blends in, and is the perfect shade. ☁️Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer: My face is lighter than my body so I use this to bring some warmth back without looking matte!! ☁️Fenty Gloss Bomb: Perfect, I won’t say more. - Do you wear makeup every day❓ If you do, how does your skin handle it❓ - - - - - #glossier #makeuproutine #makeupcommunity #pink #huji #hujicam #discoverunder1k


👀Battle of the Eye Creams👀 - Let me start off by saying my eyes are S O sensitive; nearly every eye cream I’ve tried in the past made my eyes and the area around them sting so bad and turn bright red. During the winter my eyelids literally PEEL OFF (isn’t that beautiful?). For a while I was beginning to think all I could use was Vaseline, but that doesn’t have many other benefits other than moisture, needless to say I wanted to try all the other pretty eye creams everyone else was using. - 🍊Drunk Elephant C-Tango: I received this deluxe sample a while ago using a code at checkout at Sephora. I use this eye cream nearly every morning and I am IN LOVE. This product is light, but moisturizing at the same time. It sits BEAUTIFULLY under makeup and I feel like it really does help with lines and dark circles. The gentle derivatives of vitamin C in this product make it gentle enough for even my sensitive eye area!! - ✨Sunday Riley Autocorrect: I’ve been using this eye cream at night mostly because I think it’s more moisturizing than the DE one due to the natural butters and oils in it. It also contains caffeine and light reflecting particles so this works great in the AM too!! Whenever I wear this without makeup, it ends up looking like I got way more sleep that I actually did. - Ultimately, once both run out, I think I would be more inclined to repurchase the DE one because it sits better under makeup, and I like the ingredients more for myself personally. The Sunday Riley one contains oils which are not good for my lash extensions!! Other than that, I enjoy both and would recommend them to anyone.👼🏼✨☁️ - - - - - #skincarecommunity #skincarereview #discoverunder1k #huji #hujicam


🌹Cup of Coffee for Your Face🌹 - This week has been super busy and stressful for me; I started a new job and am neck deep in training right now, not to mention I had THE most unlucky day today. I broke out from the stress.😩 So this is me dealing with it. - I love this mask, it’s gentle enough to use every day!! I keep mine in the fridge and use it after I hop out of the shower after a workout. I cannot day enough good things about this; my skin tone is immediately evened and my skin is soothed. I placed it in my aloe plant because there’s aloe in this rose bb🌱 When I run out of this one, I’m definitely gonna pick up the bigger size!! - What’s your most trusted mask❓ - - - - - #skincarecommunity #freshbeauty #rose #skincarereview #facemask #discoverunder1k