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I’m an incomplete quadriplegic w/ the mind of an able-bodied athlete. Contact : Thanks everyone! ❤️

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Smagical Daily Update 186: It was a milestone day for many @smagicalretreat ! Sorry for the lack up posting but when you’re at Smagical Retreat, phone service is non-existent. . . . But you don’t need phone services when you’re doing kickflips! I made a deal with @dz569 that if he landed his first kickflip ever on a snowskate, that it would be time for me to try and relearn to do it. . . . Well, as you can see he landed one so I had to step up and try! I was pretty surprised as how hard it was for me to get my body to jump off the ground. My legs have been coming back really well so I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to jump but rather harder to get the flick. . . . As I thought it might, the bending and jarring action wasn’t ideal, but I set my mind to a goal and wasn’t going to give up... and luckily I had the brace on so my neck wasn’t able to do anything to crazy. . . . It might a while till I’m actually ready and able to kickflip again after this one, but I feel it’s important to really test yourself every now and again. . . . I am honored to share my first kickflip back with my buddy @sooperdooperjosh side X side. I figured it would be a good idea to have that motivation by my side as a target of where I’ll get my kickflip level back to someday. As you can see by mine rolling around on the ground as it flips and his 10 feet in the air. 😂😂 It’s good to have goals! . . Good kickflip or terrible one, the fact that I managed to kickflip this soon after what happened is incredible and I am so grateful. Your dreams and goals can never be too big or crazy everyone. The bigger they are the longer they will take, that’s all. I’m gonna be sore after this but as usual... TOTALLY WORTH IT! . . . @road2recovery @hotdish.hotdish @gripall_global @dangshades @magicalgogo @smagicalretreat


This video from Japan last @hovlandsnowskates / @hotdish.hotdish team trip is the definition of #FailFriday . If you set your mind on accomplishing something, it shouldn’t matter how many times you fail, how far away or how close you are to landing it, or how much it hurts to continue (mentally of physically). . . . I have spent a great deal of time sliding around this earth on a “toy” piece of wood. Some may see it as a “waste of time”, and many had told me to “go get a real job to make real money”. . . . Sure, money is great and all but the experiences I’ve had, the places I’ve gone, and most importantly the lesson of NEVER giving up is more priceless than any amount of $ I possibly could have learned by finishing college and getting a fancy job. . . . This has been one of the biggest assets I have used throughout this recovery. So next time you’re failing at something over and over and over, don’t get bummed out. Even if it doesn’t seem like you are learning anything, by continuing to try you are learning the most important skill of all, to not give up. 👊


#TBT to some bike transfer action at @smagicalretreat . I am still in disbelief that this is my backyard. (Or once was, and will be again someday) The fact that this is waiting for me to get healthy just adds to the motivation to get back on two wheels... even though as you can see I sometimes have troubles choosing which type of two wheeler I like most. 😂😂 @shadesofgraymx


#WheelieWednesday throwback on the @gasgasmotos enduro bike across the bridge. I had a dream about doing wheelies again last night. Dreams are just reality waiting to happen as long as the waiting part is filled with hard work. 👊 #iWillWheelieAgainSomeday #Mark #Those #words


Smagical Daily Update 183: Unfortunately I took an RC car wide open to the right ankle tonight at the RC track. So what’s that mean...? Do therapy on the left ankle of course! . . . My balance is no where near where It used to be, but it is something I have been working on daily, as it is very important in every sport that I enjoy. . . . @swhitmore89 got me this balance disc and today was my first time trying it. Fortunately the disc didn’t come fully pumped up so it was a bit easier to balance on... or at least it should have been! . . . It took everything I have to apply this @cbdmd.usa and do a squat... as you can tell by the fart that came shooting out. 😂😂 of course I could have edited it out to make me look cooler and make it look like I got it first try... . . . But my goal with these videos isn’t to look cool, it’s to show you guys that I am a “normal” person just like everyone of you... and if I can do something miraculous in this life like come back from the terrible injury that I am recovering from... YOU can do something miraculous too. . . . Don’t let yourself think you can’t do something because it’s too wild and crazy and you’re just a normal person not some rich and famous professional. Trust me, if some goat-lovin-wheelie doin- dork from Wisconsin can make miracles happen... so can you, you just have to believe it. 👊 . . . @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong #TShirt #LinkInBio @cbdmd.usa #CBDMD #TriedSoHardIFartedMyself


Smagical Daily Update 182: Been working on filling those pecholes with daily pushups. I’ve been noticing my pushups improving so I figured I better start documenting them. . . . I remember a month ago at therapy I couldn’t even get close to doing these modified ones. Now I’ve got ten in a row! . . . The good news is the left elbow only clicked/creaked/felt like it was exploding on about half of them... so that’s an improvement! 🤔 . . . @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong #Merch #LinkInBio #illModifyYou


Smagical Daily Update 181: When I can’t find the time to get to Snap 29 hour indoor/outdoor fitness... I just go to @smagicalretreat where Daily life is a workout/therapy. 😂😂 . . . To be honest, I wasn’t able to fully split a piece of wood yet, we had to set it up just right and @lukas219 pres-split it for me but heck... just being able to lift the maul at all is vastly better than I was able to do last time I was here. Especially holding it up above my head... which was actually super scary to do at first. . . . Still, I’m gonna count this as a first successful split session even if Lukas split all the logs except the one I kind of did. A step in the right direction should be celebrated, no matter how small the step! 🤙 . . . @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong #TShirt #LinkInBio @smagicalretreat #MyFutureAsALumberjackLooksBleak #GottaHaveHeatIfYouWannaEat #GonnaBeCookingWienerschnitzelOnTheWoodStove


Smagical Daily Update 180: MILESTONE DAY!!! For me it’s hard to pick a favorite milestone during this recovery. It’s hard to top the feeling of walking again after being paralyzed... but for my goat buddies, this update tops them all. . . . It might seem weird to some (if you don’t know that I’m an odd person by now you must have just started following 😂😂)... but daily “goat rides” used to be the norm before I crashed. It’s crazy I remember not long ago I had just gotten home from the hospital and @brandonschmidt92 pushed me around in my wheelchair for “goat rolls”... then a bit later I got strong enough for “goat walks”... now fast forward to present and I DID MY FIRST GOAT RIDE!!!! . . . I could literally feel the happiness in the goats as we got back to what we used to do daily. That plus the joy I felt getting back to pedaling and it was just a huge ball of positive energy being carted around on a @iamspecialized E Bike. What a perfect combination. . . I can’t thank @like_the_wheel and the guys at @iamspecialized enough for sticking with me through this time. I piggy backed on my wife @swhitmore89 and her sponsorship with Specialized from her MX days to get my last bike for cheap. After I got hurt (and it looked like I’d never ride anything again), @like_the_wheel told me to auction my current bike off for medical bills and that if I get back on 2 wheels he would get a bike for me! (he actually said WHEN I come back because he had faith in me when doctors didn’t) . . Then he got the idea for me to try their new E-Bike to help ease me back into riding with less strain on my body. After watching the video I see I wasn’t going fast at all but dang did it feel like I was going 100 MPH. I can’t even express how amazing this felt... I literally have tears running down my face while I type this, and I’m not embarrassed one bit. Thank you Sean, thank you @pat_smage for filming and helping me put the bike together, and thank you to every single person out there that had me in your thoughts and prayers at any time since the crash. This is a miracle. 🙏🙏 . . @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong #LinkInBio @iamspecialized #GaryIsWayFasterThanMe @gary_the_smagical_goat