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I am an incomplete quadriplegic with the mind of an able bodied athlete. Join me on the road2recovery as I do whatever it takes to get back on a bike!

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It was so cool to watch @travispastrana grab the holeshot in the All-star race while rocking a @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong shirt! You can see me in the photo in the tan coat standing on a hill, in the mud, filming, and not falling down...that was pretty cool too. 🤷🏿‍♀️😂😂 Having a great time at the #PastranaProChallenge here at @pleasure_valley_raceway thanks to @moto_tech_trailers and @cernicsracing for hosting such a radical event. #photo by @zaklowery


Smagical Daily Update 145: Kinda like yesterday’s video, today’s isn’t very exciting. But for myself to get back behind the wheel in a legit “road trip” is pretty huge. . . . People think that being a “professional motorcycle rider” is a fun-filled, action packed life filled with endless time on the bike. The reality is that we are actually more like professional truck drivers than motorcycle riders because we spend more time driving to shows and races than actually riding. . . . So although this isn’t as cool as actually riding a trials bike... being able to drive long distances to events is a huge part of my life. I am so grateful to be able drive again. Which reminds me to remind all of you to look back at something you did today that you do everyday and most likely take for granted. Find that thing and think about how much more difficult/worse your life would be if you couldn’t do it anymore and just remind yourself how awesome it is that you get to do that thing. (It might not seem awesome until you can’t do it anymore). And there ya go, there’s a reason to be happy about today. 👍 . . . @road2recovery @wienerschnitzel #smagicalStrong #TShirt #LinkInBio #MilkWasABadChoice #SoIsDrivingAndEatingABigPickle #ButAtLeastItsSaferThanTextingAndDriving 🤷🏿‍♀️ #filming by @troysmallz


This moment ranks right up there as one of the best moments of my life. Although the actual “feel” of riding the bike was terrible (I have “normal” feeling in one finger on each hand). . . This wasn’t about the way the ride felt physically... I knew It was going to feel akward and be sketchy... it was about overcoming what at one time seemed impossible. . . . By all logical reasoning, I should have never ridden a motorcycle again after that crash. Many people were sure to tell me this fact too throughout my recovery. . . But guess what... the only person you have to believe when they tell you something is...YOURSELF! The only way that what others say about you can effect you is if YOU let it. Your mind is stronger than anyone’s opinion of what you should/shouldn’t or can/can’t do! #photo by Angie Johnson Rivera @brimstonerec @gasgasusa @shadesofgraymx @dangshades


Smagical Daily Update 144: I know this isn’t as cool of a milestone as stepping back on the @hotdish.hotdish Snowskate... but I am almost just as excited for it! . . . One of my favorite tools at @smagicalretreat is the back pack blower. Up until recently there’s no way I could have stood the weight of this thing on my shoulders and be able to control it enough with my arms. Fast forward to today, and not only did I wear it, I BLEW OFF A FRIGGEN ROOF WITH IT! . . I’m not sure if I’m more stoked about the ability to run a blower again or about how I felt sure footed enough to stand on a roof (it’s a mellow roof that the goats always jump on). Still so stoked! . . I know it’s hard to make a video about blowing leaves exciting, but I’d say @trying_to_be_a_tree did a good job. 🍂 🍁 🍃 . . One day I will be blowing off the mountain bike trails at @smagicalretreat to pedal around this place but in the meantime I am very grateful to be able to walk around it blowing leaves. 🤙 . . . @road2recovery @smagicalretreat @dangshades @wienerschnitzel #smagicalstrong #tshirt #linkinbio #BestBlow🍁 #SmagicalRetreat


New stickers and shirt designs just dropped over at @road2recovery Check it out. Thanks so much for the support everyone!! #Repost @road2recovery with @get_repost ・・・ New @smagical 🐐 gear just dropped on our site! Click the link in our bio. We got limited quality shirts, stickers, & a few signed posters 🔥. @smagical @motooption 🤘🏼


Smagical Daily Update 143: When my therapist told me we were making cookies for therapy, this yellow goo was not what I had in mind. 😂😂 It didn’t taste good but dang did it make my hands/arm lock up... so it did it’s job. . . . Also any chance I can get on the “iron man arm” it gets me pumped because It makes it so my fingers can go totally straight which is something I can’t normally do... yet. . . . The good news is my neck therapist is so impressed with how much range of movement I’ve been getting back that I only need to see her every other week now. Stoked on that! . . . Also, I drove to therapy for the first time. I did miss the quality time with mama Smage but I’m sure she has better things to do than taxi me to therapy twice a week. Thanks for everything mom! . . . @road2recovery @wienerschnitzel #smagicalstrong #tshirt #linkinbio #Cookie #day


Smagical Daily Update 142: Milestone reached! I may have rushed it a bit on this one but while we were up at @smagicalretreat there was a freak early season snowstorm so I told myself if there was any snow left out at the skatepark by the time I walked back there, that I was meant to get on the board. . . . As you can see there was... so I was thankful I brought the neck brace with me cause I threw it on gave it a go! Although my legs felt a total lack of control and felt kind of like jello, it was reassuring to see that I have at least regained enough balance to ride down a small hill... which gives me hope for getting some amount of skating in this winter, even if it is just hill bombs. 🤙 . . . Another thing it showed me is how good of therapy I’m going to get with shoveling snow this winter. Holy cow my arms were about to fall off after just shoveling that ten foot path! . . . This is the earliest I’ve seen snow in many years so I figured it would be a good time to get an early jump back on the board. It will be a while until my body catches up to my mind and I’m able to handle skating more than just this much, but gosh does it feel good to know that the potential is there (especially after so many doctors said it wouldn’t be). It’s going to take a lot of work but I know I will be back to sliding around on my @hotdish.hotdish Snowskate with my skate pal @gary_the_smagical_goat someday. . . . Your goals and dreams aren’t big enough if people don’t think they are crazy and they don’t scare you at least a bit! 👊 . . . @road2recovery @hotdish.hotdish @novikgloves1 @gripall_global @magicalgogo #smagicalstrong #tshirt #linkinbio #IWillKickflipAgainSomeday


Smagical Daily Update 141: Life at @smagicalretreat isn’t easy. Pumping up this three gallon jug is usually a daily occurrence when i was up here before the crash. . . . It was physically challenging to do when I was fully healthy. I couldn’t get more than a couple pumps last time I was here, and that was with using my body weight. . . . This time I was able to fill the entire jug without taking a break. It might not look or seem too tough on video but this may have been the most physically demanding/challenging thing I’ve done since the crash. 👊 . . @road2recovery #smagicalstrong #tshirt #linkinbio @wienerschnitzel #ImAlmostStrongEnoughToDoTheDishesAtTheRetreat #filming by @ave_rayy


Smagical Daily Update 140: One of the people I most looked up to most was @kurtcaselli . He lived his life with the motto “Do something that scares you everyday”. . . . Today I definitely did that! I have been wanting to cross this telephone pole bridge ever since @brandonschmidt92 pushed me passed it in the wheelchair when I got outta the hospital. . . . On today’s goat walk my legs felt more stable than normal and I decided that if @gary_the_smagical_goat crossed it, I would. Of course he did I with ease. He was even nice enough to spot for me on the top rail. Thanks Gary, and thanks @gramsohard for the additional spotter support and to @alangerlach for filming. . . . Overcoming this fear/goal gave me the same feeling of landing a scary trick. Sometimes all you need is the right support group, mindset, (and a bad a$$ 🐐), and things that once seemed impossible become reality. 👊 . . . @road2recovery #smagicalstrong #tshirt #linkinbio @dangshades @wienerschnitzel #ThatKittyPunchesHarderThanMe @novikgloves1


With how cold it has gotten this week I can’t imagine winter is too far away. . . . Instead of being bummed with how terribly the cold effects my arms/hands ability to move, I am instead optimistic in the fact that my legs seem to be less effected. Therefore giving me hope that I will be able to slide around on my @hotdish.hotdish Snowskate this winter. . . . My whole life on a Snowskate I only worried about doing the gnarliest tricks, or “getting the shot”. The “new version” of me, however, will be happy with simply sliding down a snow covered hill on a piece of wood. 🤙 . . . I will be forever grateful to all the Filmers and photographers who braved the below zero temps to shoot me doing such stunts. Much like this photo here of a kickflip to fakie shot by @glundteigen on the ice slabs of the Great Lakes. . . . This is one of the many @walterprinting canvas prints going up for auction very soon here. 👍👍 . . . @hotdish.hotdish @gripall_global @magicalgogo


Smagical Daily Update 139: After therapy yesterday my arms didn’t want to move much without severe pain. So what does that mean.... GOAT WALK! . . . Went on the longest goat walk to date! I’d say it was almost a 2 mile long round trip. I’m not sure if I’m more proud of myself for making it or more proud of Napoleon for doing the whole thing with such small legs and HUGE balls. 😂😂 🐐💨 . . . The temps are steady dropping and I have noticed that once the temps drop, my hands and arms don’t want to function so well. 😔 But I quickly forgot about that bit of bad news when my buddy @alangerlach brought out the photo print of my goat-hardflip! So rad! Thanks human version of Ally G. 🤙 . . @road2recovery #smagicalstrong #tshirt #linkinbio @wienerschnitzel #NapoleanHasBiggerBallsThanMe #MaybeHeShouldHaveJumpedTheRazor #filming @e_schleicher


🔥 #FlashBackFriday to doing wheelies and nosewheelies around a bonfire that started at about 20 feet tall. It’s hard not to have a good time when bonfires and bikes are involved. #This #Post #is #lit 🤷🏿‍♀️