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Southside Watt, The Accidental's Band, Admirer of Charlie Munger

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It’s going be here before we know it! Grab your tickets as once it sells out we can’t even help get you in! @visulitetheatre Nov 17th @southsidewatt @lunchboxrecords #clt #cltmusic #cltmusicscene #8track album in vinyl available @lunchboxrecords and @taborclt


Ok..... #landenx #carter007 #slingshotblake and I try every year but we all know who wins.......... it’s almost unfair @shelleywilfongart I put the best one last...


Annual pumpkin carvin competition here we go!


We would like to thank #hurricanemichael for your incredible landscaping acumen. Although we loved our Japanese maple you crushed.


When the band seems a bit young to be out so late #pfeiff4life


Well I finished. 9:48. 9 hours 48 min on the #appalachiantrail Probability I can walk tomorrow is < 2%. I miss @heelgirl818 ‘s smiling face. Raised some money to help benefit research to find a cure for #cysticfibrosis My thoughts and prayers are with Oliver and hope his stay at the hospital is very short. I am forever grateful for those who helped me on this journey. This is a great life experience and I would encourage everyone to do this at least once! Thank you all again!!


It’s 1:45 am. We are about to start our 30 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail raising money to stop CF. Oliver is one of #landenx ’s best friends. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday where he will be for the next week due to complications from this terrible disease. We are hiking to help these folks lives. If you have any spare capacity please donate Thank you!!!! For all your support! Link in bio!!! To my fundraising page #doingthings #cffoundation



Blue steel by #landenx


#slingshotblake tried to offer me a piece of sushi. I almost ate it until the tuna fell out. Then I found this on the other side...... 😭 I almost got smoked by an 8yr old. Well played son.


Inspired by @ty_haney and her crew #doingthings @outdoorvoices #clt @ultcrossfit


I’m no piano player, but no time like a #hurricaneflorence to work on an original melody @southsidewatt Didn’t want @calebdavismusic to be the only one in the band taking piano up this late in life!


@shelleywilfong thought old school board games would be fun during #hurricaneflorence #slingshotblake is accustomed to #fortnite and constant dopamine hits so he flamed out!! Notice his board game playing position #upsidedown


Let’s see if this giant tree makes it through #hurricaneflorence and the foundation of our house


Quick up and back. Didn’t want to miss hurricane season. Second pic is sage advice.


Well, we finally got a girl, just not a human #moxie


Next generation #oldtimemusic @robinawalker has some amazingly talented kids!


Cf eXtreme Hike training #cffoundation @cf_foundation