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We are thrilled that the STUA project that we did in collaboration with IKEA and SMFB has been nominated in the Innovation category at Eurobest! Earlier this year, we joined forces with @ikeanorge to inspire people to rethink their living rooms. The first result of this transdisciplinary collaboration has been a prototype based on an IKEA-inspired building system dubbed STUA. For the project we wanted to make an infographic displaying the large as well as smaller details of STUA, inspired by IKEA’s iconic “DIY” building manuals. The first poster is an expansive depiction of STUA that shows each individual component that goes into the construction, along with an index for materiality. The second poster displays the same components but in a more organic and stylized way. We wanted the materiality of STUA to be visible, but not necessarily tell the viewer exactly what they are looking at. The case film for the project can be seen via the link in bio. Video by @smfboslo and @mediamonks


Today, the 550 Madison ownership team announced a new design for the landmark commercial tower. Following the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission’s designation of 550 Madison as an Individual Landmark in July, the ownership team has worked with Snøhetta to preserve the iconic tower while providing modern upgrades and revitalizing the surrounding public space. While the tower’s exterior will remain 94% unchanged, the design includes expanding 550 Madison’s public space by 50%, creating a visual and sensory retreat in the heart of East Midtown. The upper portions of the existing four-story annex, the altered glass roof, and side street enclosures that were added during the 1990s will be removed, creating an expansive, open and inviting public garden. Through Snøhetta’s design, the renovated public open space at 550 Madison will become the largest privately-owned covered pedestrian space within a five-minute walk of the building. The ownership team is led by the Olayan Group with development partners RXR Realty and Chelsfield. Renderings by Moare and LMNB.


For over 3 years, we’ve been collaborating with the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities (CGBC) at @harvardgsd to realize #HouseZero, the retrofitting of a pre-1940s building in Cambridge into a living lab and energy-positive prototype. We’re happy to unveil CGBC’s updated headquarters today with new photography by @michaelgrimmphoto. As a first-of-its-kind prototype, HouseZero works to address one of the biggest energy problems in the world today—inefficient existing buildings. Addressing the energy-inefficiencies locked into this problematic building stock offers tremendous opportunity for curbing its impact on climate change. HouseZero targets the most rigorous efficiency standards ever achieved by a building retrofit, including including nearly zero energy for heating and cooling, zero electric lighting during the day, operating with 100 percent natural ventilation, and producing zero carbon emissions. The building is intended to produce more energy over its lifetime than was used to renovate it and throughout its subsequent operation. More info via link in bio! #HarvardHouseZero #Snøhetta #SkanskaTeknikk


We are excited to announce that we are collaborating with the Peer Gynt Festival and director Marit Moum Aune in developing an innovative scenography for next year’s theater play based on Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, at Gålå in Norway. The design concept is based on the surrounding nature of the theater stage enhanced by modern technology. With the distinct landscape of Gålå as a backdrop, the scenography will explore the unique possibilities that this location can provide. The stage design will be dominated by a shallow water mirror emphasizing the visual and physical connection to Lake Gålå in the background of the stage, connecting the two together and giving the audience a proximity to the lake itself. Through the large water-based stage a new way of interpreting the Ibsen’s iconic masterpiece is made possible. 📷


Last year, we worked with @larsmullerpublishers to create a book on the design of the @SFMOMA expansion. We're excited to be able to share the result with you, which is filled with sketches, photographs, and drawings that document Snøhetta’s research and design process from concept to construction, and featuring writing by Rebecca Solnit, Justin Davidson, and Andrew Russeth. "What Is a Museum Now?" presents an intimate engagement with the building, its collection, and its connection to San Francisco. Have you picked up a copy? Link in story. #architecturebooks #snøhetta #sfmoma #larsmullerpublishers #sfmomabook #rebeccasolnit #justindavidson #andrewrusseth


Today we celebrated the official #groundbreaking of the Far Rockaway Public Library in Queens, NY. We’re thrilled to see the project move into the next phase of its life as it begins construction. Despite its small size, the existing 1962 building has long served as a well-loved community center and even as a critical disaster relief distribution point in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy in 2012. The future building will replace it with double the space, marking a new chapter in the life of the library and a significant public investment in this vibrant community. Rendering by Snøhetta and Doug & Wolf, photo by @mar.mohan. #FarRockawayLibrary #QPL #snøhetta


The new Barr cutlery conveys a nostalgic yet timeless expression through recognizable cut outs in the handles. The shapes are carefully aligned, creating harmony between the individual pieces of cutlery so that they form a natural whole, like letters in the same font. The handles are shaped to contribute to a more ergonomic experience and are designed to easily stack into each other and lie steadily in the table setting box. The cutlery is available in two versions; one set with a stonewashed finish, which will be used at Barr, in addition to a set with a brushed matte finish. Both versions are available for sale online at and in selected stores across Scandinavia. 📷 @schonnemann @callehuth


Executive chef and restaurateur Thorsten Schmidt of Barr has this to say about the new cutlery at the restaurant: – The new cutlery optimizes the tactile and physical experience of dining at Barr. It is not merely defined by aesthetics or functionality; the cutlery actually enhances the enjoyment of the food and thus elevates the eating experience itself. When you lift your spoon or fork, the sturdy weight of the cutlery gives you a stronger sensory experience in relation to the food. The cutlery is available for sale online at and in selected stores across Scandinavia. 📷 @callehuth


We are excited to launch a custom-made cutlery set for restaurant Barr in Copenhagen. The cutlery set is designed in close partnership with our client @tablenoir and executive chef Thorsten Schmidt of Barr, with the aim of further enhancing the restaurant experience. The bespoke cutlery has a stonewashed surface which gives it an approachable, sturdy feel, adding contrast and novelty to the typical fine dining experience. This contributes to a unique expression, which is in line with Barr’s food philosophy; an ideology where every ingredient and its processing is carefully selected to create new and original dining experiences. @barrcph 📷 @schonnemann @callehuth


As a part of the design of the Holmen Industrial Area we worked closely with the client on developing a functional yet unique identity system for the site, to be applied on everything from business cards and printed materials to signage and window foils. The design system is inspired by the area’s main asset — fish, and is used throughout the site in various forms. An interpretation of fish bone is used as arrows for navigation, and fish scale patterns are used as a shield from the sun in the large windows and on printed identity elements. 📷 @spcitrone @studiofotografica