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Twin Peaks got this insane song stuck in my head (much to the horror of my girlfriend) now I'm transferring the curse to you. Learn how to make stuff like this and more at my patreon :] link in bio xoxo #homestudio #twinpeaks #trap #producer #mareseatoats #doeseatoats #littlelambseativy


For months I've been working on this project to build a meaningful creative community for myself and you lovely people who support me. I hope you'll take a second to check out the link in my bio to see if any of the rewards I'm offering interest you <3 This is an opportunity to engage me and my art in a more personal way through behind-the-scenes video, long-form posts, a private chatroom and the isolated "stems" of my tracks. Other rewards are geared towards musicians and creatives. Sample Safari is a library of sounds that I'll be expanding on monthly. These will be the same sounds I use in my production. I'm super excited to share these ingredients with you and to hear what you make with them! I'll also be creating monthly tutorial videos about performance, song-writing and production. I've been so eager to launch this project. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out <3


Playing a special acoustic set tmrw night opening up for the @treburt record release ft. @theofficialseaofbees! Then I'm gearing up for the final show of the year at Holy Diver on the 22nd! The more I play this song the more I love it. Growing up I always wrote thematic songs about the paranormal. Flagship is a return to that tendency. I tried weaving imagery describing a ghost ship and a shipwreck with the feeling of crossing over new thresholds of commitment with a lover. 🛳


Commune with nature. Conquer clowns. ❤️🌳.🚫🤡


🌟When You Wish Upon a Star🌟 Hope you are all making your dreams come true ❤️ . . . . #ableton #abletonpush #liveloop #producer #beatmaker #bedroomproducer #liveelectronics #singersongwriter #disney #disneycover


Haha! my Trolls™ are headed to the polls! Don't forgot to vote today 💖 u


Today is my sister @zooblewooble 's friggin B-DAY 🎂 This DARLING little scene accurately depicts our sibling dynamic. Cherise is gazing skyward on the lookout for new adventures to throw herself and her poor baby brother into while I'm staring directly into the camera envisioning what paste I'll be eating next. I love my sister! :) she's my hero


Haha nice try👽! I'm keeping my secrets safe in style 🤖 Catch me this Friday opening for superstars @nnamdiog and @sen_morimoto at Cafe Colonial. This will be my last show there before they close 😭


I recorded the worst vocals I could muster then tried to turn them into something cool 😎 . . . #bedroomproducer #homestudio #abletonpush #ableton #sampling #singer #vocalchops


A little behind the scenes look at the creation of my Halloween single "Cat's Eyes and Rosebuds" 🎃🦇 Follow the link in my bio to hear this spooky song 🦉 . . . #homerecording #bedroomproducer #producerflow #homestudio


my new track, "Cat's Eyes and Rosebuds" is up now on all streaming services! (link in bio) I'm THRILLED to add this tune to the Halloween song canon. I hope it guides you through this spooky season and into a dark party. Please share it with your friends. NOTE any and all demons summoned by playing the track are YOUR responsibility 👹👺🤡


Happy Pay Day! Time for some good old fashioned #brandedcontent ! ! 💰 I love this Doo-Wopy chord progression so much. Reminds me of the Twin Peaks diner music. Hey, stay tuned! I'm dropping the Halloween jam of the century on Monday xoxo 🎃


brewing up some potions down in the dungeons of Castle Damien. Bubbly filters and witchy chords mmm mmm! I know it's still September, but I smell October magic in the air and the other day I saw a dead rat, so the spirits must be out early. The keyboard is a @casiomusicgear 410v from the flea market, everything's looping in @ableton (always), and the guitar is a @dangelicony that u can catch me riding like a broomstick later tonight . . . #homestudio #triphop #producerflow #singersongwriter #somuchlight


Witness as 2 aliens find and murder a piano 👽🎹👽 @graceloescher and I are building an installation out of this dead piano's soundboard. The board is like a Taiko Drum/Dulcimer/Harp/Synthesizer that you can walk around and jump on! Stay tuned for a sample pack 🙃 #sounddesign #experimentalmusic #pianoperformance #pianist #sampling


Thanks to everyone who made last night so special, but particularly @graceloescher and @hobojohnson for getting Creation District Records off the ground 🎉 Still feeling heart-full from the experience ♥️ Learn more by checking out @the_creation_district 💖 📷:@svtbrandon #sacramentoproud #sacramentomusic