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Summer fruits 😋


When you pinch yourself every time you walk past your dining room because you can’t believe the transformation 🖤(see before and after on my story)


After a year of redecorating, our dining room is finally complete (hubby’s gotta be happy with that 🤑). The sheer curtains were installed today. They look amazing 🙌But my hero piece is still our 18 seat custom dining table which is both stunning and functional for our large family. Thank you to Andrew @arranmorefurniture for his unwavering patience with me 🙈🤷‍♀️


It might look messy but a DIY salad plate means I don’t have to watch everyone pick out what they don’t like. This way of serving seems to keep everyone happy 💁‍♀️Check out my current story of how easily I threw this together. Just dress with a drizzle of balsamic. Oh and btw, I want to know.... are there actually families where all kids eat the same thing?


Just a quick additional post as a follow up to the last one. I had so many DMs asking me about these Pocky sticks. This is what the packet looks like👆You can buy them at most supermarkets in limited flavours but I found the best variety at Daiso which is a Japanese convenience store, (several located around Melbourne including Chadstone). On a side note, this platter is also an example of something that can be made on the cheap (around $20 for all those Pocky sticks) and quick to assemble (less than 5 mins in this case). #happyplattering 💁‍♀️(oh and another btw .... those white ones are cookies and cream😋)


Salted caramel dipping sauce as a Xmas gift from my neighbour, fresh figs from my amazing fruiterer and a Pocky stick platter that took me 2 mins to assemble. Good team work! Sunday afternoon naughtiness never tasted so good 😋 (see more on my story)


Tis the season for a little extra bling 💁‍♀️💫.... and some of my favourite flowers 💐


Happy first day of Summer ☀️💐


So .... a really sweet follower commented on this platter in my last post 👉 She was so lovely that I offered it to her as an early Xmas present 🎁 Turns out she lives in SA and it’s not the sort of thing I can send in the mail 😢 Then another follower commented on it, so I offered it to her too .... but she lives in Sydney 🤦‍♀️ Never knew it would he so difficult to randomly give something away. Sooooo ....... if you live in Melbourne and you want me to drop this platter off to you tomorrow, let me know below 👇 and it’s all yours 💁‍♀️🎄(closes 11pm tonight.... check story for results)


So many DM’s asking me about this skirt currently on my insta story. I bought it at @chadstone_fashion from @reiss It’s a UK 14 and it’s VERY tight 😬 but I couldn’t resist as it’s the most beautiful colour and fabric 🙌 #bustingtowearit #mayhavetogoeasyonthetimtamsthisweek😳


Friday afternoon dreaming thanks to @lifestylecatcher 😍


I especially hid most of the lychees at the bottom of today’s fruit platter so there would be a couple left for me. That didn’t quite go to plan! 😢 More lychees in my next order please 😳@freshconnection_brighton


It’s not often I ditch housework, cooking, renovating and work and head out with friends for a midweek outing. But today was a special day as we checked out the venue for an upcoming ‘low key’ 🙄 wedding and ‘didn’t celebrate’ 🙄 the birthday of a dear friend @the_real_dads_of_melbourne 🎂🙅‍♀️#goodfriends #goodtimes


Summertime means more fresh fruit and veggie platters and less lollie platters. Probably a good thing if you know what I mean 😳 #notquitebikinibodyreadyyet 🐷#probswonteverbe