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Goodness gracious 😭🥰 it’s already starting...Reflecting back on all the incredible events & ideas we’ve collectively put into action & out in the world, and this amazing #lagunabeachcommunity this year💥 . . BY FAR @balashala_yogaforkids donation based classes every Tuesday night takes the 🍰 for the most feel good 🧘🏻‍♀️ YOGI FRIENDS, please share your favorite @balashala_yogaforkids moment from this year ⤵️ . . Join us tonight, Tuesday 12/18 for our final stretch in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣🤸🏻‍♂️ . . . #allthingslagunabeach #lagunaliving #lagunacreativeventures #livelagunabeach #lagunabeacsecrets #balashalayogaforkids #yogaflow #myyogapractice #visitlagunabeach


and just like that 👏🏻 the room is flipped after our last @sourcedpopup for the year & we’re ready for another #coworking Monday morning‼️ . . My heart is so full by all the incredible makers, designers, and passionate small business owners these shopping events have attracted 💕 the community around them 💝 and the friendships & support we’ve built together 👯‍♀️ . . So excited for what’s on the horizon for 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣🎉 but also like can I leave up these holiday lights forever? 🥰 . . 🤣 that last #Alexa bit was for our office mates HAHA ain’t no Alexa turning off that 1st generator iPad and mini Bose speakers 😂


Gearing up for my own version of the Super Bowl 🏟 THIS WEEKEND we’re going back-to-back with TWO Holiday @sourcedpopup 🤸🏻‍♂️ 🏋🏻‍♀️ For as much time & energy we put into marketing this event and sharing the stories of these incredible makers & small business owners we’ll fill our space with (18‼️ of them, how freakin awesome is that?!) these vendors have been running marathon sprints 🏃🏻‍♀️ between online sales, other events, and MAKING/production - they’ve had full plates 🍽 all year long! 👯‍♀️ Super excited to be with my people tomorrow, get all my holiday shopping done in one place, and know that the present I put under the 🎄 not only are so special & unique but support someone’s dream ✨ 🎁 That’s what Christmas & gift giving should be all about, right? 😍 see you tomorrow & SUNDAY, friends! I’ll be the one with a 🥂 ready for you 😘 . . . #makersgunnamake #makersmovement #makersvillage #makersofinstagram #wearethemakers #shoporangecounty #popupmarket #popupstorefront #storefrontpopup #sourcedpopup #sourcedcoop #lagunabeach #shoplagunabeach #livelagunabeach


My bet is you didn’t stumble upon this post hunting through hashtag 😉 that’s because that game is tireeddddd 😴 I’m about to go FB Live with my friends over at @kabbageinc & over 400 small business owners in The Small Business Water Cooler talking through what you need to know about EFFECTIVELY using Instagram in 2019 🤫 spoiler alert 🚨 👇🏻 You’re going to need to look up for this & get comfortable quick about using IG Stories 😬 now, tell me below how UNCOMFORTABLE that makes you & WHY?


BACK-✌🏻-BACK @sourcedpopup 🎄Holiday Pop Up Shops 🛍 this weekend! Swipe to see just some of the smiling faces & incredible makers, designers, and small business owners who will be joining us ❤️ . . Thank YOU for supporting these monthly events & the passionate people we pop up with‼️ Join us this Saturday, 12/15 + Sunday, 12/16 and get something for everyone on your list 🗒🎅🏼 PLUS tap into your own creativity at our FREE DIY Craft Bar with ornament making on Saturday & Succulent Arrangements with @morselandscapes on Sunday! . . #allthingslagunabeach #lagunabeach #sourcedpopup #popupshop #holidaypopup #meetthemakers #holidaygiftguide #ocevents #ocmaker 📸 @rileystarrphoto + @neighborhoodcreative


Christmas lights, plastic lawn flamingos, and tons of tinsel has me taking an extra pause before closing up each night because 🌺🎄🎅🏼 is easily my favorite time of the year 🥰 . . . #sourcedhawaiianholiday #coworking #creativeofficespace #lagunabeach #tackytiki #livelagunabeach #visitlagunabeach 📸 @orlickphoto


Good tidings we bring to you 🎄🍹🌺 #sourcedhawaiianholiday


We’re ending the year with a 🎄💥 with T W O back to back @sourcedpopup Shops on Saturday, 12/15 + Sunday, 12/16 to wrap up 🎁 something special, meaningful, and handmade for everyone on your list‼️ . . FREE DIY 🎄 Ornament painting on Saturday, 12/15 and FREE Mini Succulent Arrangements on Sunday, 12/16 so you can get crafty‼️ . . Plus in-store giveaways, special discounts, and gift wrapping! It’s going to be 🔥 spread the word & we’ll see you next weekend! . . All our incredible makers tagged in the photo, 👆🏻 check them out‼️ . . #lagunabeach #makersgunnamake #makersmovement #makersvillage #makersofinstagram #wearethemakers #shoporangecounty #popupmarket #popupstorefront #storefrontpopup #sourcedpopup #sourcedcoop #livelagunabeach #allthingslagunabeach #visitlagunabeach


It’s a tradition 🗿🌺🎅🏼 Join us tonight for our 5th Annual Hawaiian Holiday Party! This party is for YOU❗️the solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, side hustlers & BIG dreamers - you deserve to be celebrated & consider us your slightly tacky tiki 🧚🏻‍♀️ that threw it all together for you 🎁 . . @thepokehut 🍲 is joining us again so come hungry 🍣🍣🍣 . . Tiki drinks with sassy names & one special CBD 🍹 (will this shit get me high? Find out tonight!) 🎉🎉🎉 . . . Plus one epic dance party 🌺💃🏻 and ✌🏻 sexy 🎅🏼🎅🏼 because that’s just how we do it! . . See you tonight friends, 7-10pm & Mele Kalikimake from our crew to yours! 😘 . . . #lagunabeach #livelagunabeach #sourcedhawaiianholiday #radpeopleworkhere #holidayparty #tikiparty #hawaiianholiday #hawaiianholidayparty #coworking #oceventspace


This lil yard of ours is about to S H I N E ✨ About to geek out (and massively distract) our favorite landscape designer, @mikepyledesign + @morselandscapes ‼️ . . Watch our stories (and Plants highlights) for before & afters, and laughs along the way! 🌱 #sostoked #likechristmasmorning #ocplantstyle #plantsmakepeoplehappy #indoorplants #plantsofinstagram #mikepyledesign


Tonight we’ll be reaching for the stars 🌠 with a special GLOWGA {glow in the dark} yoga class with @balashala_yogaforkids from 6:00-7:30pm with all donations going to Adopt a Family! See you tonight, wear white, and get ready to glow ✨


What can I say 🤷🏻‍♀️ we’re a lil tiki 🙃


We interrupt your 👾 Cyber Monday Shopping behind your bosses back 🗣 to ANNOUNCE that this SATURDAY👏🏻DECEMBER 1st is our 5th Annual Hawaiian Holiday Office Party! 🌺🍹🎉 . . . This is YOUR office party 🎉 A night to gather with your solo entrepreneur friends, freelancers, small business owners, and BIG DREAMERS ✨ . . 🍹 Tiki Drinks with Sassy Names . 🌿 CBD infused signature 🍸 by our friends @vervefycbd . 🍚 THE BEST POKE by @thepokehut 🥢 . 🗿Bossa Nova Hawaiian Grooves Epic Dance Party🎷 . 🎅🏼 plus we might talk officemate @csiraproperties into dressing up as SEXY SANTA 🏄🏻‍♂️🤞🏻 . . RSVP Link in our profile, see you Saturday friends 🌺🎉🍹#lagunabeach #allthingslagunabeach #visitlagunabeach #sourcedhawaiianholiday Flyer by @yellowandlace


It’s been one hell of a week/weekend 🦃🎉🥂 so much to grateful for: the friendships, the support, and the shared visions 💕 we celebrated a very special birthday (😘 @nicholasachee103), @yellowandlace hosted her annual #Friendsgiving at the studio & tomorrow we pull down all the 🌺🎄 decorations for this Saturday’s 5th Annual Hawaiian Holiday Party! The end of the year is whipping by but we’re ready‼️🛵 . . . #oceventspace #ocevents #allthingslagunabeach #lagunabeacsecrets #lagunabeachcommunity #visitlagunabeach #orangecounty


NOW ✨🖥 and THEN 🛍 swipe for a reminder of our retail shop before we went office spaces ↔️ . . That retail time feels like light years 🌠 ago but I was reminded yesterday in sharing part of our story just how important it was in our journey to where we are today 🤗 . . Retail allowed for discovery...but really what that time presented me was 1️⃣ trying my hand at something I knew nothing about but was determined to make work 💪🏻 2️⃣ creating new systems, routine, spreadsheets, and asking a lot of questions 🤯 3️⃣ RELATIONSHIPS: our venture in retail jumpstarted our community, both locally in Laguna but also through these tiny squares 👯‍♀️ between the neighbors that would stop by to see what new items we filled our space with every two months & learn the stories behind them that attracted me in the first place, to using Instagram to find most of the makers & designers we filled our Pop Up Shop with 🔄 . . It was a lot of work and I constantly felt behind and yet inspired to keep tinkering ⚖️ The result 🎉 we would transition into our monthly @sourcedpopup allowing us to serve & work closer with more Makers PLUS ➕ create more office spaces and our co-working membership, it was like finally ⛹🏻‍♀️win, 🤹🏻‍♀️ win! . . If you find yourself somewhere in the middle of your journey or you’re so over feeling like every 🚪you open has a overwhelming set of “where do I go from here” - I want you to do something for me right now; don’t 🛑 but rather pause. Breathe. Connect back to your WHY (why I started this, why I want this, why this is so important to me) and know that you’re in charge of this rule book 📖 and you’re on your journey to creating GREATNESS. even if it literally changes a million times 😉 . . Love you. Mean it ❤️ . . #careergoals #buildingmyempire #careeradvice #startupquotes #entrepreneurmindset #levoleague #beyourownboss #buildyourempire #lawofattraction #growyourbusiness #businessminded #entrepreneurlife #personalgrowth #businessowner #dreamjobmakers #lagunabeach #sourcedcoop #sourcedevents


If these walls could talk they’d 🗣 your ear off about all the incredibly talented people they’ve seen create magic within these walls 📸✨ . . Even without directly promoting it, we’ve rented out our space to tons of brands, businesses, and small business owners who have done photoshoots within our creative office space & utilized our close proximity to the 🌊 . . It’s not just our natural light, rustic wood floors, and high pitched ceilings that draw them in 😍 I know we attract our kind by the type of work we individually do; most of the time, these shoots happen while we’re working from our desks or co-working in the front room. It’s kinda like having your favorite @girlboss podcast on in the background or seeing a #pinterestboard come to life 🌈 . . Swipe through for a glimpse of just some the fun lifestyle, editorial, product, and styled shoot that have taken shape within our walls 💙 . . #oneofthebunch #peoplescreatives #postitfortheaesthetic #artforyoureveryday #seekthesimplicity #chasinglight #calledtobecreative #theeverydayproject #orangecountyphotographer #orangecountyphotography #orangecountyvideographer #styledshoot #lifestyleshoot #oceventspace #lagunabeach #onlocation