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Too awesome not to share this. The only #quadrugby all women’s team we have seen. Thanks @lizdunn ・・・ Getting ready to start day 2 of the tournament with team Wonder Women, the only all female wheelchair rugby team. While we lost both of our games yesterday, we didn’t go down without a fight! @usqra #wheelchairrugby


Do not try at home. @aaronwheelz ・・・ Reindeer aren’t the only thing you might hear on your housetops this year.... ♿️⬆️🏠⬇️🎄🤘🏼🎥: @miguelcamina #WCMX #woodwardwest #suddenlyeverythingbecomeswheelchairaccessible #sendit


Purple will be the fourth color in our upcoming hub and rim collection, along with red, blue, and gold. More colors may be added in the future. We will keep you posted when we start to roll out these new options in 2019. Thanks for all your feedback!!#customersdecide #spinergywheels


The Tactical Control Handrim released last year. Truly a great Pushrim that won’t show signs of wear and tear. Anyone here own these that can add your opinion?


You can now get this film in iTunes. Check it out! @per4max @reboundthefilm ・・・ Everyone has their own challenges, #ItsAllAboutHowYouRebound! ⠀ ⠀ @reboundthefilm #documentary is available now www.reboundthefilm.com/watch ⠀ ⠀ #wheelchairbasketball #per4max #teamper4max #nwba #disability #wheelchair #availablenow #documentary #documentaryfilm #inclusion #adpatedsport #disabilitymedia #disabilityinfilm #iamable


Vote! Purple or Green? We’ll be tallying based off your comments. (Red, Blue, and Gold have all been established as anodized color options for hubs and rims.)


We’re feeling star struck seeing @missluziintheskye in a sweet pair of our wheels AND she recently starred in a @target ad. Check out our stories for more #wheelchaircelebs ♿️🌟✨⭐️💫


In most wheelchair sports, athletes need to have an incredible amount of control over their chairs to generate torque and speed. Dance is clearly one of them. Do the samba! Video of the day goes out to these incredible performance artists and athletes extraordinaire #Repost @infiniteflowdance ・・・ Burning off the Thanksgiving turkey with some Samba. Full video in bio 😊 Dancers: @marisahamamoto @piotr.iwanicki84 Video: @robfish_inc Special Thank You: @kasiadanceworld @thewillem Company: @infiniteflowdance #beinfinite #infiniteinclusion #samba


Nice little tip by @dubblenikel Check our our stories to discover more wheelchair maintenance posts. ・・・ *see warning at the end of this caption* I took the time out today to move in the push rims on my new set of @spinergywheels because having them in is more comfortable for my small hands. 🤗 I used a hammer to bend in the excess metal because cutting off the extra and grinding the ends is more work than I’m willing to do 🤷🏾‍♂️ This is a quick fix but it is also pretty much permanent so ⚠️DON’T DO THIS IF YOU WILL WANT YOUR PUSH RIMS WIDE SET EVER AGAIN!⚠️ More than likely you’d have to totally demolish the push rim to get it off. YOU ARE NOW LOCKED IN FOR #SUCCESS!!!!! #wheelchair #wheelchairbasketball #comfort #spinergy #themoreyouknow #diy


For the first time ever, we give you GOLD! Spinergy is releasing four color options for rims and hubs over the next few weeks. (Not yet for sale, we will announce that later.) We have previously revealed Blue and Red. We’ll let you vote on an upcoming color so stay tuned and look out for a future contest and wheel giveaway. #gold #spinergygold #wheelchairswag


Anyone else stealing this idea this holiday season? Love it @nounhjj ! Very festive ・・・ Those wheels won’t determine who you are, in fact they have become the friend who keeps pushing me forward 🖤 - - #girlpower #girlgang #girlboss #bossbabe #osteogenesisimperfecta #successfulwomen #mindset #keeppushing #inspiration #wheelchairlife #workhardplayhard #queen #feminist #motivation #hustle #business #entrepreneurialspirit #girlsbuildingempires #entrepreneur #inspiration #womenpower #love #happy #goals #quote #quotes #empowerment #empower #nounhjj


We love all the edits coming out by our followers and are honored to be tagged them. Thanks @swissrebel for this one, and our video of the week. You really can’t go wrong when Switzerland is your backdrop 🇨🇭 ・・・ Go even if u cant. The gym isnt all, use what you have. The steepest hill in town can be the best trainer!! go out and go for it.. #justdoit wheely down is the fun part..! * Wer rastet der rostet. Bewegung und training ist alles incl. #steidrehlä


Happy Thanksgiving to our followers here in the United States and to the rest of you around the world. Thanks for being the BEST follower base on Instagram. Now go eat some turkey and stuffing, and then go Wheel it off. 🦃🍽🍁🌰🥧.


Spinergy will be releasing four color options for rims and hubs over the next few weeks. Last week, we gave you Blue. This week, it’s Red. We’ll let you vote on the fourth color so stay tuned and look out for an upcoming contest and wheel giveaway.


Video of the day wins best soundtrack 😂 Careful on those escalators this holiday season! @jackinaction ・・・ 🎶 'Tis the season to go shopping.. Don't Fall-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la 🎶


@meesa_claire insta-tour of her stunning accessible home! Thanks to all our followers who contributed to our Stories today by sharing their accessible features at home.