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A purr-fect way to keep your head dry - when it rains.


Horns grow fast here & with all the rain there’s no need to water them. 😉 Nothing like photographing one of your favorite people @anandasoulcreations at one of the most magical spots in Bali @trinitygardensubud


Kiki & Sir Chay Chay, Saturday night. #ubud #bali #greenschoolbali #greenschool #teenagers #datenight @cleocowellphoto @sir.chaychay


There’s more than one way to climb a tree. #ubud #bali


This is one way to live gracefully within nature. Pauline at her pondok’s bamboo tear drop front door. @pauline3355 😍 #greenvillage #pondok #bamboo


My first Melaspas (house blessing ceremony). So fortunate to be living in a beautiful home on an 🏝 in a far away land. 😍 #melaspas #bali #indonesia #houseblessing #spirits #landofgods


YOU is WE. WE is US. #vote


I definitely knocked, before entering. #shampooartist


Doing the same thing over & over again, but expecting different results will get you on a couch with your forefingers pressed against your thumbs every time. 😉 I photographed this Northern European beauty @laviederoosaparis @jungleroombali this week reminding me once again WE (photographers) are only as good as our subjects & location & when those jive it’s spectacular what you can get. #jungleroombali #canggubali #canggu #indonesia


Happy Halloween America (it’s now Halloween there) & especially our home town, Petaluma! So happy to know the tradition of Cavity Cove at 900 D Street is being carried on. The town LOVES it! Thank you @rebeccakw & @kaykas for keeping it going! #fromthearchives #halloweenthrowback #petaluma #cavitycove


That’s right, laugh it off lady, laugh it off. “She who laughs, lasts.” 🤣 #ubud #bali #motherdaughter #laughterismedicine #marypettibonepearle #bighairdontcare


Cleo, also known as Chloe. She said the other day she might as well change her name because more people call her Chloe than Cleo. 🤣 Hon, it could be worse. I wanted to spell your name KLIO but your dad said no because everyone would spell your name wrong. #cleo #kleo #clio #chleo #kiki #cleopatra #klio #CHLOE #whatsmyname #ngalungkalla


I just had the entire King Prajadhipok Museum all to myself. On a Sunday. For three hours. It was eery (lights would pop on as I entered a room) and the air conditioner was jacked up so high I thought for a second I saw my breath. I figured I’d use the men’s restroom because who wouldn’t, right? Or rather, who would know especially since I couldn’t find the ladie’s room. Quite likely the first and last time I will get a 3 floor museum all to myself where I get to become infatuated with a king & queen’s enduring love for one another - in total privacy. 😍 #bangkok #thailand #Prajadhipokmuseum #twilightzone #absolutemonarchy #constitutionalmonarchy #abdication #love #queenrambaibarni #sotheysay #siam #ramaVII


I recently finished a 7 day fast & while on it I figured if I couldn’t eat for 168 hours I was going to get a massage every afternoon (in Bali they are the best I have ever had and cost $13) AND watch The Crown every evening. 👑 ❤️ In season 2 Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden, 😉 falls for this flamboyant photographer (ha, aren’t most) and there’s this scene where he’s showing her his framed photos on a castle wall & they start a conversation about whether or not photography is INTIMACY or INTRUSION. I keep thinking about these diametrically opposed versions of picture taking. Take this photo as an example. I asked him if I could take his photo, so right there, depending on the person, that could be an act of intrusion. With this guy it wasn’t. As a photographer who mostly photographs people I have gone forever not thinking about whether or not I’m intruding when I “take” a photo. I will say it’s a lot easier to photograph if you don’t engage in thinking about those 2 things. You just go for it because really, thinking is a wonderful servant, but a horrible master. What I did know was this guy’s working space would make for a great shot but how he was working in such a small space with no ventilation was crazy. It was literally a sauna in there, and what’s amazing, he’s still smiling, continuing his work, and (I think) throwing me a peace sign. He must have guessed I’m an American. 😉✌🏼#bangkok #thailand #chatuchakmarket #seamstress #sewing #photography


I would have loved to take his photo - for him. It would have taken half the time, but then again, I would not have been so entertained for those 10 minutes. 😉 #bangkok #thailand #selfies


I’m starting to think this cat is the reincarnation of Frank Sinatra. He won’t stop singing. For a cat in Bali this guy has quite the life sleeping all day, chasing rodents all night, and purring loudly whenever he wants anything. 🤣