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Enjoy tonight’s episode of #ThisIsUs!!! I’m on set so I won’t be able to live tweet, but share your thoughts, questions, and comments below as you watch and I’ll reply when I can!


Randall’s in search for one answer, and that answer is going to open the door to a brand new journey. #ThisIsUs


These guys are now ready for the great migration. Are you ready for tonight’s episode of #ThisIsUs?


The family is back together tonight! Might not be the sweetest family reunion following the holiday break, but a reunion nonetheless. 😳 You ready? #ThisIsUs


Tomorrow, Randall loses his head...yeah, I’m not sure how this happened either! 😂 #ThisIsUs


Ever feel like the third wheel? 😫 Big Three who? 🤔 ALSO #ThisIsUs is back TOMORROW!!!!




I'm here!!! #ThisIsUs #GoldenGlobes


A little behind schedule with this one, but it was an absolute honor to be a presenter at the #cnnheroes event last year. #KhaliSweeney was one of those heroes. The work he does with Detroit’s young men of color at the @detboxinggym is extraordinary! Keep changing the world, brother! One youth at a time! ✊🏿


It’s a new year, everybody! I hope 2018 is the best year of our collective lives! Work hard, play hard, dream big! Just wanted to give you something that put a smile on your face! 🤞🏿 #happynewyear


What a wonderful Vacation! Thank you @disneyaulani for a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays, Everyone! wife @ryanmichelleb doesn’t think this baby looks like her! 😒