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Stewart Cocotis

After a slaughtering of my old account, I took a break from insta. But now I’m back. 😈 SMS 6th grade🤗. Go home

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Me me vlog of da dance. Short one dis time. #nobodycaresaboutme


My new vlage. This was traumatic, watch till end. But it was pretty funny though. #oops


Mi new vlerg! Watch it I dare you. #sendhelp


Dis me vlog bro just go check it out bro what do you got to lose bro just do it bro. I was bored bro. #cringefest


Huh, thanks I guess. I don’t know about “experienced” but okay. Every thing else was actually scary good. Accept everything good about it #sendhelp 😃🙂😐🙁😭


If everyone in the world read this, think how much safer it would be. Re -post


I had so much fun today at Nitro Circus! I’m just gonna add hashtags now whatever @nitrocircus #nitrocircus #xsports #fmx #bmx #skateboard #scooter #sapcenter


Oof, accidental gainer 🤕🤣thank god for nets😇


My old account is still people who were following me that is. It’s now a distant memory, the remanence of my old life. I’m not sad anymore that I lost it, only stronger. I am now satanic. Jk. I’m no longer putting hashtags on my posts