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Good things are waiting just around the corner. I’m ready for them. Are you? ✨🍂 #iwalkedthisstreet #theprettycities #prettycityamsterdam #seemycity #myfujifilm #myfujilove #amsterdam


October marks 10 months since I’ve started writing three pages by hand daily. I’ve missed a few days here and there, but after all this time, my day feels incomplete without my morning pages. This is where I give myself permission to just write. Without worrying about content, grammar, substance, perfection. I tell myself it’s okay to be nonsensical and petty, mess up and make mistakes, think stupid thoughts and do stupid things. Then, without kicking myself for all of that, I turn the page and move on. Because tomorrow is a fresh, blank page. #morningpages #theartistsway #writersofinstagram #morningslikethese #storiesbydeepa #amsterdam


We are all somewhere in between. In between summer and fall; tiny baby and little girl; who I am now and who I want to be. The in-between can be a tough place, and I get impatient, anxious, discontent. But moments like this, with her, remind me that there is joy and magic in the in-between. Let’s go out and find it. ✨🍂 Oh, and thanks @levv_labels for the mini’s cute summer-fall dress. More of it in yesterday’s stories. #fallcolors #fallvibes #chasinglight #goplayoutside #kidswhoexplore #mytinytribe #amsterdam


A golden day on the Amsterdam canals, and a late farewell to summer. Our neighbors took us out on their boat for the first time, and it was perfect. Wine and beer for the parents, playtime and laughter for the kids, fall colors and sunlight all along the water. In the middle of it all, suddenly they asked us: why don’t our families share this boat? So after seven years in Amsterdam, we are now co-owners of a boat. How about that? #darlingweekend #fallvibes #fallcolors #theprettycities #myfujifilm #myfujilove #amsterdam


Walk this way | Out for an early Saturday morning stroll, or doing the post-Friday walk of shame? 🤔 Let’s have some fun. Reply with🚶🏻‍♀️or🚶🏻‍♂️if you like early morning walks. And reply with 🤦🏻‍♀️ or 🤦🏻‍♂️ if you’ve ever done the walk of shame. I’ll start: 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ And you? #strideby #busystranger #strangersinmyfeed #myfujifilm #myfujilove #iwalkedthisstreet #amsterdam


Well, this is about as Insta as it gets these days. I’m walking home from the hairdresser as we speak. It’s a gorgeous day, Amsterdam is showing off, I stop at a bridge and take this picture. Boom. A Zen monk photographer recently told me not to overthink things and just do what I do. Good advice. You should try it sometime. #indiansummer #fallvibes #fallcolors #storiesbydeepa #shotoniphone8 #theprettycities #amsterdam


I could tell you what happened during this coffee date at @laviniagoodfood with @rufus_airlines. But I think his version of events is much more entertaining. Go read it on his feed! And don’t worry, we *definitely* didn’t talk about you 😉 Happy weekend, lovers. I’m planning to enjoy the last of this glorious Indian summer. What about you? #tgif #friyay #coffeeshopcorners #coffeeshopsoftheworld #cafedumonde #coffeeandfriends #womenandcoffee #amsterdam


The streets are filled with sun and shadows, the afternoon is quiet and peaceful, and I’m thankful. For your comments on my previous post; I feel like you really got me. For stimulating conversations and sparkling friendships. For today and for everything that’s coming my way. #indiansummer #storiesbydeepa #iwalkedthisstreet #chasinglight #myfujifilm #myfujilove #amsterdam


Not just another coffee | Yesterday would have been the birthday of my Tita Raquel, who passed away in February this year. Helping my family prepare for her wake and funeral in Manila, I dug into my archives to find a photo of her. And I slowly went from disbelief to disgust with myself for how long it took me to find a photo of my aunt, a constant presence in my life since I was born. Suddenly all the thousands of shots of perfect coffees, pretty facades, empty airplane wings, and so many other things felt meaningless and absurd. I asked myself: what was I really doing with all this time on my phone and camera, if I wasn’t capturing the people who really mattered to me? Since then I’ve intentionally shifted my focus to capturing people, even if it’s not always rewarded by this platform. I’m not putting down my friends who express their artistic talent and genuinely find fulfillment in making these sorts of photos. But for me, I’ve decided: it’s never about coffee, but the company. Never about perfection, but connection. Thank you for reading along this far. And thanks to warm-hearted friends like @rufus_airlines and @hashtaganika, who give a simple cup of coffee such meaning and joy. #anotherlongasscaption #storiesbydeepa #writersofinstagram #manmakecoffee #amsterdam


For my birthday month, I have magnanimously ordered a full week of Indian summer for everyone, with perfect sunlight, fall colors, and a glorious 22 degrees in October. Yes, incredibly generous of me, I know. You’re welcome. #chasinglight #fallcolors #fallvibes #theprettycities #seemycity #iphoneonly #amsterdam


Coffee with Rufus | Let’s admit: there’s a lot not to like about @instagram these days. We complain about the algorithm, bots, spam, follow/unfollowers. But when these things get to me, I just have to remember: without @instagram I never would have met some of my favorite people in the world ever. Like @rufus_airlines. We met about a year ago, and because of his incredible warmth, depth, and generosity of heart, he’s become one of my dearest friends here in Amsterdam. We can never go too long without sharing hugs, confidences, laughs and stories, usually over a cup of coffee. And his photos simply reflect the warm and beautiful person that he is. I just wanted to send him some extra love this week, but he deserves it always. Say 💖 if you’re a @rufus_airlines fan too. And 💖💖💖 if you’ve made some amazing friends thanks to this app! #anotherlongasscaption #postthepeople #makeportraits #reflectionstories #manmakecoffee #menandcoffee #amsterdam


I can’t decide. What’s the most charming thing about this Amsterdam house: the slightly crooked doors and window frames? The white lace curtains? The deep purple brick walls? Or the flowers cleverly placed to hide the ugly rubbish bins in front? The cute game is extremely strong in this one! #houseportrait #cutehouseinamsterdam #chasingfacades #facadelovers #theprettycities #darlingdaily #seemycity #amsterdam


“Love words. Agonize over sentences. And pay attention to the world.” (Susan Sontag) Advice for writers, but good for everyone too. This season, every leaf, every shadow, every shade of every color is changing by the minute. Are you paying attention? #fallvibes #fallcolors #myquietbeauty #writersofinstagram #amsterdam


Life can be so beautiful with just a quiet corner, a comfortable chair, and sunshine. I had a wonderful weekend. How was yours? #indiansummer #cutehouseinamsterdam #ihavethisthingwithbikes #theprettycities #seemycity #houseportraits #amsterdam


Suddenly have a massive craving for chocolate. But then again, don’t I always? P.S. I believe my parents had a car like this when I was a baby. @sheilapaul please confirm. #asundaycarpic #shotoniphone #amsterdam


The city is my playground | Love this mural by @pietparra on the wall of an elementary school in the Jordaan. “Ik speel in de stad met alles wat er bestaat.” In English:” I play in the city with everything that’s around.” Got my vitamin D at the playground with the mini yesterday. That sunshine was everything! ☀️😎 #wordsinplaces #rockthatwall #streetartamsterdam #streetarteverywhere #bestbackdrop #goplayoutside #ihaveathingforwalls #amsterdam


“I don't want learning, or dignity, or respectability. I want this music, and this dawn, and the warmth of your cheek against mine.” (Rumi) Sunrise on the IJ after the most joyful and energetic set by @officialfatboyslim at @shelteramsterdam. Never underestimate the magic of a beautiful morning. ✨ #morningslikethese #whileinbetween #shotoniphone #sunrise_lovers #amsterdam


The golden years | It’s a farmers’ market on Saturdays and a vintage market on Monday mornings. But on this Indian summer Friday afternoon, Noordermarkt is where the old boys in the autumn of their lives get together for a beer or two or three, telling the same old stories and laughing at the same old jokes. Though the seasons of our lives may change, some things will always stay the same. Like friendship, Friday afternoons, and the way the leaves turn gold in October. #fallcolors #fallvibes #storiesbydeepa #myfujilove #myfujifilm #amsterdam