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Mornings in the Atlas Mountains. The crisp mountain air on my face while walking to breakfast. The smell of fresh baked bread. The sweetest freshly squeezed orange juice I’ve ever had. My daughter’s giggles as the guesthouse owner Kamal tickles her and kisses the top of her head as a morning greeting. His wife Fatima’s gentle hands laying down plate after plate of food- pancakes, bread, butter fig, apricot and orange preserves, fresh coffee- on the table. The kind eyes of his trusted helper Ahmad, who wishes us a good day before he leaves to take a group of hikers trekking along the river. And after breakfast, writing under the pink peppercorn tree in the courtyard, surrounded by white bed linens drying in the winter sun. Can’t help but miss our mornings at Dar Isselday. If only every weekend could get off to such a start! #WHPwanderlust #moroccobydeepa #morningslikethese #inmorocco #simplymorocco #atlasmountains #morocco #marokko #maroc


“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep! You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep!” (Rumi) Ah, the struggle is real. Solid advice for mornings from one of my favorite poets, especially if you want to start writing morning pages 😉 Thank you for all your interest in about my daily writing habit! I’ll keep answering questions in my stories, and have saved them all in my story highlights for easy reference. The @5mmpaper notebook giveaway is still on, so just comment on the previous post to get your hands on some pretty paper for all your juicy stories. Happy weekend everyone! #moroccobydeepa #morningslikethese #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #simplymorocco #mydearmorocco #ouarzazate #morocco #marokko #maroc


[GIVEAWAY!] This week marks one year that I’ve been writing in a notebook daily. When I started this little ritual, I was doubtful I could keep it up. I was too busy, impatient, and writing made my hand hurt One year on, my day just doesn’t feel right without it. I tried different notebooks throughout the year (swipe through to see how many), but my favorites by far have been the ones from @5mmpaper. Writing daily has been such a joy and revelation, that I want to share it with you. So I’m giving away 8 notebooks from @5mmpaper to people who want to start the habit! Why 8? Well, this week also marks my 8th year of living in Amsterdam 🎉 Just follow @5mmpaper, comment below with 📓 and if you like, share a goal you have for 2019. I’ll notify the winners by Monday, and yes, I will personally mail the notebooks worldwide. Plus! Use the code “DEEPA15” for a 15% discount from the @5mmpaper webshop until the end of January. Make 2019 the year of your story. So, who’s going to start writing? #storiesbydeepa #5mmpaper #writersofinstagram #artistsway #morningpages #paperlovers #handinframe #amsterdam


Morning ride, Marrakech edition. I sure could use some of that life-giving golden light on my a.m. cycle. How about you? #marrakechbydeepa #chasinglight #morningslikethese #myfujilove #myfujifilm #inmarrakech #inmorocco #mydearmorocco #simplymorocco #marrakech #morocco #maroc


Reflection perfection | Nothing particularly profound to say today... just that the sun rises a little bit earlier every day, and that makes me look forward to spring already 😊 Have a beautiful Tuesday! #marrakechbydeepa #reflectionstories #reflectiongram #reflection_shotz #inmarrakech #inmorocco #simplymorocco #mydearmorocco #marrakech #marokko #maroc #morocco


Mint tea magic time ✨ The higher the teapot, the closer to heaven. Still working on my long pour skills though! Happy Friday, lovers. What are we pouring to kick off the weekend? #marrakechbydeepa #tealovers #onthetable #handinframe #inmarrakech #inmorocco #simplymorocco #mydearmorocco #moroccanthings #marrakech #morocco #marokko #maroc


In case you haven’t noticed, the plan here is to post Marrakech latergrams until the sun comes back and it’s safe to sit outside again. Get with the program, folks... unless you love the cold and endless gray of course 🤷🏻‍♀️ #marrakechbydeepa #bybeldi #beautifulmatters #inmarrakech #simplymorocco #mydearmorocco #marrakech #morocco #marokko #maroc


Searching for coffee? May the morning light lead you to the nearest cafe ✨ #marrakechbydeepa #morningslikethese #chasinglight #inmarrakech #mydearmorocco #marrakech #marokko #maroc


Showing up on the first workday of the year like 😎 You all told me to bring back some sunshine from Morocco, well here it is ☀️ Solar batteries are recharged, full of energy and inspiration. Let’s get it on, 2019! #marrakechbydeepa #chasingharshlight #plantsonpink #inmarrakech #simplymorocco #mydearmorocco #morocco #maroc #girlsthatwander


Souvenirs from Morocco | After unpacking, here’s the final inventory: Twelve postcards, eight bottles of argan oil, seven kilos of rocks and crystals, five cloth-wrapped bangles, four small baskets, three books, three large woven bedspreads, three silver necklaces, two woven bags, two embroidered cotton djellabas (for looking stylish in my sleep), two silver bracelets, two perfumes, two face creams, one chunky amber necklace, one beaded necklace from Cameroon, one tin tea set (a tray, teapot, and four glasses), one pair of earrings (a shopkeeper’s gift to the mini, who has unpierced ears), one cotton tote bag (also a gift to the mini), one striped men’s shirt, one lab coat, and one big-ass basket, which makes my giant pile of laundry look so much more glamorous. Not included in photo: number of kilos gained or gigabytes of pictures taken. Call it the Marrakech effect. And I was so proud of myself for not buying anything on the first day! *laughs hysterically* P.S. Sharing some of our last-minute finds in today’s stories #marrakechbydeepa #storiesbydeepa mydearmorocco #flatlayforever #dearsouvenir #passionpassport #inmarrakech #marrakech #marokko #maroc


“Morocco is full of treasures, and has a lot of super cool nice cute amazing things, right Mama?” she said to me the other day. I completely agree. What I find most striking is how Morocco reminds me so much of my two halves: India and the Philippines, but is so completely other. Is it possible to feel so at home in a place, and so curiously fascinated at the same time? Has that ever happened to you? #moroccobydeepa #storiesbydeepa #bringthekids #showthemtheworld #mytinytribe #tinytinymoments #gowithnugget #morocco #marokko #maroc


My new year’s wish for you, as for myself, is to be bold and strike out on the new path that calls your name. To keep your face to the sun yet not be blinded. And to find a true oasis that will always welcome, refresh and renew you. Here’s to bravery and curiosity, daring and discovery in 2019. Happy new year! #moroccobydeepa mydearmorocco #storiesbydeepa #morocco #marokko #maroc


New year reflections | I would have liked to look back on 2018 and write a thoughtful analysis of the events and lessons of the year. I would’ve liked to look ahead to 2019 with hopes and intentions for the year to come. But out here, time seems like a mere suggestion. The past and future seem like a distant dream. I don’t feel the passing of the year. Time just is, like the sand and sky, mountains and rivers, like unchanged villages carved into stone. At the moment, I find myself incapable of digging into the past or reaching for the future. Not when I’m overwhelmed by the gifts of the present. So, happy new year, I guess? And see you in 2019, somewhere in the land of time. #anotherlongasscaption #moroccobydeepa #storiesbydeepa #reflectionstories


Would you believe I wasn’t even looking at my camera or this colorful water vendor when I got this shot? We were walking in Place Jemâa el-Fna before sundown, and I’d just gotten hassled by a snake charmer for money for taking a picture of his star performer. After that, I decided to keep my camera down by my side, strapped to my wrist... but kept my finger on the shutter button so I could shoot blind, literally from the hip. Out of a dozen crap photos, I was delighted to find this one sharp, in focus, and full of character and color. Sometimes one is all you need! #marrakechbydeepa #storiesbydeepa #marrakech #simplymorocco #inmarrakech #marokko #maroc