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The tying of the knot. Neha Anirudh, 2018 It's always fun to steal a moment like this in the middle of 20+ photographers and videographers. 😁 Lit by @yesubabugollapalli and shot by @josephradhik. #love #bride #indianbride #sonyalphain


Lit AF. Shot by @harshabathija A + N, 2018. On a night when the legendary AR Rahman performed at a Sangeet, the only thing keeping up with his musical genius was the amazing lighting and production by @wizcraft_india. 😍 #love #bigfatindianwedding


Shriya and Anindith! Wedding day! Here's a sneak peek into tonight's wedding ceremony of @shriyabhupal and @anindith solemnized by @sadhguru. 😍 #makeportraits #love #bride #indianbride #bigfatindianwedding #bababarbie #shriyabhupal


Color! Shriya and Anindith Shot by @josephradhik With @harshabathija and @sprinkledwords and Prassana. As the team preps to photograph the wedding right now in Hyderabad, here's a portrait postcard from the celebrations in France. 😁 #love #bride #indianbride #bigfatindianwedding


Here comes the bride! Shot by @noeldavidraj Sana + Joshua, 2016 Looking back at this magical moment from two years ago at a wedding in our Stories family. 😁


Battata gets married!! Shweta + Chaitnya, 2018 Shot by @shivalichopra We've been looking forward to this little one's wedding for a while now! It promised to be a riot and from the first few photos that am seeing here, it sure looks like it. 😁 Shweta (@battatawada) married Chaitnya (@_slowcheeta_) in an intimate, offbeat and gorgeous wedding in Goa today. Designed by the peeps @devikanarainandcompany and photographed by us! As for the photo, I know these two aren't cheesy romantics at all, but how can you not melt looking at the love in their eyes. This was a real moment shot right during their jaimala on a rainy goan evening. 😍 This is Joe reporting all the way from Hyd, with the team from Goa - @sprinkledwords, @nikibhasin, @mohamedjameer, DD and @shivalichopra #gocheetagetbattata


Fathers come in all shapes and sizes. Like this stylish dude for example. 😁 Allu Arjun kisses Arha at Ayaan's 3rd birthday party, 2018.


Real moments like these. 😁 Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Stories! #Repost @nishaaggarwal (@get_repost) ・・・ Happy Father’s Day Papa! you are our pillar of strength 😘this pic says so much abt what we share ❀️😍


Photograph by @shivalichopra We were looking for photos in our archives to celebrate the occasion of Father's day, but then we have our brides doing all the work for us. 😁 Here's the first of 3 reposts celebrating this day for all the fathers out there. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— #Repost @anushkasharma (@get_repost) ・・・ ❀


Thank you @samantharuthprabhuoffl for giving us a front row seat to #chaysam Chay and Sam The wedding film by us. We @storiesbyjosephradhik are driven by wedding photography, it's what keeps us going, but in the meanwhile, we've been making some incredibly fun video content in that time. You may have seen some of it in @asianpaints "Where the heart is", or @thelabellife feed and on @masabagupta's feed. we are here to share something straight from our hearts. This is a glimpse of love from @samantharuthprabhuoffl and #chayakkinenni's chilled out wedding in W Goa. 😁 Edited by the Jam @mohamedjameer Shot by @ronaldsoubam, @rajmohapatra, @mohamedjameer, @yesubabugollapalli Made possible with immense support from @sonyalphain with all the great cameras. πŸ€“ -------------- #Repost @samantharuthprabhuoffl ・・・ As promised 😊Letting you in❀️❀️ #chaysam . Thankyou @storiesbyjosephradhik you guys are the best in the country . #weshouldallbelieveinfairytales


That royal portrait. Shriya and Anindith, Chantilly 2018. Shot by @josephradhik As wedding photographers, we are used to making extraordinary images in the ordinary, but this was an occasion where everything was extraordinary. From the venue to the styling to the light to @namratasoni's skills. And yeah @shriyabhupal helped a bit too by being so gorgeous 😁! So here it is, a bridal portrait like no other. #makeportraits #love #bride #indianbride #bigfatindianwedding #weddedwonderland #wedphotoinspiration #instalove #instawedding #sonyalphain #sonya9 PS: this frame wouldn't be possible without @pressy6 spotting the blue hour and helping with the light, thanks man! Also with @sprinkledwords, @harshabathija, @rajmohapatra @ronaldsoubam @mohamedjameer shooting away in the background.


Happy grooms make us happy! Vardhan + Chandini, 2018 Continuing with the story of how every story is important to us, here's one of the coolest grooms we've shot recently. 😁 Vardhan is one of those guys whose smile is infectious and is literally the life of the party - even when he's being pelted with water! In pictures: 1. This uncontrollable grin at the jeela karra bellam. 2. That moment of mirth at the pellikoduku. 3 & 4: Being the life of the party, and busting a move. 😁 Photos by @noeldavidraj @mohamedjameer @nikibhasin @harshabathija