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Hip-hop ❤ A complete catalogue of my #4barfriday submissions: #4barfridaybystring . . . Wilmington, DE . . . 🔥🔥⬇️⬇️⬇️DOPE MUSIC HERE⬇️⬇️⬇️🔥🔥

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Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin: the special technique of Shadow Boxing.


My boy @collinpotter shreds it up in our new song. Big thanks to @kristian_axelsson and @moontreestudio for mixing and recording! Peep the link in my bio if you wanna hear 🔥🔥🔥


Do you like bars? Well, NEW SONG featuring @collinpotter out right now that's CHOCK-FULL of them, so hit that link in my bio! Big thanks to @kristian_axelsson at @moontreestudio for doing an awesome job at recording and mixing! Use headphones 🎧🎶


A little ditty for this week's #4barfriday submission @4barfriday @damianlillard @frontpagehits . 🔥🔥Hit up #4barfridaybystring for all my previous submissions🔥🔥 . They say keep rappin' till they elect you But that ain't happening like Jay Elect's debut But I'll stay through, cause what I say I mean and feel hard And these kids wearing masks like tryna get up in the Milk Bar


This is my favorite #4barfriday submission I've ever done @4barfriday @damianlillard @frontpagehits. . 🔥🔥Hit up #4barfridaybystring for all my previous submissions🔥🔥 . I been feeling bottomless like how they wish the bottle was in Alcoholics Anonymous; hollow confidence and broken promises I'm bad at silence; I disrupt when I speak And I'm bad at lying, that's why I sit up when I sleep And fuck missing torn hearts - I ain't following yours no more And fuck spitting 4 bars - I ain't following rules no more The fire within you suffocated and died in the wind My desires split in two; siamese babies pryed at the hip It was my lack of investment, indecision, and second guessing You went from incandescent to "I can't continue" in a matter of seconds And I hate feeling sorry for myself - I thought I outgrew it But here I am crying to myself and calling it music


Since yesterday was the first day of summer, I'm bringing some heat for this week's #4barfriday submission @4barfriday @damianlillard @frontpagehits . . 🔥🔥Hit up #4barfridaybystring for all my previous submissions🔥🔥 . . You would see success if you suck cess less And you'd suck less if you sucked lead through a stuffed neck Such mess, like you swimming through some eggshells Finna get your hand held when you get your next L? Nah.


One of my favorite verses that I've written. If you want to hear the full track, hit that link in my bio! 💯👌✊🔥


Back at again with another #4barfriday on a killer beat (prod. 4K) @4barfriday @damianlillard . 🔥🔥Hit up #4barfridaybystring for all my #4barfriday submissions🔥🔥 . I'm afraid of having babies before having confidence And life gonna catch up cause I ain't know what condom meant I kind of sensed you must heard the consequence That cumming kids costs a lot more than common sense And I must confess, I kind of meant what I said When I complimented her dress, but I think with the wrong head And I'm getting ahead of my feet and defeat is what I eat when I fall And it's the same when I'm hittin' beats - cause I'm always hittin' it raw And that's part of the problem


We made it!!!!! Big ups to @dotisthename for the nomination. Much love, my dude. ❤💯✊


'Sup y'all. Back at again with another #4barfriday submission. @4barfriday @damianlillard @frontpagehits @beatsbycon . . 🔥🔥Hit up #4barfridaybystring for all my #4barfriday submissions🔥🔥 . . Rhymes might be tight as a bison's bite Cause my mic got Mike Tyson might And like termites, I would like to tear right through your ear and make a termite turnpike with what I have to write I'll siphon the light out your life like roses when they strike photons with their vines And I try to find time to write these lines, so I can blow minds like blown mines the way I blow mines (possessive)


Click that link in my bio to check out my Jocelyn Flores remix ✊💯🔥




🔥🔥Hit up #4barfridaybystring for all my #4barfriday submissions🔥🔥 . . . In my feelings on my favorite #biggiesmalls track for this week's #4barfriday challenge. ------- #biggiechallenge @4barfriday @damianlillard -------- . The Everyday Struggle starts with my Juice in the morning A Friend Of Mine was Ready To Die without a Warning And it's hard when he's bothered; falling victim to his pain And when the coroner came I knew Things Done Changed But with all due Respect, why can't god give him One More Chance? With all due Respect, it's so Unbelievable... it's still Unbelievable


Spitting over a classic @fatjoe instrumental (feat. me fucking up at the very end but fuck it #onetakegang) Can you catch all the Harry Potter references? Rolling over the wackness; I'm acrobatic Rhymes so tactless; verbal smack with a cactus Push me to my limits, I adore the practice I got pussy in the crib like I'm hoarding catnip Hogwarts with magic; WANDering through patches Of weasels who stepped and left a cadaver Severin' every rapper -- my methods be Avada Kedavra A lot of 'em chatter (but, come on) They bigots and boggarts - pickin' ya pockets With a pick in their off-hand cause their digging for profit They rather be saucin' than morphing their art into something awesome I'm barfing at the thought of them absorbing fortune Fortunately, they forfeit when they see me scorching MCs who be scoffing at me You can't say hell is fake when I'm coughing heat Get you behind yellow tape and you get off scotch-free


5 years clean today


🔥🔥Hit up #4barfridaybystring for all my #4barfriday submissions🔥🔥 . . . Considering I'm five years clean on Monday, I thought this was appropriate subject matter for this week's #4barfriday @4barfriday @damianlillard --- The problem is I topple when I'm prodded to speak Cause the bottom of the bottle's where my confidence sleeps Obviously, my tongue's become obsolete But if I guzzle the nozzle this week, I'm liable to lodged in the deep-end of my feelings with no floaties


Bet he sweatin' when he startin' on the beat You think it was Mardi Gras the way he dropping beads My bitch need a bodyguard; her pussy got some beef And a cat'll (cattle) get slaughtered if he boutta roast me My propellers broke stone pillars; my flow cleans out "cold killers" with vendettas they dont need You punk rappers poppin' gon' push me to a million My homegirl chocolate but her pussy milk vanilla I'm illa' than stage four from your lungs to your lymph nodes You can't surf the flood that is coming from this flow And her cans hurt from the flood that is coming from this pole Yo I can't serve all the puns that are coming from this dome I'm head strong; it can squat a buck fifty I'm Fifty mixed with Father John Misty Or bullshittin' like Scottie Pippen mixed with Chris Christie Y'all can't really fuck with me -- I'm saving myself for marriage.