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there's a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out . . . Wilmington, DE

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You should go and listen to the first folk song I ever wrote. Click the link in my bio 😎 (also, listen to it in the Soundcloud app, because with the browser it's super quiet).


Re-upload because Instagram wasn't lining up the video and audio. Hopefully it works this time. salvia plath - teen suicide (cover)


#4barfriday Cake cake cake cake cake cake See man, don't go easy now; I sold my soul to be seen by men Both feet on the ground, but now my soles (soul's) on the cement Mom told me she proud but I don't see what she meant Cause I'm a sea-man drowning in the deep-end of my head


for all the folks who drank themselves to sleep last night (cover) by @hobojohnson


Okay, so I know I just posted about this the other day, but I made a new track and the link is in my bio. I re-recorded it this time because the last one was recorded in my car and it sounded terrible. Also, here's a picture of Elsie's head on top of my body (July 2015). 📸: @itsjustkrisguys


Round 2 (prod. me) #4barfriday Blood on my bayonet from fighting my own silhouette And I got an anvil on my chest from the stress that envelopes my every breath Alas (Alice), I'm a pessimistic mad-hatter desecrated by incessant habits Then I wonder why I'm dissolving in my brain matter like an effervescent tablet


Another #4barfriday for y'all (prod. Ro$$) I am the gat that attacks every track like a raptor, and after, I'll happily wrap every rapper in plastic; they're hanging from rafters I'm an activist for pickin' up pickets and boycottin' bigots to limit the business in wack rap They'll be quittin the spittin' and stickin' to spittin' up lean in their kicken and that's fact


#4barfriday y'all (prod. Ro$$) I don't smoke spliffs no more; I get high on words instead. My place of blazing is adjacent to that of Satans Playing with flames; waiting on tasting flaming sensation And how can I say this without masking it?Sado-masochist -- masterfully masquerading my massacres Self-effacing phases has me facing my impatience Now I'm hating I'm a patient of my self-medication Paid cents for backwoods to help me fall backwards Now I'm back to the words; fuck packed wraps and packs of matches


if this is a lullaby why does it keep me up at night? (original)


The most heartfelt song I've ever written


This #4barfriday is actually 4 bars, this time (prod. Serge Crown). When I couldn't change my missing link would bring me common sense Now the chains in our link broken: I'm no longer sitting on the fence Hence the pain when I ripped open; you never came to my defense I feel like Link with Navi folding; couldn't navigate out of my head


It's two sets of four bars, so just pick your favorite one haha (prod. j^p^n) Was on a quest for love but the fruits of my art kept falling short Lost a part of my roots and now I'm watching things fall apart Tried to ward off these black thoughts that are foraging in my heart But it's hard when I bark strong and still feel like I lost from the start This lack of motivation is my mode of aging I'm surrounded by a moat of ancient basics ingrained since a mote in my momma's basin Pacing my feet away; thoughts racing in my momma's basement Wasting another day never facing none of my demons #4barfriday @4barfriday


I wrote some more heartfelt bars. Lyrics: I'm not fatherless; I just see my father less For years I wasn't right, all because my father left I'm an honest mess; bothers too heavy to lift And honestly, uplifting honesty is all I got left Problem is I never want to bother him; I'm poppa's problem kid Probably Solomon the way I follow in his footsteps Cause with his father he never took steps Too bothered with fodder to solder in a gooseneck So they can connect. And I still remember that My father was decked in cuffs and pecked by the scruff of his neck And the cop said it wasn't my fault, and yet, I still doubt him; he's bound to be bogus -- not my proudest moment I'm holding on to atonement; overdosing on the bulk of my mistakes They tell me man up and stop being a disgrace But how can I man up when I never was a man in the first place? Original instrumental: potsu - i'm closing my eyes (feat. shiloh)



For those who follow my Soundcloud, y'all have heard these words before. But I slapped them on a less depressing beat and it sounds pretty ill. #damianlillard #teambackpack #typebeat #hiphop #rap #lofihiphop #wutang #rza #freestyle #90shiphop #poetry #4barfriday


I don't really relate to the lyrics in this song, but I still think it's a sick track. Sport shorts - Panucci's pizza (RIP)



no, the moon