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Reading the last page of a book before you start it, scanning reviews for that movie you're about to see, a quick Google search for "which characters die in Game of Thrones?"...who doesn't love a good spoiler? We certainly do. So here's a sneak peak of our brand new model, Sudio Nivå. Available on our site TOMORROW. #spoileralert #gethyped #sudio #sudiomoments


Googled "incredible brunch recipes," and then "desktop backgrounds of incredible brunch," which seemed more to the point. (Photo via: @hungryfever) #sudio #sudiomoments


Some may argue that Christmas cookies should only be eaten in December, but we don't like to limit ourselves. Free your mind, think outside the box, all that jazz. Any normal Monday can be a holiday if you're hungry enough. (Photo via: @ruedeseglantines_) #sudio #sudiomoments


We had two strong, but very opposite reactions when we looked at this photo: "😍" when we saw all of the colorful houses lined up in a row, and "😱" when we imagined the temperature of that river. #stillcoldhere #summercanyouhearme (Photo via: @copenhagenbykat) #sudio #sudiomoments


Us looking out at all the people who want to date us. (Photo via: @paulinhohop) #sudio #sudiomoments


The thing we like about adulthood is that we can purchase ice cream twice in one day, and nobody can tell us we have to finish our vegetables first. Only that though. The rest is questionable. #twoscoops #sorrymom (Photo via: @fundamentally_flawed) #sudio #sudiomoments


We want to get to know you and see what you're doing with your Sudio earphones! Share your adventures with #SudioMoments for a chance to get featured, and visit to find your favorites and local stores. (Photo via: @katymitten) #Sudio


You guys, it's Friday! We looked at this photo and suddenly felt the need to cancel all of our plans and just stay home in bed eating candy. We think bringing the branch along is optional, though. (Photo via: @_by_art_) #sudio #sudiomoments


Congratulations to @aantonijamandir! Your picture has been selected as the winner of today's #SudioMoments. Show us your adventures with #SudioMoments for a chance to get featured! #Sudio


When our friend doesn't order french fries, but then asks for one of ours. (Photo via: @abbeybellacavalier) #sudio #sudiomoments


Suddenly feeling the urge to get ourselves a little tattoo. We're thinking the classic heart-with-an-arrow-through-it, but with "SUDIO" inside instead of "MOM" 💘 #inkedup (Photo via: @zaclow) #sudio #sudiomoments


We were going to write a clever caption about how pretty these headphones look, but we think they speak for themselves. Pretty loudly, in fact. They may want to take it down a notch or people will think they're bragging. (Photo via: @in.your.twenties) #sudio #sudiomoments