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Sometime you have to close the door to open the door for a better opportunity . . I know it’s hard to stop doing what you have worked so hard at creating but if you aren’t getting the results you desire - you need to think outside the box, hire a mentor or a coach and make a pivot. . This is my current situation. . What’s yours? Are you content with the amount of business you are getting or do you wish you had someone who would just swoop in and give you all the answers you need to make running your business easier? - Let me know in the comments below how you are honestly doing. I think when we express our challenges honestly and openly others will give advice and suggestions that can help you push through and open the door to more of what your wishing for and want in your life. #iwanttohelpyou


- 👋🏻 Did you know that I don’t just teach Instagram! I’ve been a life long entrepreneur and have lots of business lessons to share ..... sooooooo . Grab your fav mug and join me to today at 12:30 EST on my live show The Social Sip and #showsuebyoursip! - this is the hashtag to use to take a pic of your mug and post it on Instagram so we can all stay connected here after this episode is over. - Tune in LIVE today if you want to hear tips the things I done when things aren’t working in my business. - ☕️ The link in my bio gets you registered so you don’t miss a shows. See you soon #sipster - Today my co- host is @morganize_it 🙌🏻 from the @sbzteam :: #thesocialsip #suebzimmerman


Be Nice or Leave . One of the many things I learned from being away for 10 days on vacay to Denmark 🇩🇰 & Iceland 🇮🇸 is that kindness is universal. . Even when I didn’t understand what others where saying I always leaned in with a smile and an open heart to learn more and connect with strangers. Magic happens when you do ❓ What do I mean by magic? . ✨You feel connected to something greater then yourself, the thoughts in your head and you open up to being more present and tune in with more intensity. . One of my super powers is to simply smile - to be accepting and kind and open to connecting and learning from others. . Tell me, below what is your super power? Do more of that!! . To those of you who show up with a kind heart daily, I appreciate you!! :: #kindnessisfree .


Twinning, Winning + Warm - I wanted the warm red pants that @haddajoh was wearing when she picked me up for our private day tour of The Golden Circle with The Glacier shop had one red pair left in my size :-) . This picnic spot was one of my favorite surprises of our tour . Swipe left to see more #icelandtravel #superjeepis #superjeepis #superjeeptour .


- 🇮🇸 Good Morning Iceland 6:15 am Yesterday I swam in The a Blue Lagoon and saw The Northern Lights with in 12 hours of being here. OhMemGee make sure you add them both to your bucket list! Today I am off to do a #suebmeetup and connect with business owners in Iceland who want to learn more about the power of Instagram. I don’t know about you but the power of a beautiful sunrise really gets my creative juices flowing. PS You’ll find me in my sauna on the roof 🤣 Where in the world is the sun rising for you today? 🌅 TU @haddajoh for being a fabulous tour guide!! #icelandtravel #icelandacape


Wanna learn more about IGTV for your business? Grab your fav snack & drink and join me live tonight on my business account @theinstagramexpert at 5 pm EST - I’ll be broadcasting from my hotel in Copenhagen - Le me know if you have any questions about IGTV below and I will answer then live. :: #videotips


- It’s hard to have the sweetest New Year when the sweetest person in my life is no longer with us - 🍎 Savta, one of our last conversations we had when we were taking selfies from my new iPhone you bought me you said “Sue you really love what you do” I smiled and said I really do- 🍯 I found my true calling - I love helping other women business owners how to show up authentically online and live a more meaningful life - 🍎 Then you said “you’re so good at it” I smile (almost cried because words matter the most and so many people don’t say what they are thinking - but you always did) I then said let’s take a selfie, you said “sure” - 🍯 I am so glad this sweet memory forever. I still hear your words and they make me smile. I miss you so much but especially this time of year!! 💕🐝 #motherinlawlove


I have this thing with color! What’s your thing ... I wanna know ... in 2-3 words tell me below. :: #apopofcolor


He’s my google, my guide and always gets me. - Happiest of birthdays to the guy on his phone who is navigating where our next adventure is. - He’s my Instagram husband but he’s not on Instagram. VIRGOS UNITE #happiestwife


Of course I’m staying at a hotel Copenhagen that looks + feels like Instagram everywhere!!! Tell me below if you want me to show you all the creative details in my stories - OhMemGee there are sooo many!! :: #workfromanywhere #apopofcolor


- All I need to make me smile is a bouquet of colorful balloons. - Remember age is just a number ... stay young at heart, be curious and have fucking fun! #livelifetothefullest 🎈 You can swipe left to watch the video to see how my creative mind works.


Confetti Ready for my live show tomorrow #TheSocialSip - It’s going down tomorrow at 12:30 EST Tap Link in Bio because I know you want yo join me live #showsuebyoursip 🙌🏻💕🐝 TU @festivefetti for this stash of FUN!!!