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Sweet Life.

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PORTLAND DELIVERY this Wednesday, November 7 from 6-9pm. All lamb is 100% grass-fed, pastured, free-range. $9.00/pound. Available cuts: boneless shoulder/leg roasts, ground, stew, kabob, shank, arm/leg steaks, osso bucco, rack of lamb and loin chop. --- Two sheepskins still available. --- Message me to place an order. 917-613-3560 #sugarfield #sweetlife #meetyourmeat


These two beauties are the last of the 2018 Sugarfield lambskins. Wonderful, warm winter gifts for you or your loved ones. $300-$350 each. Get in touch to purchase! #sugarfield #sweetlife #jacobsheep



This series is called OPP; Other People's Puppies.


'Walk' and 'Ho'. #sugarfield


My absolute worst trait is that I'm extremely hard on myself. I'm a perfectionist in a very imperfect world; which is probably a slight form of insanity and definite self-induced torture. Regardless, I hold the highest expectations of myself and consequently, can feel disappointed in my own performances, believing I should have done it better, faster, more efficiently and with greater success. These feelings can also creep in more frequently as we approach Scorpio season. I was reminded by some very wonderful, sweet friends that I am impressive, bold, daring, lovely, funny, talented, successful and valued and that I need to be kinder to myself in the ways that I am kind to others. I may not always take the time to take care of myself as much as I should, but this autumnal stag bolo I picked up today might be a small self-reminder that I am, indeed, dear. #sugarfield #sweetlife #countryqueers


One of my riding students is this little dude, who up until yesterday, was too scared to get on his horse. But look at him now! Look at that smile. What a milestone achievement. I firmly believe in the therapeutic value of horses. They can tap into parts of us no one else can reach. #sugarfield #sweetlife


When your weekend looks like this, how could you possibly be mad? #sugarfield #sweetlife #trainyourride


Always ready to work. #sugarfield #herdingdogs


This boy is going to be a very nice endurance horse. #sugarfield #sweetlife #trainyourride #countryqueers


Biggest lapdog ever made. So. Much. Jowl. #sugarfield #sweetlife #lgds #countryqueers


We're entering our first sheepdog trial this weekend. I wonder if we'll be judged on appearance? #sugarfield #sweetlife #modernshepherd #herdingdog


Seven beautiful sheepskins are now available for purchase. They will be posted on as soon as this ludite farmer can remember how to make updates! All info will be posted on the website but feel free to enquire and make reservations for the one you want now. Prices will range from $250-$350 per pelt. #sugarfield #sweetlife #jacobsheep


Just had, probably, the best ride of my life. The majority of the credit goes to @vicki.bauer.376 and Cowboy, the horse, for their knowledge, skill, ability to teach and infinite patience with my dummy self...but I think partial credit needs to go to finally getting grippy riding pants, half-chaps and shoes that fit. What's that phrase? Dress for the job you want? #sugarfield


Monday morning coffee date. #sugarfield #meetyourmeat


Our last shot at pregnancy for the year. #sugarfield #babyfever


The yolk lineup. #sugarfield #meetyourmeat