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We don’t care if you use ours, just use sunscreen. ☀️ #TrustTheBum

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@taerae1212 & @jessiewlamb you’ve got plans Sunday night💀🤘🏽 DM us for your @gretavanfleet tickets!!


Bumping country music, proper BBQ, and waves every 45 seconds? Shit, everything IS bigger in Texas. @barronmamiya + @stab full edit up on the blog. Check it! #linkinbio #bsrsurfresort #wacotexas 📷:@quinnmatthews_ 🎥:@clubmedsucks


🤘🏽GIVEAWAY🤘🏽 We’re always looking for bands that remind us of when music was good. @gretavanfleet is one of ‘em. Stoked to giveaway 2 TICKETS for their show this Sunday, in San Diego. 💀⚡️💀⚡️💀⚡️💀⚡️💀⚡️💀⚡️💀⚡️💀⚡️ All ya gotta do is.... 1️⃣ Give this post a like 2️⃣ Tag your friends with good music taste See ya at the show! Announcing Winners 9/21


“Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.” - Bob Marley Making a bucket-list of road trip spots, any ideas? 📍🚌


Can you imagine how awkward it’d be if your dog went on your phone and found the 1000s of pictures you have of them sleeping...? 📷:@ambermozo


Ten toes off.


Saturday style. #partywave


When your boss sends an email saying, “Thanks for all your hard work. Take Friday off.”


Our new go-to grocery bag from the stuff we indigo dyed this week 🌀✌🏽💙We’re tryna be a little better at how much plastic we use #babysteps ♻️Should we make more & sell ‘em at the shop?


Yea eating healthy is cool, but have you ever melted shredded cheese on tortilla chips in the microwave for 20 seconds? #IChooseCheese


A job is more than a paycheck. It’s a place to scroll your phone in the bathroom. #MorningDoo #BananaSuitFridays #OnlyAtSunBum #Mandatory


Ok to make it easy for everyone that’s asking,👇 the link for #ShowUsYourBum voting! (The link is also in our bio)